Millbare House in London

Modern architecture and construction works with a philosophy of maximizing resources and yet adding that minimalist design to capture elegance and understated class. The Millbare contemporary house in North-West England captures the essence of new-age construction with its spacious and well-lit interiors, lavish swimming pool on the outdoors and an atmosphere that speaks with silent eloquence. The master bedroom and

Dining Table That Pops Out of the Closet

I have seen LCD television sets spring to life from underneath beds and even beds fold up themselves into walls, but this is the first time we are witnessing a dining table get folded up into a closet. Designed by James Plant Design…, it can b put up and folded into a closet at the blink of an eyelid

Tic-tac-toe Coasters

The X-mix coasters from Mocha.UK …look like a stack of funky, colorful protectors for your tabletops.  However, pop out the x’s and they reveal themselves as a dual purpose accessory.  You can use them to play the classic game of tic-tac-toe or noughts and crosses as it is also known. The set of five coasters come apart to form 10

Villa Storingavika in Norway, a Stunning View

Located on the West Coast of the Bergen archipelago in Norway, Villa Storingavika is one of the most strikingly beautiful structure clad in glass, black stained wood and oiled natural wood. The rocky hillside, the green garden and the wonderful view of blue waters makes this home a complete delight. Constructed with an attempt to utilize the available space to

Inspirational Interior Design of the Day : Simple White & Blue Bedroom

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”- These are the words of the great  Leonardo da Vinci, and I can say that these words are just perfect for today Inspirational Interior Design of the Day picture. This picture is from Betsy Burnham’s… design firm – Instant/Space portofolio – Whittier Drive Residence. If you want to see this picture in a larger version

Small Space Office Table by Jonas & Jonas

The WallFlower Wall Office by Jonas & Jonas… is a great solution for small studios, dorm rooms and converted closet desks. Made from high pressure Laminate, the simple and compact structure can withstand pretty rough treatment and plenty of pressure, features plenty of stylish space is easy to put together without the use of bolts and screws. Since it only

Parkfields Residence in UK

When defining my dream home, I do have a some key elements that the building, the exterior and the interior should pack. It definitely has large white open spaces, modern furniture, large windows to allow sunshines inside, a small garden or something similar and lots of small details to make it unique. That’s exactly the way I see this Parkfields

Switch Table Chair by Ellen Ectors

Modern lifestyles require modern design. In an increasingly cluttered world, space is the key to living, as without space we cannot grow and without growth we cannot live. Design is the key to space, the key to growth. This surprising Switch Table Chair is made by Ellesco… International and was designed by the Belgian Designer Ellen Ectors as her graduation

Oceanfront Estate: Tranquil Retreat Away From the City Glitz

Living on the coast of Atlantic in a calm, tranquil and serene retreat not too far away from New York City is probably a dream for many. That dream is translated into reality with this early-century styled modern Oceanfront Estate…, just fifteen miles away from East Hampton, NY. The ‘English’ interiors mirror the calm and effervescent spirit of the

Schwimmhaus, a Compact Modern Houseboat

Crafted with outmost elegance by German architects Confused-Direction, Schwimmhaus… is a compact modern houseboat that keeps in tune with the tranquil environment that it ventures into. Built with eco-friendliness in mind, the houseboat sports a green roof and is being fabricated out of salvaged wood from an old farm house in addition to other sustainable building materials. Set for

Italian Lake House by Marco Castelletti

This is truly an impressive Lake House set in Como, Italy. Designed by architect Marco Castelletti…, the building incorporates a mix between the vertical design and the horizontal structure. The modern home is built on the slope of a hill with stairs leading up to the top, has an entrance hall that leads to the main hall which faces

The Union: Old Wreck Renovated into Modern Solar-powered Lofts

The old Union Hall of San Diego’s Textile Manufacturing Business got a new lease of life thanks to the innovative design of architect and developer Jonathan Segal…. The architect decided to revamp and reuse the old structure in tatters, instead of demolishing and building a new one, which not only saved time, but also building material. His sustainable design

Dazzling Living Room Layouts from Hülsta

German Furniture maker Hülsta… has unveiled some really stunning living room ideas that can be adopted by the style-conscious people who want to give their home an ergonomic and futuristic look. The seamless blend of the slim design with bold black and bright red colors gives the entire set up a very refreshing, yet a space-age look. Leather has been

The Fish Tail Chair by Asad Firdosy

A few days ago architect Asad Firdosy… sent us a few pieces of furniture to take a look, and from these pieces we selected the Fish Tail Chair, and here are a few words about this product from Asad : “When I designed this chair all I wanted to create a statement in wood and upholstery. I took small pieces

Backsplash Ideas from Linda Paul Studio

Need backsplash ideas? A colorful tile mural by Linda Paul Studio may be just the thing for you. Here are some ideas from artist Linda Paul’s paintings of Italy, France, contemporary flowers, landscapes and wine still life. The murals are created on 4×4″ or 6×6″ natural tumbled marble tiles, and they are great for kitchen backsplashes, wine cellars, restaurants or…

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