Mood lighting for an emotional bathing experience

It has been known for centuries that light and color have a positive effect on body and soul, and when used in conjunction with water they have an even more intense deep relaxation effect ( we spoke in a previous post about Room Color and How it Affects your Mood )….  This is exactly what this calming bathroom that

Round Pool Tables

We have featured different kinds of pool tables before – design variations on the classic rectangular pool table.  But never before a round pool table!  The lack of angles means no nasty corners to bump into. One immediately obvious advantage is the space saving feature for those who love to have company over to shoot some pool but don’t have…

Vinyl Wall Decals Art : Beautiful Vinyl Wall Stickers

In these days one of the most interesting ways to dress your walls and to give it individuality is to add wall decals to it. A vinyl wall decal can give your wall a unique look just in few minutes, without going through the long, messy and expensive process of paint or wall paper. Vinyl wall decals are very popular…

Baumhauser : Amazing Prefab Treehouses by Baumraum

Here’s a good question. What you get when an architect, a landscape architect, an arbologist, and a craftsman get together and work on something new? An amazing prefab treehouses dubbed Baumhauser. Of course that’s not the only thing they can come up with, but some guys in Germany did it.

These modern natural tree houses may be the solution to

Beverly House in Toronto Has a Modern Minimalist Interior

For the lat 3-4 years I have become the fan of a minimalist interior design, mostly because I am much more productive in a clean but modern environment and secondly because it’s like I can breathe properly. Take a look at the Beverly House from downtown Toronto, that is exactly what I described above.

Restored by Stanford Downey…, from

How to Make the Stairs the Most Interesting Element of Your Home

A few months ago we presented an interesting project called the Rainbow Bookshelf…, a beautiful example of organizing books by color. Today here is another interesting way to play with colors created by Jim Lambie. Jim Lambie, a Scottish artist, is best known for his striped vinyl floor pieces, which have covered the floors and stairs of multiple gallery

Wall Units and Wall Mounted Shelves Inspirational Pictures

Wall units and wall mounted shelves have come into general use relatively recently in the end of 20th century, as bulky televisions transform into home entertainment systems with sleek plasma TVs and surround-sound speaker systems. These furnishings usually consist of several detached pieces that are attached to a wall. Today for those of you who want to create modern compositions…

Three-storeys Soundhouse Enveloped in Black Rubber

This three-storeys Soundhouse with a unique black boxed structure is where people from the University of Sheffield, with a big passion for music, get to play. The 450 sqm building – designed and Careyjones Architects and put up by Jefferson Sheared Architects… – is a first for the U.K. for using black rubber to dress it up (almost) completely.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas : Axor Citterio

Have you ever thought that a bathroom can be an amazing place ? If not just take a look at these two bathroom decorating ideas from Hansgrohe…. These two pictures with two amazing bathroom decorating ideas are from a collection named Axor Citterio. Brilliance, clarity, and harmony determine value for the Axor Citterio line and reawaken awareness of the

Reversible Destiny Lofts for Rent in Tokyo

I always knew that the Japanese have a dose of craziness but I guess that’s what you get when you let NY-based architect-poets and “reversible destiny” philosophers Arakawa & Gins to design your building (if you’re in Japan).

Designed for the young these are the Reversible Destiny Lofts, promoting powerful colors that will tickle your senses and force you to

Coffe Table with Four Integrated Ottomans : Ideal for Small Space Living

The Modern Wengate coffee/cocktail table – Kyoto… is a great solution for small space living. If you’d like more seating or more storage space in your living room, but the area already seems a bit cramped, then you may want to take a look at this interesting idea. This coffee table comes with four ottomans that when are not used

Inspirational Design of the Day : Floating Bed

Today while I was doing my daily surfing I’ve found another interesting image that I think is perfect for the Inspirational Design of the Day section that I’ve started last week with the Little Library post…. Today piece of inspiration is a design that is a little bit unusual, a suspended bed that would make your friend impressed while

Growing A Natural Crystal Chair

You might remember growing crystals as a science project back in school. Well, Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka… didn’t forget so he grew natural crystals to form a chair! It is called the Venus Chair. He created it for his exhibition, Second Nature in Tokyo later this month. He wanted each of the artists participating in this event to ”convey the

Beautiful Modern Bathroom Design : Grandangolo Sink from Hatria

Sinks from the Grandangolo line, a new line of sinks by Hatria…, feature beautiful modern design dominated by a distinct curved line that defines the shape of the sink, a metaphor for space as perceived in perspective. The dynamic lines and tapered shapes create a unity of perspective which transforms corners of the bathroom often left unused into spaces

Furniture that could make your feel dizzy : Hypnose Sofa

Designed by Rafael Simões Miranda… the Hypnose Sofa is a really wired piece of furniture, just stare a few seconds at the pictures and you’ll think the same. The Hypnose Sofa was presented at Salone Satellite – Milan 2007 and is a good piece of furniture if you want to attract attention, or make your visitors feel dizzy.

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