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Innovative and Practical Motion Sensor LED Strip Lighting by e3light

  • ideas unusual lighting
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This lighting project began its first developments in Spring of 2011 when the owner of e3light, Flemming Viktor Andersen, was making a total renovation of his house situated by the beautiful Egaa Marina in Denmark. The owner had only the highest demands with lighting in his private home. However, he discovered that intelligent light solutions […]

Colorful Bistro in Poland Tailored to Fit Bohemian Personalities

  • design Olga Sietnicka cafein bistro
  • interior Olga Sietnicka cafein bistro
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The successful collaboration between designer Anna Kobylka from studios Kolorama and Olga Sietnicka of Bloogarden led to the development of the colorful Cafein Bistro in Poland. Inspiring a joyful and laid-back atmosphere, this new and unconventional bistro displays an easily-recognizable design, one that seems perfectly tailored to bohemian personalities. While the walls and floors were painted in […]

Architecture With a Distinct Modern Personality in Dubrovnik, Croatia: V2 House

  • design V2 House in Dubrovnik
  • design v2 house
  • exterior V2 House in Dubrovnik
  • V2 House in Dubrovnik (4)

V2 House by 3LHD Architects is a highly modern addition to the picturesque seashore in Dubrovnik, Croatia. With its simple geometry and white profile, the residence contrasts the architecture of the surrounding buildings, reaffirming the worldwide development of the contemporary-minimalist style. Adapted to the irregular terrain, V2 House showcases an elongated shape, with various protuberances facilitating […]

Retractable Steel Hood for Contemporary Kitchens by Samuel Codegoni [Video]

  • Pareo_Hood retractable
  • Pareo_Hood_Faber_Codegoni
  • 1_Pareo_Hood_fresh_home
  • 2_Pareo_Hood_fresh_home

Designer Samuel Codegoni envisioned Paero, an unconventional hood for elegant kitchens. Minimalism and Japanese elegance inspire furoshiki, the refined technique of wrapping objects in silk cloths and fabrics to conceal, protect and at the same time enhance the contents of the package. By using the same concept, the designer transformed a sheet of stainless steel, […]

Eco-Friendly Design with a Dutch Personality: The Bamboo Chair

  • ideas project bamboo chair
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In recent times, Dutch design furniture has been heavily focused on creating eco-friendly designs while using sustainable materials. The Bamboo Chair follows this trend. Using long-established Asian plaiting methods in combination with modern Dutch design techniques, designers Tejo Remy and René Veenhuizen were able to create a chair that is made 100% from bamboo, displaying a refined look. Utilizing strips of bamboo […]

Exhibiting a Fascinating Organic Silhouette: House in the Hills by Architectare

Displaying a fascinating silhouette in wood, glass and stone, the House in the Hills is an exceptional residential project developed by Architectare in Itaipava, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. “Despite being in a proportionately large lot, the building has its shape defined by the small triangle of its buildable area on the entrance of the lot, […]

Impressive Modern Country Retreat in Quebec, Canada: T House

Inspired from the writings of Pliny the Younger, T House by studio Natalie Dionne Architecture is a villa said to “stimulate the imagination and compel us to contemplate one’s place in the surrounding landscape.” With a privileged location in a forest clearing up on a hillside, in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, the project offers a genuine […]

Dramatically Improving Your Space: Stikwood Wood Wall Decor

 Stikwood in three easy words, precisely what makes for a fun DIY project, with the ability to create the illusion of customised trim woodwork, for a fraction of the price and time. Plan. Peel. Stick.  The Sacramento, CA based company (having the same name as the product) rides the wave of new trends with a peel-and-stick […]

Luxurious Residence in Melbourne Displaying a Cohesive Modern Design

The creative minds at Bagnato Architects came up with a daring design for a family residence in Melbourne, Australia. The brief of the clients requested a large contemporary home spread over a single level that would provide all living needs for a family with four children. Moreover, the interiors were required to be divided into […]

Durability Complimented by Refinement: Concrete Street Furniture Range

Designed in collaboration with award-winning architect Alex Lifschutz, the Coda street furniture range by manufacturers Woodhouse offers long-term durability with a refined palette of materials and finishes. The Coda range features a bench, seat, stool, bollard, bin and bike stand which is launched together with a complementary wayfinding signage system.  Every item is visually co-ordinated […]

Inspiring Calendar Design for the New Year: Shapes Calendar 2014

An inspiring calendar design, from a young talented Italian artist and a final year student of Architecture, GianMarco Pollaci, presented one of his latest works, a vivid and colourful outcome indeed. A source of inspiration for the year to come, Shapes Calendar 2014 portrays each month in a cheerful manner, highlighting “the power” of geometry. As […]

Custom Made Chandelier That Turns Light Sources Into Rainbows

Created from a series of tiny crystal pieces suspended by nickel plated rings assembled by hand, the Ozero custom-made crystal chandelier multiplies the light source and offers a beautiful and glittery atmosphere. The piece was envisioned by Janos Heder and has the ability of turning your home into a more harmonious place to live, while […]

Exclusive Luxury Waterfront Estate with Magnificent Surroundings

Discovered on Southeby’s Realty, this property, considered Victoria’s crown jewel, the waterfront estates reanimates Victorian design, placing it in a contemporary context. Set in a remote, drawn cove, with an excess of 700 feet of beachfront, 3 islets and a dock extended into the ocean, it provides endless possibilities of enjoyment. Lush gardens with a vast array of […]

Modern Comfort and Subtle Luxury: Cresta Residence in San Diego

This massive 5,300 square foot contemporary residence in San Diego, California, USA was envisioned by architect Jonathan Segal as a solid concrete building with plenty of openings maximizing communication with the outdoors: “Due to the unusually small property in an area with typical properties three to four times the size, every square foot was important. […]

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