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Habitat 67, an “Icon of Permanent Modernity”

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Habitat 67 is an unusual looking residential complex located on the Saint Lawrence River in Montreal, Canada. The project was initially a pavilion housing one of the world’s largest exhibitions, Expo 67 held in 1967 and considered to be the most successful World’s Fair of the 20th century. Habitat 67 was designed by Moshe Safdie […]

Inspiring and Intriguing Design Ideas From Rona Landman

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Rona Landman is an interior design firm from New York whose works leave nothing to the accidental. We enjoyed checking out their portfolio and here is the selection we prepared in order to give you a general idea on their creations. From uncomplicated interiors to complex decors, from a simple color pallet to an intense […]

Roof Outdoor Pools, a Cool Architecture Idea

  • house-with-a-pool-on-the-roof-1-554x465
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  • house-with-a-pool-on-the-roof-3-554x421
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Global Architectural Development have recently come up with an architecture design that left us speechless. Located in Bodrum, Turkey, an important tourist attraction during the summer season, this amazing home comes with two original surprises. Most residences stick to a common roof built out of tiles, shingles and so on. Not this particular home, though. […]

Discreet Window, an Original and Fun Blinds Concept

From designers Ishac Bertran and Gizem Boyacioglu comes a unique and revolutionary concept as an alternative to the common window blinds. The project was inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock film Rear Window, a movie that got translated in Spanish as “La Ventana Indiscreta”  (“The Indiscreet Window”). But as their name suggests, the blinds are indeed […]

Fascinating Greek Home in New York, a Living Art Museum

  • axis mundi 1
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How do you like quality design mixtures? These fascinating interiors belong to an 1840’s Greek Home located in New York’s Greenwich Village, USA. The company in charge with the rehabilitation was Axis Mundi, a creative design firm whose portfolio we enjoyed checking out. The challenge was to redesign the place while still preserving its historical […]

Luxurious Chrocodile Leather Desks for Elegant Business

We found an interesting luxurious writing desk collection for all of you out there doing business in an elegant fashion. This means playing by the rules of Ethics but also by the ones of design. The fancy set comes from Sabino Aprile and features unique approaches to the common desk. The materials  are very originally […]

Kitty Litter Box Cover that Looks Like a Small Dresser

KattySaks is an easy on-and-off kitty litter box slipcover to add beauty and delight to your home. Each KattySaks litter box slipcover includes a removable plastic board and a spacer. Depending on the size of your litter box, this spacer may be inserted underneath the board to provide height on smaller litter boxes. This chic […]

Make Your Bed Look Like the Sidewalk Pavement with Le-Trottoir Sheets

If you liked the cardboard box bed sheets that I posted back in 2008, then you’re going to like this new project from SNURK that makes your bed look like the sidewalk pavement. This clever bedding company, Snurk, has designed a set of sheets that look as if you’re sleeping on the pavement. The environmentally-friendly […]

Pillar Resting Chairs, an Alternative for Public Benches

Designed specifically with the elderly in mind, Wanderest is an inexpensive perch that can be attached to lamp posts as resting points. This aims to help senior citizens maintain health and mobility by providing an infrastructure for regular walking, an excellent light exercise. Comprising three identical panels, injection-molded from a recycled wood plastic composite, the […]

Modern Apartment in Heraklion, Greece by Tectus Design Interiors

This modern 220 squared meters apartment with 3 child bedrooms, a master bedroom, a large living room with fire place including a piano area, a full bath, and a modern kitchen was designed by TECTUS DESIGN Interiors and is located in Heraklion, Greece. The main concept of this project is to create a relaxing environment […]

An Explosion of Indoor Color: Handmade Pixel Rugs

Handmade has become very popular lately and the industry is slowly catching up when it comes to interior design. From Portuguese company Piodao Group comes Tufted, a brand name which is similar to quality indoor items. The firm also manufactures products for other famous names, such as Moroso, Moooi and Rolf Benz. The Pixel Rug […]

Shower Curtains Imprinted With Famous World Destinations

Traveling nowadays has become a common trend. Tourism and promotion are two industries that go hand in hand in creating famous destinations, known worldwide. The idea you see illustrated in the pictures below is not all that bad actually. Classic black and white photographs of famous cities around the world were gathered up in a […]

M Series Chair Collection, Comfort and Nobility

M Series comes from Australian company Yellow Diva with a specific European armchair style. We noticed that comfort is looked upon with a great deal of respect which is why these original looking chairs and sofas feature an upholstered 100% organic combed wool. This turns  interacting with the designs into a pleasant user experience. The […]

“England’s Dreaming Chair”, Not Exactly Dreamy

We would be very interested to know what you guys think of this “England’s Dreaming” chair design. Recently exhibited at the Stroom Gallery in The Hague, this unusual seating item combines a regular armchair surface with that of an improvised and miniature English landscape. It is said to be a form of art dating back […]

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