Sliced Lamp by Studio Mango

This amazing lamp was achieved by cutting up an old fashioned table lamp and inserting more than 40 perspex plates in between the slices. The designers from Studio Mango… (The Netherlands) wanted to make ordinary perspex more posh. Well, they not only succeeded but they also managed to update what was an old lamp and made it more modern looking.

Lighthouse by Potton: First Net-Zero Carbon Self-Built Home

Do you remember the first zero-emission house that was released more than a year ago in UK? Today I hear that the same guys (the Brits) will get the first net-zero carbon house, that reaches the highest level of sustainability. Dubbed the Lighthouse, the highly eco-friendly house was designed by Potton… and was meant to “encourage a way of living

Bedroom Designs and Room Ideas for Modern Teens

Today post is a source of inspiration for those of you who are looking for teenage bedroom design ideas. Today’s hot new looks are centered around sophisticated, modern or “cool” designs. This is exactly what we are going to present in this post. Finding teenage bedroom design ideas to please the often fickle and fleeting tastes of teenagers and teens…

Wooden Bathroom Vanity for a Contemporary Bathroom Interior

This contemporary vanity from Roca… called Stratum has a beautiful look that is easy to add to any contemporary interior, as the linear aspects keep the design so simple whilst effortlessly enhancing its strong design presence. The stylish wooden vanity unit has plenty of storage space for towels and other things that you might want to keep in your bathroom.

Bin It solves awkward bathroom storage problems

Even when you strive for the most minimalistic look for your decor, there are rather necessary items that trip you up – like toilet paper and garbage. Usually a bathroom cabinet becomes essential to hide them. But what if you didn’t have the space, for example if your powder room was too small or if you just don’t like the…

1967 Modern House For Sale in Tewin

Do you remember the 1964 House For Sale in London… that we scooped last week? Today we have another one. It’s much cheaper and I can say has a higher dose of both modernism and minimalist design. Designed and built in 1967 by architect Colin Huntley, this beautiful three-bedroom terrace house has been highlighted in the famous Buildings of England

Modern White Sea House

No, the Japanese are not only good with Sushi and electronics. Apparently they also have great designers and architects or at least that’s how I jump to conclusions after seeing thie modern white sea house. It was put up by Takao Shiotsuka Atelier… in Japan and is a 237 sq m two-floors white buildng with a shape that  spreads gently

iRobot Looj Cleans Gutters Faster and Easier

I always thought that you need to buy special tools to do your garden work and household chores but I never imagined that you can have a robot, actually helping you out – doing them for you, that is. Leading robot manufacturer, iRobot…, announced that their Looj is able to clean your home’s gutters faster and easier than we

EDITT Tower – Singapore Goes Eco-Friendly

What, you though only Dubai and China have the most stunning buildings in the world? Guess again, because EDITT Tower (“Ecological Design In The Tropics”) will be built in Singapore with the financial support of their National University… and should be the most eco-friendly in the country. The most interesting thing is that this 26-storey building will use photovotaic panels

The Rolf Benz VERO Comfort Sofa

The only things I need to buy in my apartment are the draperies and a new sofa…. You can’t imagine how time consuming that is (unless you had to do it, too) with all those models up there, if you’re a picky customer like me. But things may change today, because I’ve just seen the Rolf Benz VERO sofas

Inspirational Interior Design of the Day : Bedroom with an Amazing View

Today Inspirational Interior Design of the Day is something really really beautiful, at least from my perspective, a bedroom with an amazing view. You can fall asleep under the stars every night and wake up in the morning with a spectacular view …just imagine having this bedroom in a quiet place somewhere on an island. For those of you who…

Rotating UFO-Homes: Solaleya Domes

If you guys are into science fiction here’s something for you. Apparently a company called Solaleya… is buidling rotating UFO-homes. Even though I would have expected them to fly do a looping or some other aerobatic maneuvers, I’m good with knowing that it’s a highly sustainable and eco-friendly house. It has a small mechanical structure in the base that gently

Cooper Shower Curtain Rail from Agape Design

Bath time is often the one time when we can relax and get some quality “me” time. Running a bath, lighting some candles and indulging in our favourite beauty products can be blissful as long as the setting is just right. Today I would like to present you the Cooper shower curtain rail from Agape Design…, something that looks

China’s Huaxi Urban Center (of the Future)

The first thing that I thought of, when looking at these pictures, was what sheik in Dubai owns this stunning building. But reading further I realized that – surprisingly – it’s going to emerge in China. Dubbed the Huaxi Urban Center, the exterior of the building was ingeniously designed to hide its massive network of support beams, duct work, wiring,…

Family Dinning Table from the Future : Kure

“The dinners are one of the most special times for all families.” – This was the idea from where Turkish designer Fatih Can Sarıöz… started this project, that is just an interesting concept for now. Named Kure this family dinning table that appears to be something from future it is designed like a flower that opens up to a full-fledged

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