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Weird Lounge Chair Made From Water Bottles, Milan 2010

You have to know Milan was not all about creations meant to induce the comfort of the user, but designers with original and not-so-practical ideas were also present at the “satellite” events across the city. We would just like to show you this weird lounge chair made from small bottles filled with water. The chair […]

Kitchen Cupboard With a Clue on What’s Inside, Milan 2010

We found this “revealing” cupboard in the  kitchen section and we found it to be a cool item worthy of being shared. The product is very simple and has pale colors, which make it easily adaptable to a variety of kitchen interiors. What is truly notable about this design is the idea behind it: a […]

Practical Mirror and Stylish Bathroom Hanger, Milan 2010

We’ve seen a lot of tree shaped furniture, but while we were in Milan this practical set caught our attention. We immediately decided to take pictures in order to let you guys see it as well and tell us what you think. Personally, I like the combination but I believe there is no reason why […]

Interview : Chasing Your Design Dreams with Hilary Unger

  • 79th_beddetailSM2_0097
  • 79th_bedmainSM2_0094
  • 29th_sideboardSM2_0055
  • 29th_bedmixSM2_0038

We continue our series of interviews for those of you interested in how the mind of a designer works and for all our young readers looking for a strong carrier in this fascinating field. Here us Hillary Unger from Perianth Interior Design: Freshome: What determined your passion for design? Tell us about the moment when […]

Unusual but Functional Sink-Bathtub Combination, Milan 2010

We have to say that while walking through the bathroom section at Salone del Mobile in Milan we saw a lot of original items. However, this bathtub-sink combination beats them all. Modern and with an elegant design, the combo looks extremely interesting and is very practical. After all, there are few occasions when one uses […]

Warm and Stylish Scandinavian Interior Designs

We hope Freshome managed to familiarize you with what Scandinavian interior design has to offer by showing you all those amazing apartments from the Northern Europe. Still, we can not talk of a common and typical Scandinavian design, but just of general characteristics, such as spacious and airy interiors, with a great regard to aesthetic […]

Interesting Table Design at Salone Del Mobile, Milan 2010

During the Furniture Fair in Milano there were plenty of connected events all throughout the city. We tried to check out all of them, but only managed to participate in a few. Here is an interesting table design that we happened to come across while casually strolling through the design events in Milan. This unusual […]

Cool Bathroom Shelf and Towel Hanger, Milan 2010

As we already stated, Milan Furniture Fair was full of ideas that we so eagerly captured. Here is a really cool alternative for a bathroom mirror. Occupying  the same amount of space, but with a lot more functionality, this bathroom shelf can also become a towel or clothes hanger when needed. So simple and yet […]

House M, a Beautiful Compact Home in Austria

House M comes from Caramel Architects and is located in Linz, Austria. The first striking thing about this house is its exterior design: two facades have a hermetic appearance in order to prevent passers by from looking inside, while the other two feature windows from floor to ceiling. This design allows the building to receive […]

Famous Hollywood Sign to Be Turned into Hotel?

The Hollywood sign is a symbol of the famous star city and is probably one of the few landmarks known throughout the Globe. But what most people don’t know is that lately it is going through a series of issues concerning the land it is placed on and the money the property involves. This is […]

Wave Kitchen Furniture at Salone del Milano, 2010

While at the Furniture Fair in Milan we found so many interesting kitchen designs that making a selections of things to show you was really really hard. This is the first idea that caught our eye and there are many more to come this week. Basically we found two kitchen models that feature waves, in […]

Unusual Chairs in the Shape of Tufted Pigs: Milan, 2010

It is true that walking through the Furniture Fair can get a little tiring, because it is simply huge. This is probably why German designers Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz decided to present their new collection called ‘Still Lives’, including life-sized tufted pigs meant to be used as chairs for the passers by and also for […]

Interesting Kitchen Design for Storing Tableware

Starting today we will demonstrate that we can keep a promise meaning this week will be mainly about showing you surprising interior design ideas we found at the Milan Furniture Fair. First off, here are some pictures of an interesting tableware storing system. This is great especially for cups and plates and could be an […]

The Most Impressive Stand from Salone del Mobile, Milan 2010 was Empty

The last week I was with Lavinia in Milano at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile were we saw a lot of interesting stuff. Some of the pieces we saw there were really innovative, others were usual pieces of furniture. After seeing lots and lots of stands with furniture I’ve discovered a stand that really impressed […]

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