Italian Lake House by Marco Castelletti

This is truly an impressive Lake House set in Como, Italy. Designed by architect Marco Castelletti…, the building incorporates a mix between the vertical design and the horizontal structure. The modern home is built on the slope of a hill with stairs leading up to the top, has an entrance hall that leads to the main hall which faces

The Union: Old Wreck Renovated into Modern Solar-powered Lofts

The old Union Hall of San Diego’s Textile Manufacturing Business got a new lease of life thanks to the innovative design of architect and developer Jonathan Segal…. The architect decided to revamp and reuse the old structure in tatters, instead of demolishing and building a new one, which not only saved time, but also building material. His sustainable design

Dazzling Living Room Layouts from Hülsta

German Furniture maker Hülsta… has unveiled some really stunning living room ideas that can be adopted by the style-conscious people who want to give their home an ergonomic and futuristic look. The seamless blend of the slim design with bold black and bright red colors gives the entire set up a very refreshing, yet a space-age look. Leather has been

The Fish Tail Chair by Asad Firdosy

A few days ago architect Asad Firdosy… sent us a few pieces of furniture to take a look, and from these pieces we selected the Fish Tail Chair, and here are a few words about this product from Asad : “When I designed this chair all I wanted to create a statement in wood and upholstery. I took small pieces

Backsplash Ideas from Linda Paul Studio

Need backsplash ideas? A colorful tile mural by Linda Paul Studio may be just the thing for you. Here are some ideas from artist Linda Paul’s paintings of Italy, France, contemporary flowers, landscapes and wine still life. The murals are created on 4×4″ or 6×6″ natural tumbled marble tiles, and they are great for kitchen backsplashes, wine cellars, restaurants or…

Corsica Street Apartment, For Rent in London

For those who’d like to visit London but don’t to be tied up with a hotel, the solution is simple. The Corsica Street Apartment, is a 1,400 sq ft recently refurbished apartment located in the Highbury area in the London Borough of Islington. Three bedrooms, modern furniture and warm colors are all part of an incredible interior that was designed

Sea-Urchin, the Amazing Hand-Made Chair

I remember those hand-made chairs from my childhood, but what you’re seeing above is simlpy incredible. Dubbed the Sea-Urchin Chair, it was hand-made built by Oooms Studio… and Dutch designer Rachel van Outvorst, who used 8000 cable ties to come up with that unique shape. The chair which hangs from above, sure looks comfortable and would make the perfect place

Awesome Sculptural Home in Somosaguas : Spain

Most of us, really appreciate when seeing a new design, but this awesome sculptural home in Somosaguas, Spain, is more than just a modern design and managed to get me drooling. Designed by A-cero Architects… on the water’s edge, it’s a stratified building with texturized dark concrete facades, that promotes open space and will sure get you a wow when

Denpasar Residence in Bali

Not sure about you, but I’m much more into cozy and intimate properties with some green stuff in the area and maybe a pool, rather than large ones with lots of concrete and stuff. Why am I telling you all these? Check out the Denpasar Residence in Bali. Designed by GFAB Architects…, this modest home is actually a mix

Norman Residence – Another Wooden House in Seattle

First I saw the Dang Residence, and now I’m looking at the Norman Residence pictures. Both are gorgeous, both have been designed by Pb Elemental Architecture… and both are in Seattle. However, Norman Residence is an exotic-looking wooden house covered not only in refined cedar but also in glass and hardipanel. Large windows that allow sunlight inside, beautiful parquet, modern

Infinity Steel Furniture and Lamp

The Tibetan knot is an endless one, without beginning or end. It is an ancient motif found not only in Tibet but Mongolia and China. It symbolises the eternal interweaving of the Spiritual Path. Designer Richard X Zawitz… based his stunning new collection on the Tibetan knot. His three pieces  (two chairs and a light) entitled Art, Sky and Sun

Organic Wooden House : The Dang Residence

If the classy won’t seduce you, the modern will obviously do. I’m talking about the Dang Residence in Seattle, a two storey wooden house covered in naturally beautiful cedar, that was designed by the guys at Pb Elemental Architecture…. With a 3,600 sq. ft surface, there are three bedrooms, a media room, a study room, an open space living-room

Stone Lighting : Rock Lamp

It’s been a while since we lived in caves but our love for natural stone still persists. So even in the most contemporary of homes, there is room for the Rock Lamp. The lovely natural tones of Appalachian stones perfectly sets off the light from the flame. As with natural rocks, each piece is unique in both colour and shape.…

W Hotel & Residences in New York

What is it that you expect from new residences or from newly built hotels? High class, isn’t it? Well, in Downtown New York on 123 Washington Street, a 57-storey tower designed by Gwathmey Siegel Architects is going to be built and should most likely meet the above criteria. Dubbed the W Hotel & Residences… and with the help of interior

KICKIT – Kick Your Shoes in a Different “Shoe Rack”

To all those that always seem to be in a hurry when taking the shoes off we have a solution. KICKIT is not a classic shoe rack, but actually a piece of furniture, a lighting device, a seating place and a sculpture, all at the same time. It’s not the light emitted from behind the bristles from two 28W fluorescent

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