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Amazing Staircased Office Building in Groningen

  • SOZAWE-by-NL-Architects-3
  • SOZAWE-by-NL-Architects-5
  • SOZAWE-by-NL-Architects-6
  • SOZAWE-by-NL-Architects-7

NL Architects is an architecture company in The Netherlands. The team recently “showcased” their newest project, the SoZaWe in Groningen. This is actually an ingenious office building constructed in stairs for the city’s Welfare Department and Work Agency. Terraces and and plenty of green spaces make it more friendly and also a very pleasant sight […]

New Approach to Door Design : Useful or Not ?

In this post we are going to present an innovative new approach to a design object as old as the idea of dwelling itself. Usually we don’t pay to much attention to a door, but this one really got my attention. ThreeStyle adds a humble but critical twist to the typical contemporary door – nothing […]

Interesting and Flashy Interior Design From by Altamoda

  • chic-interior-altamoda3
  • chic-interior-altamoda2
  • chic-altamoda-8766
  • chic-interior-altamoda

We found this really interesting interior design on Altamoda and you probably can tell why it got our attention. We are not sure how many of you out there would go for such a design, however, you have to admit this living-room is really flashy and eye-catching. Classic elements and modern influences are the basis of […]

Classic Home Ideas From Central Kitchen & Bath

  • classic-home-ideas-from-central-kitchen-bath-image-2
  • classic-home-ideas-from-central-kitchen-bath-image-3
  • classic-home-ideas-from-central-kitchen-bath-image-4
  • classic-home-ideas-from-central-kitchen-bath-image-5

We found this original collection of kitchen interiors from Central Kitchen & Bath. Even though there is a large variety you can observe while admiring  these arrangements, one common thing is noticeable. The furniture and atmosphere reminds one of a pre-modern era, without flashy furniture, LCD monitors or fancy lighting.  The pendant lamps and chandeliers […]

Minimalist House H in Tokyo by Sou Fujimoto Architects

  • House H by Sou Fujimoto 8
  • House H by Sou Fujimoto 7
  • House H by Sou Fujimoto 6
  • House H by Sou Fujimoto 5

It’s a fact that space has become a high priced commodity but when you say Tokyo, it’s even worse. A very good example is the latest project by Sou Fujimoto Architects, the House H. Meant as a way to perfectly balance volumes, spaces and light, the house follows on the Japanese minimalism with white walls […]

Leonid Afremov Paintings, Wild on Colors

You don’t have to be paintings fan, but when looking at the work of Belorussian painter Leonid Afremov, there’s not much that can be done, it gets you. Doing only with a palette knife and oil paint, Afremov loves to create colorful scenes that reproduce the bustling city aroma. Some would say it’s the oversized […]

House On Harper’s Island by DaSilva Architects

With plenty of privacy, located in a remote and beautiful island, this fabulous house seems to have it all. The project belongs to Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects, a company who has established a powerful design and architecture brand for itself due to all the amazing structures they have developed in the region. We particularly enjoy […]

Cable Drawings by Maisie Maud Broadhead

When you’re decorating on a budget, sometimes it’s a  do-it-yourself project that gets most of your attention and your guests eyes. To prove that and if you have too much wire left from your television, designer Maisie Maud Broadhead has come up with a simple series of installations created with wire flex and cable fixings […]

Dolce&Gabana Headquarters in Milano

Face it : Milano just wasn’t the complete shopping spree without this new D&G showroom. With a surface of  5.000 square meters, the imposing D&G building in Milano, Italy is a combination of classic elements and modern influences. Designed by architectural studio Piuarch, the construction is actually a contemporary building juxtaposed over a ‘900 one. […]

Waiuku Church In New Zealand, An Ingenious Architecture Plan

This is not your average small town church. And to explain this fact, we will mention a few things. First off, we are dealing with a project from Jasmax architects developed for the city council of Manukau in New Zeeland. The challenge of this “church” makeover consisted in the fact that the city council did […]

International Design Center, Powered By Solar Energy

Designed by LIN, the ‘Cité du Design‘ or ‘Centre International du Design’ is an amazing structure powered by solar energy. It will be housing or be the starting point in a lot of the world’s efforts concerning communication, research and education in design. Its exact location is in Saint-Etienne, France. The construction took no less […]

Exercise in Minimalism : Mushroom Wall Hook

The Mushroom wall hook is an exercise in minimalism. Simple in design, and easily mountable. The MUCHroom wall hook looks great even when it’s not holding your things. Meant to resemble a mushroom growing out of a tree or forest floor. Each box comes with 3 hooks that are pre-drilled and pre-screwed as well as […]

New Market in Rotterdam Shaped Like A Tunnel: A New Approach To Urban Architecture

Designed by MVRDV and developed by Provast, this new public market place was recently announced by the mayor of Rotterdam as an upcoming project of the city. The construction already started and this colossal building will soon be one of the main attractions in Rotterdam. The hall of the market will feature giant LCD screens […]

Capsule Collection by Ziglam & Brook

Designers Ziglam and Brook have designed an upholstered seating collection called “Capsule Collection”, using offcuts from textile manufacturer Bute, for British design brand Deadgood. The ‘Capsule Collection’ consists of a single or two-person sofa and a kick stool. This fully upholstered collection of seating utilities off cuts of fabric to create a graduated run of […]

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