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The Ribbon Stairs : Beautiful or Dangerous ?

Czech architecture firm HSH architects created this ribbon staircase for a home in Prague out of 10mm thick sheet metal. Pairs of adjoining steps connected with an oblique external side joist form a bracket anchored in the wall. Each of the brackets is constructed as a rigid frame. The higher steps bear mainly drawing forces, […]

Casa Negra in Buenos Aires by Andres Remy Architects

  • casa-negra2137459067
  • casa-negra2130049
  • casa-negra21374567
  • casa-negra21348567

This beautiful house – Casa Negra or “the Black House”- comes from Andres Remy Architects and is located at a 30 km distance from Buenos Aires, Argentina, in a spectacular natural environment. In taking on this project, the team of architects had to deal with some of the circumstances of the local setting. First of […]

Turn Your Bathroom into a Truly Unique and Personal Place

  • customized-bathroom7
  • customized-bathroom3
  • customized-bathroom1
  • customized-bathroom6

Ricardo Rodriguez from Spanish company, Glassdecor sent us this new interesting idea for dressing your bathroom walls, ceiling or floors with an image of large format. Designed for modern bathrooms these tiles make everything possible and can turn your bathroom into a truly unique and personal place. The glass mosaic tiles are promised to be […]

Elegant and Stylish Interiors From Sally Conran

  • sally conranwine
  • sally conranwine j
  • sally-conran1
  • sally-conran123450689

Sally Conran is an art director and stylist whose passions involve interior design, lifestyle and last but not least- and you probably did not see this coming- food. For today, we made a selection of some of her works regarding interior arrangements. What is striking at first when looking at her projects is an overall […]

Low Key, SiteResponsive Beach House in Sorrento by Marcus O’Reilly Architects

  • Sorrento-LR-1
  • Sorrento-LR-4
  • Sorrento-LR-9
  • Sorrento-LR-3

Marcus O’Reilly Architects has carefully designed a low key, site responsive beach house in Sorrento on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula in Australia. The timber clad structure reinterprets a longstanding beach house tradition in the area. It uses local materials to blend into, respect and compliment it’s sought after, national park adjacent location. The site, which has […]

IKEA Launches Catalogue as iPhone App

For all of you who have an Iphone, IKEA is releasing its ever popular catalogue as an iPhone app. The iPhone application will be initially launched to the UK market with the UK version of the catalogue available to download from tomorrow, 3 December 2009. Now you’ll be able to browse frequently updated versions of […]

Before and After : Contemporary Interiors From “The Design Firm”

I know most of you enjoy seeing shows on TV showing how things are made, and admit it, you have a nasty feeling of contempt when seeing how things were before any huge improvement. We thought this would also be the with these pictures. We found them on “The design Firm”, a company that offers […]

Multifunctional Wall Mount Tv Stand from Fimar

The Creative Side System TV looks like a typical modern flat panel display wall mounted unit, but it hides a keen extra feature which further optimizes space. The inside reveals a decent storage cabinet for discs, cables and plugs which could give a cluttered look to your stylish interiors. The sleek and neat design only […]

Original Sinks With Decorative Patterns

Kohler is a design company creating and selling kitchen and bathroom items worldwide. For today we would like to show you these unusual sinks, which we hope will give you an idea of a fresh way to improve how your bathroom looks. Using vivid colours (mostly red, yellow and green), art patterns were applied to […]

Set a Beautiful Table for The Holidays: Fresh Decorating Ideas

With the Holidays coming up, we’re sure most of you are looking for ideas on how to make the best of these upcoming special days. We would like to be a part of your quest and try to help you. We hope that we will transform your job of preparing and arranging a Christmas table […]

Kitchen Design Ideas From Binns

Founded in 1963, “Binns kitchens + bath design” is a design company located in Toronto and Ontario. The firms comes up with new ideas but also does makeovers. We liked the fact that they have a large variety of kitchen designs and we decided to share some of them with you. All the interiors in […]

Giveaway : SlouchBack Helps You Make Any Surface A Comfortable Couch!

I’m happy to announce a fabulous GIVEAWAY by our sponsor SlouchBack. Now you might “Ask what is SlouchBack ?” Here is the answer + some pics & a video. “Developed by two university students as a comfort solution to their compact living situations in residence halls is ideal for reading in bed, watching TV, and […]

The Fluxus, a Wavering Murano Glass Sculpture

The Fluxus, a wavering Murano glass sculpture, has been created for the White Gallery ( an impressive lifestyle store dedicated to Fashion, Food, Design, Art and Fragrances ), the new luxury lifestyle store due to open in Rome on the 2nd of December. Fluxus is a suspended and apparently fluid surface, a fabric of hand […]

Zip-Up the Lights : Cache-Cache Lamp by Victor Boeda

Victor Boeda is a designer from Paris whose creations are quite impressive. For today we decided to show you this original lighting design. It is called “Cache-Cache” lamp, which in French stands for “hidden”. This is exactly what this item is all about: the light stays concealed behind a flexible material which can be closed […]

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