Customizable Wedge Furniture : Creative Wedge

Creative Wedge is a concept design that deserves to make it in to showrooms and into our homes. The fully customizable collection of foam wedges, rectangles and squares allows users to put together whole sections of furniture in all sorts of configurations. These will suit every conceivable position from sitting to prone for maximum comfort.

Bright Side Design… actually dreamed

Cube Lamp for Geometric Lighting

Drama, lights, action!! Ricardo Garza Marco’s Cube Lamp or Lámpara Cubo sets the stage for dramatic lighting. Imagine your next party with these lamps aligned on the walls of your living space. The lamps themselves are starkly simple but they let out light from slits on all the sides. When arranged as a set, the emitted light casts wonderful geometric …

SG Blocks Container House – Made of Shipping Containers

The largest conference and expo on green innovation, West Coast Green, just started off yesterday and we already have the scoop with a great house dedicated to those who really care about the envinronment (I’m one of them, you?). It’s the SG Blocks Container House designed by the Lawrence Group… that was built up usng five recycled shipping containers,

Duvet Covers Inspired by a Homeless Cardboard Box

Ever slept under a cardboard box? Probably not. There is a unique project launched in the form of duvet covers by Le Clochard. When I first saw these pictures I wasn’t sure whether the bedding was made out or real carton or cotton, but after I’ve read a little about this project I’ve found that they are made out soft…

Visually Stunning House in Brisbane, Australia

Living in the suburbs is not what it used to be. There are all sorts of amenities, utilities and such, but more to it, there are stunning examples of modern architecture. Take that cutting-edge modernist style house in Brisbane’s suburbs (83 Hampstead Road Highgate Hill), Australia, that will likely get you a “wow” with its angular forms, fluid curves and

Glide Chair by Kedar Naik

The Glide Chair is an interesting chair concept designed by Kedar Naik. Lightweight and comfortable, the Glide chair molds to your body supplying a single moment of rest after a hard day at work. The Glide Chair is made of lacquered aluminum and fiberglass and the design is simple, modern and minimalist.

Make a Small Bath Look Larger with A Sink In A Drawer

For those of you who want to make a small bath look larger, here is an interesting idea presented by BHG…. In this small bathroom, a sink is concealed in a drawer that pulls out only when necessary. The fixtures are on the wall above the drawer while a flexible hose drains the water away. Now, the sink only

Folding Screen Chairs – Biombo

Daniel Milchtein Peltsverger is a genius. Anyone who lives in a small space will surely appreciate his Biombo folding screen chairs. He has basically invented a novel kind of combination furniture no one has done before. The Biombo can be used as a screen, either decoratively or as a room divider most of the time. But when company calls, they…

Stunning Architectural Project : The Queen Anne House by Blip Design

Designed by architect Jim Burton of Blip… this recently built house is located in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood. If you look at the pictures attached below you’ll definitely be amazed by this ultra modern house …is simple and beautiful. Every rooms has beautiful views that would make you want to stay longer and get unforgettable experience. Architect Jim Burton of

Fully Transparent Glass Bathtub from Novellini

The new Cristalli glass tub from Novellini… is something really modern, with a clean and minimalistic look. From the Elysium collection, the tub is European design for chic, city-living types with an eye for the newest trends. Some people might say that this bathtub is not something for their bathroom, because it’s fully transparent and this might be an intimacy

Concrete House in Kohoku by Torafu

For the last 10 minutes, I’ve been staring at this house and I still don’t get it. Why would someone in Japan get the Tokyo-based architects Torafu… to design a family home that looks like that? And yes, I’m talking about that weird shaped roof. Aside for the common qualities which include cover from rain and letting light get in,

Log Bowls by Loyal Loot Collective

Remember the Nature v2.01 Chair by Draw me a sheep posted recently? Well, here are Log Bowls to match! The rustic exterior of real bark is sharply contrasted by the sleek, modern and glossy interiors.  The bowls come in several vibrant colors and look really cool when several are grouped together.

The real log cut-offs were handmade using only reclaimed

Monaco House in Melbourne

Just on the other side of the Melbourne Club at the eastern end of the central business district, the Monaco House in Melbourne was designed by McBride Charles Ryan architects for the Honorary Consul of Monaco. Meant to make you stop by, stare for a few seconds and to intrigue, the four storeys high building has a 101 square meters…

Espejo House : White Metal Lines with Rounded Corners

This house called the Espejo House that looks more like a big white box wrapped in white metal lines with rounded corners is designed by the architects at Murado & Elvira… and is located in Badajoz, Spain. A modern design that has a clean and simple structure. Murado & Elvira designed this house exactly how their client wanted to simultaneous

Yes, it’s about you, the one who’s reading these words

Hello everybody who’s reading Freshome these days, here is Michael …the man behind this website. Today I wanted to say “Thank You !” to all my readers who read, share and come back to this blog …and also I would like to know who you are …because you never know who’s reading your blog ( and I’m curious ).

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