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Mind-Blowing : The Future of Architectural Visualization

Traditional 3D visualization tools are limited to 2D display technology (computer monitors for instance). Zebra’s holographic images are unlike anything you have ever seen. The image literally “floats” in the air. You will be tempted to reach into the image with the expectation that you will touch the object being presented. You can move around […]

Apartment Chalkboards : Creative or Messy?

  • chalkboard661
  • chalkboard_kitchen
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  • chalkboard-trend4

Did you ever think of the possibility of drawing all over your furniture without no one getting annoyed? In this post we would like to gather your opinions on chalkboards as apartment embedded objects.  In the pictures that follow, you will see a lot of examples of blackboards being used as walls or even as […]

Colorful Home and Work Studio : Maison NW

  • showcase_house_nw_cover
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More and more homes these days have a color theme. We would like to show you Maison NW, a work studio located in Saint-Ouen, near Paris, but also a private colorful home. The huge workshop spreads over an area of 1,937 square feet and has three levels. Architect Nathalie Wolberg is the owner of this […]

Interior Design With Personality: The Ross Street House in Wisconsin

  • ross_250210_01-940x1143
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  • ross_250210_03
  • ross_250210_04-940x611

From Richard Wittschiebe Hand, this imposing home belongs to Carol Richard, an architect who has always dreamed of designing her own place. We don’t know if this looks like a dream come true to you but for Carol it was the result of all her architectural wishes mixed together. Even though it looks like a […]

Vitrahaus Interior Design Or How To Make The Best Of a Showroom

  • vhi02
  • vhi03
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  • vhi05

If you recall, not too long ago, we had a post on Freshome about Vitrahaus, a building that originally caught our attention due to its fantastic architecture. Well, it’s time to see what this construction has to offer in terms of interior design as well. Vitrahaus combines a showroom with a museum and a resource […]

Decorating a Three Room Apartment With Style

We have a special treat for you today. We found a beautiful three room apartment with inspiring interiors and we would like to share it with you. In the images below you will notice that light is treated with a great deal of respect. Every room has large windows so that the need for artificial […]

A Creative Way To Separate Rooms : The Twist Door

Nowadays, privacy is a must. Which is why doors usually come in compact materials, that are rarely see-through. Today’s example comes with a twist. This is not your common open/close/use the knob for extra help kind of door, but one that could be considered a little more off track. “The Twist Door” belongs to HC […]

The Edge House in Norway by Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Architects MNAL

You’ve seen a lot of residences here on Freshome lately built on terrains that are not leveled. This brings a particular challenge for architects, but also amazing end results. The Edge House by Jarmund / Vigsnæs AS Architects is located in Kolbotn, a suburb south of  Oslo out in the cold Norway. Its unusual architecture […]

Functionally Designed Piano Table by Georg Bohle

If you want a piano in your home, but until now space was a problem the piano table by Georg Bohle solves all these problems. Created from oak wood, it is functionally designed to serve both as dining table and as an electric piano. The piano table is a dining table or work space with […]

Top 20 Unique Contemporary Coffee Tables

Tables have been used since ancient times. Various shapes and sizes of table were made and used by the early Egyptians and Chinese. The history of coffee tables dates back to the late 19th century, during the Victorian era in Britian. Before this period, coffee tables didn’t exist. Rather, tall, round tables called tea tables […]

Original Themed Furniture: “See Through” by Irina Grawe

How do you feel about an apartment whose furniture you can see through? We bet you didn’t really give that idea much thought before, which is why today we would like to introduce you to this original themed-furniture interiors from Irina Grawe. The designer’s portfolio features a lot of interesting arrangements, most of them having […]

E House, Amazing Architecture and Design By Agraz Arquitectos

From Agraz Architectures this amazing looking residence was built in collaboration with many artists, leaving nothing to chance. The house belongs to family Espinosa Viramontes, who wanted a place that would fit well in the neighborhood and also take on the challenges of the complicated terrain. We think the team did a great job at covering […]

Cool Conference Room Table Made From LEGO Blocks

Who says conference rooms have to be serious and doll places for long business discussions?  Sure, the talk can last for hours, but how about changing the way a room of this kind feels? This is perhaps what designers over at Abgc had in mind when creating this cool conference room table for advertising agency […]

Unusual Bookcase: Book Cell, A Building Made Entirely Out of Books

How about some architecture fun with books? As kids, most of you probably took some of your parents’ books and built little blocks around your room. Book Cell is a project which belongs to artist Matej Kren from Slovakia and it features an unusual bookcase. The designer initially made an octagonal frame which he then […]

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