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Hungry for Some Indoor Tennis? Meet the Racket Chair

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If you’re a tennis maniac or just a humble fan, this chair is for you. Designed by Vestergaard Jensen and manufactured by Søren Horn, it’s shape reminds one of a tennis racket. And not only the form of this chair can make a person hungry for sports, but also a few particular elements, such as […]

Preschool Project in China from Debbas Architecture

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From  Debbas Architecture, this large scale project is located in China. in a city called Dalian and it is not your usual kindergarten building. Here in Europe we are used to small constructions for kids, some of them with a typical architecture and drawings or cartoon graphics imprinted on the walls. However, keeping in mind […]

Mirrors and Ironing: A Happy Combination

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We found this interesting design idea that is meant to make life easier when it comes to ironing and the need for space to do so.  Sure the ironing tables were a great invention and the fact that they pack up and can be stored in a place somewhere is really helpful. However, you might […]

Beautiful Bedding Collection From DwellStudio

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DwellStudio is a design company based in New York that deals with textiles design. Their works include amazing sets of throws, sheets, duvets and blankets, all having interesting patterns. In this post we would like to introduce you to their latest collection. The sets are called “Etching”, “Peacock”  and “Gate” and they are easy to […]

Small Contemporary Prefab Home : Easy to Build and Sustainable

  • modern-small-prefab-house-2-554x373
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Prefab homes are houses that are built just like any other home, with wood and all very durable products, but done so off site. Instead of building the house from scratch on the property, sections of the home are built in warehouses and sent to the location to be assembled. Because of our many comments […]

Peaceful White & Blue Residence in Florida

What could possibly be a more relaxing way of spending a holiday than a quiet and beautiful beach cottage ? This fascinating-looking home seems to have it all: a great location (in Florida, with front row seats to the ocean), a cozy atmosphere and a nice design. There ere two predominant colors used in setting […]

Living Furniture: “Harvest” Chairs and Tables from Asif Khan

Would you find it interesting for your furniture to live, breathe and also change its looks with time? Here is an example that transforms this crazy idea into reality. Asif Khan produced a line of tables and chairs that can be “harvest”. The unusual concept was implemented by using one of London’s most common plants […]

Sofas and Living Rooms Ideas With A Vintage Touch From Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is a design company founded in 1949 in Manhattan and planned on their work reflecting the idea that” home furnishings should be exceptional in comfort, style and quality.” We don not know much about their comfort and quality, but one thing we can say for sure: their furniture looks absolutely amazing! Perhaps it […]

17 Zebra Print Interior Design Ideas

Even though until recently, the zebra print was looked upon with one raised eye-brow, at the present time, more and more movie stars and other celebrities show off their million dollar cribs and most of them include the all-mighty zebra prints. Which is why today we decided to make a selection and keep you posted […]

A Modern Approach to Doilies (Don’t Tell Us You Have Forgotten Them)

It’s been a while since we came across designs that featured doilies. “This is probably for the best”- some of you might say and in most cases we would tend to agree. These ornamental items usually of lace or linen, used to be the centerpiece of almost any home a few decades ago. Now, however, […]

Ekokook : Perhaps The Future in Kitchen Design

Ekokook comes from  Faltazi design and is said to be the kitchen of the future. A lot of research stood at the basis of this design and led to a kitchen that respects all the standards of modern living combined with sustainability as well. This kitchen of the future is made out of two functional […]

$15 000 Tree Bed from Rustic Furniture

We found this intriguing looking bed on Rustic Furniture and thought of sharing it with you guys. Made entirely out of wood and also featuring an upholstered headboard, this type of unusual furniture could definitely become the focal point of any room. The ” Birch Tree Bed” has branches instead of legs which go way […]

Beautiful White Villa in Brazil by Una Arquitetos

This interesting and original-looking residence comes from Una Arquitetos and is located in Curitiba, in Brazil. Its white and unusual exterior make it stand out in its environment, if we are to think about this from an architectural point of view.The house is surrounded by trees, creating shade during the summer and a pleasing atmosphere […]

Inpiring Interiors from Brandon Barre

Brandon Barré is a photographer from Toronto, also interested in interior design. Here are a few beautiful interior ideas from his site, all very colorful, but in a tasteful and stylish way. From living room to bathrooms, from single rooms to interconnected ones, this collection brings together amazing and inspiring designs, which we hope will […]

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