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The Raye Street House From Ryan Rhodes Designs

  • raye house
  • raye house23
  • raye house234
  • raye house2345

Raye Street House is momentarily the name of the imposing house you see in the pictures below. But its construction came with a giant challenge. Ryan Rhodes Designs and Jason Rhodes (Attorney/Principal – JMR Law Group) were the ones to notice the land’s potential and made it so that the home took advantage of its […]

Limited Edition Mondrian Sideboard, Furniture Or Art?

  • limited-edition-large-emotion-mondrian-sideboard-by-boca-do-lobo-large2
  • limited-edition-large-emotion-mondrian-sideboard-by-boca-do-lobo-large3
  • limited-edition-large-emotion-mondrian-sideboard-by-boca-do-lobo-large4
  • limited-edition-large-emotion-mondrian-sideboard-by-boca-do-lobo-large5

The Mondrian Sideboard comes from  Boca Do Lobo and caught our attention due to its diversity, artsy feel and glamorous looks. We found out that the carvings and models on the sideboards reunite a variety of artistic styles and the materials used are also diverse. Lacquer, leather and glass are just some of the designer’s […]

Cool Design In Culture Campus by AEQUO Studio

  • culture center1
  • culture center12
  • culture center123
  • culture center1234

This really cool studying place was created by AEQUO, a Dutch design studio and is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The Vleuterweide Campus “suffered” a tremendous make-over as its information plaza became a high tech culture space where students can catch up with the information they need. The place was compared to a monastery, where […]

Sewer Mats Made From Recycled Truck Tires

  • door-mat-feet
  • door-mats-feet
  • door-mats-feet 1
  • feetfirst2

Have you ever considered having a really wacky carpet in your home? Designed by Jason Amendolara,these sewer mats- that’s right, this is what they’re called- are certain to spice up a dull entrance. They can be used as welcoming carpets, but no one says they can not be integrated in a room’s interior design. In […]

Original “Rocky” Lighting From Brenda Houston

Tired of old fashioned lighting and common lamps? Brenda Houston came up with these unusual “rocky” design meant to brake the pattern of sober and dull lighting. The “recipe” could not be easier to follow: take a normal lamp and a add an eccentric rock at the bottom. We don’t know about you guys, but […]

Echo House: A Breathtaking Interior Design

It is time for yet another home that left us speechless as we were checking out its diverse and breathtaking interior design.  “Echo House” comes from Kariouk Associates and is located in Ottawa, Canada. The architecture team’s challenge was to make a renovation of a 1924 Victorian building and integrate it in its environment. The […]

Machine That Prints Buildings, A Stunning Innovation by Enrico Dini

Enrico Dini, an Italian designer and architect came up with the revolutionary idea of a machine that prints…buildings. His invention-a 3D printer momentarily located in Pisa, Italy- is said to look like a  “prototype for the automotive industry” and combines the functionality of computer architecture programs with the printer mechanism. Instead of paper, the material […]

Chandelier Made of 14,000 Tampons : Crazy or Not ?

Chandeliers are usually made of crystal and diamonds. This one’s made of tampons. At first glance, this dramatic chandelier created by Joana Vasconcelos looks ordinarily beautiful, but look closer, and you’ll be bloody surprised! The monster-sized chandelier is actually composed of hundreds of white O.B. tampons. Called “The Bride” this chandelier is right now in […]

“The Invisibles” by Japanese Designer Tokujin Yoshioka

Are you a fan of transparent pieces of furniture ? If yes then you should take a look at “The Invisibles” by Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka. He will launch a collection of transparent polycarbonate furniture at the Kartell showroom in Milan next month. “The Invisibles” is the result of the latest collaboration between japanese designer […]

Cube Chair by Svilen Gamalov

Although still at the concept stage the “Cube Chair” by Svilen Gamalov provides an interesting example of modern design. The chair, which combines futurist design elements of the 1950’s with modern sensibility, is designed to envelope the user, creating a comfortable and stylized space. I hope to see more creative pieces of modern furniture like […]

Fjaril Drawer System by Jakob Jørgensen

From time to time as you might have noticed we like to post some things that are a little bit unusual. For example today I would like to present  Fjaril, a drawer system designed by Danish designer Jakob Jørgensen. Fjaril is one of his many projects which distinguishes itself with its beautiful sculptural nature and […]

Green Collection by Margaret Elman

Imagery is showing up quite a bit in home decor these days, often with designs inspired by nature. Fantastic colors combined with nicely shaped furniture are absolutely present a pleasant view for eyes. Margaret Elman, owner of Chair Couture has created a beautifully refined interpretation of this phenomenon with her new seating/bedding collection. Known for […]

Boomerang Desk : An Office Made of Plastic

In 1969, the renowned French sculptor Maurice Calka issued something different: the Boomerang desk. A sexy molded fiberglass and plastic desk. The original moulded fiberglass desk has been produced in a limited edition of 35 pieces, initially manufactured by Leleu-Deshays. french president georges pompidou (1911-1974) was the owner of a white version in the elysée […]

Bring Nature Indoors : Cool Furniture Built From Logs

How cool is this? A chair and table set with a unique feel which is probably not even all that hard to do. From Ilan Dei Studio, this incredible table set (chairs, table and lamps) was created in order to bring nature indoors. Basically for this type of original design you only need a few […]

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