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Voyage Bed Collection from Kenneth Cobonpue

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“A crazy cocoon where dreams are revealed” is the description given to this bed by the designers. From Kenneth Cobonpue, the Voyage bed collection includes different-sized beds, including indoor and outdoor designs. The line also features baby cribs and pet beds. Looking like steady hammocks, the products are unusual and give a feeling of comfort, […]

Stalactites as Table Legs : Stalac Coffee Table

David Long from Practice of Everyday Design a new partnership founded in 2009 with a focus on installation art, product design, and architecture sent me this interesting coffee table. The Stalac coffee table is based on the idea of taking a rectangular section from a cave ceiling and using the Stalactites as the table legs. […]

Fragments of Nature by Lex Pott

As his graduation project artist and designer Lex Pott created ‘Fragments of Nature.’ A collection of furniture that comes as close as possible to keeping the integrity of the original material. Lex Pott combined industrial, geometric forms with the original, organic structure of a tree in a series of items of furniture. Where the legs […]

Delightful Home Addition for Your Kids : Hopscotch Rug

The weather outside may be frightful, but this Hopscotch Rug would certainly be a delightful home addition for your kids — and we bet most adults won’t be able to walk past it without putting a hop in their step. This classic sidewalk game that really gets kids jumping for joy can be enjoyed anywhere, […]

Two Cushions Held in a Metal Frame called Frame Sofa

Designed by Korean designer Hyung Suk Cho and called the Frame Sofa this piece of furniture consists of two cushions held in a metal frame. The seating is made of stainless steel tubes and fabric upholstery. This design is pretty basic, and I don’t even know what the designer actually designed, because he just took […]

Transparent Glass Piggy Bank : Bubble Bank by Leon Ransmeier

I’m pretty sure that all of you know that a Piggy bank is the traditional name of a coin accumulation and storage receptacle; it is most often, but not exclusively, used by children. Usually their shape is most often that of a little pig, but here is something different, the Bubble Bank. Designed by Leon […]

Caverhill Residence in Los Angeles, California

Caverhill Residence comes from SPF Architects, a company founded in 1988 with a very impressive experience and which houses award winning designers. Located in Los Angeles, California, this private residence is an eye-catching project due to its white and rather unusual exterior design. But as you stroll through the pictures you will notice elegant and […]

Blend : Bed & Nightstand by Mieke Meijer

Designed by Dutch designer Mieke Meijer, Blend is a fusion of a bed and chair. The Blend bed features a wooden frame that is fused with two chairs at each of its sides. The chairs can also function as night tables. The chair refers to the 17th century, when people slept semi-sitting up because laying […]

Signature Shelf by Metaconcrete

If you’re looking to add a bit of organic, natural feel to your living space, I suggest you take a look at this Signature Shelf. The Korean studio Metaconcrete constructed the shelving unit from a single piece of metal plate. This is pieced by vertical metal columns which act as both support and delineate sections […]

15 Yellow Inspiring Interiors

If you have a thing for yellow, like the feel of a mellow interior or just think it is an “acceptable” color to have around, here are some interiors we’ve come across lately which we hope will trigger some further ideas. The pictures cover a wide range of interiors and decorating styles, from vintage to […]

Sustainable River Road House from Studio A Architecture

Located in a beautiful natural environment,  where the forest meets the coastline, the River Road House from Studio A Architecture combines sustainability with all the benefits of modern living. Even though the aria on which this place is built measures  5,000 square foot, thus providing a “setting for work, daily living and play”, due to […]

Blob VB3, A Unique House Extention

When coming up with the plans for this unusual structure, the architects over at dmvA wanted to create a mobile unit which would serve as a “secondary office” for large companies or as a home extension.  Blob VB3, often resembled with a large egg due to its original shape, houses a kitchen, a bathroom, a […]

1000$ Handcrafted Peacock Fire Screen

Horchow is a design company specialized in antique decorating ideas. Today we would like to show you an original item, that can make your fireplace an eye-catching work of art. We are not sure that this is a product  that will appeal to everyone. However, for those of you into handcrafted fire screens, this element […]

More Freedom for Kids Imagination with the Chalkboard Table

Designed by Eric Pfeiffer the Chalkboard Table is an awesome way to make parents life more easy and give a more freedom for kids imagination. The Chalkboard Table is just perfect for the young artists in your family …a table that they can draw on! This play table is made of wood and has uniquely […]

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