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ChiliBed, A Self-Heating Mattress For A Constantly Warm Bed

I’ve always dreamed of unconventionally placed heaters (in my boots or in my clothes for example). After all, when you’re out in the cold weather, the most unusual thoughts run through your head. However, I never really considered the idea of  someone eventually coming up with something like this.Today we would like to present ChiliBed […]

15 Beautiful and Diverse Interiors from SHH

  • SHHavenuerd-big-05
  • SHHavenuerd-big-11

SHH is a company based in London, founded in 1992. Interior design is not their only strong point, as the firm also takes on architecture projects. However, today we would like to show you how a room can be converted in a stylish and contemporary space in their vision. We’ve gathered up 15 different interiors […]

Greenpoint Stadium to House South Africa World Cup in 2010

  • Stadion Kapstadt
  • Stadion Kapstadt
  • Stadion Kapstadt
  • 1265214240-1972-mb14-02-72dpi

It’s nice to see an example of how architecture and sports evolve together. The pictures below were made in Cape Town, South Africa and they represent the new Greenpoint Stadium which will house the South Africa World Cup in 2010. The previous stadium in Cape Town had a capacity of 18,000 spectators, which apparently was […]

Future Shower Design : Egg Shower by Arina Komarova

  • cocoon_bath_shower4
  • cocoon_bath_shower
  • cocoon_bath_shower3
  • future-shower-design-egg-shower-by-arina-komarova-image-0

Wondering what is the latest trend in bathroom showers ? Here is the Egg Shower by Arina Komarova, an inventive egg-shaped shaped Cocoon Shower Stall that when you enter in to take the shower shuts down and appears to be protecting you like a nice shell. Besides shower, it has a bathtub, hydro massage (Jacuzzi) […]

Optimal Interior Design For A Small Apartment in Sweden

  • image
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  • image_004

Located in one of Stockholm’s most attractive and exclusive areas,this small apartment is an example of how to make the best of a limited living space.This well-planned apartment features large windows giving good natural light, wide spaces and excellent storage opportunities, including a large basement. The living room is airy and decorated in light materials. […]

Carlo Colombo’s Cuna for Antonio Lupi

Designed by the Italian architect Carlo Colombo, the CUNA bathtub for Antonio Lupi is an appealing bathtub that so simply elegant that you’ll just want to slip in on the very first glimpse. The design is supposed to make the piece a “protagonist” in the bathroom; it certainly demands attention. The Cuna bathtub has a […]

SWING CHAIR by Angelo Tomaiuolo

The Swing Chair is the latest creation of the architect Angelo Tomaiuolo that after collaboration with Matteo Thun and Massimiliano Fuksas. The Swing Chair is an ergonomic and fine chair, characterized by the fresh sensuousness and the precious delicacy of old-fashioned textile lace-works, ideal both for residential or contract use. The SWING is manufactured from […]

A Place Combining Glass and “Darkness”: the Ansley Park Glass House in Atlanta

Who doesn’t love the idea of large windows, sometimes so wide that they they become the house’s walls? This is the main thing we liked about this place, but as we discovered it, many interesting elements surfaced. The Ansley Park Glass House belongs to architects  Brian Bell and David Yocum and is located in a […]

Unconventional Design or How to Check In a Cold War Aircraft

Up for some unusual accommodation? Or perhaps you would like to catch up on your History lessons in an unconventional way. Either way, for today we’ve prepared something unexpected: a plane dating back to The Cold War that was transformed into a luxurious and intimate hotel. The aircraft had a capacity of 120 seats and […]

Cindarella Table, Inspired by the Design of the 17th Century

From Duch artist Jeroen Verhoeven, we would like to present a table that definitely does not lack personality. In fact, its identity can be searched back into the 17th century, in the times of “archetypal shapes of tables and commodes” , as it was inspired by the how furniture looked four centuries ago. What is […]

Amazing House Built from Shipping Containers

It is unbelievable where creativity can take lead. In architecture, it is imperative to let go of all the rules and think laterally or out-of-the-box- this is the main condition for creating projects that will last through the ages. Today’s unusual construction comes from French architects Claire Helene Drouin and Jean Marie Sanchez and was […]

F1 Lounge Chair Inspired by the the Ultimate Auto Facing

This goes out to all of you crazy Formula 1 fans out there. We now you enjoy speed and the rush of adrenaline and we are trying to see today if any of that has anything to do with design. From Alexander Christoff, F1 Lounge was inspired by the  the ultimate auto racing and its […]

Hungry for Quality in Design? 22 Kitchen Ideas from Tecnocucina

Tecnocucina is an Italian kitchen design company with quite an important experience behind. “A workshop of ideas for the kitchen”, Tecnocucina is working with a professional team of specialists, including architects and engineers, in order to come up with innovative, functional and great looking kitchen interiors. It is up to you to decide if they […]

Beautiful Countreyside Home in The Czech Republic

From Orak, an architecture firm with an impressive portfolio, comes a cosy and interesting looking home located on a sloped lot in the hills of the Czech Republic. The house has three levels, each of them being defined by its own personality and in the same time level of them is very different in style […]

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