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Youthful Orange Bathroom, Milan 2010

  • orange bathroom2
  • orange bathroom3
  • orange bathroom5
  • orange bathroom34

We don’t know how many of you out there would go for a colorful bathroom design, but we consider this one to b quite appealing. Cheerful and with a juvenile feel, this orange interior is full of interesting elements and original furniture imprints. The sink is conveniently embedded in a huge sliding drawer, saving space […]

Mozzarella Chair by Japanese designer Tatsuo Yamamoto, Milan 2010

A few days before I went to Milan I’ve saw this chair on a few websites, but I didn’t paid to much attention to it, until I’ve saw it for real in Milan where I had the opportunity to test it live. Designed to look like, well… a block of mozzarella cheese, the Mozzarella Chair […]

Electronics In Pillow Form by Soft Machines

If you want a pillow that is a little bit different then you should check out these pillows designed by Soft Machines. Germany-based Soft Machines has designed cool set of pillows for you to show your musical capabilities. You will for sure want to play them, as they just look so fascinating to compose some […]

Striking Contemporary Architecture: Sodae House in Amsterdam

  • modern-island-house-amsterdam-7
  • modern-island-house-amsterdam-1
  • modern-island-house-amsterdam-2
  • modern-island-house-amsterdam-4

Here is one of the most fascinating architectural designs from VMX Architects a team with very high domain standards from the Netherlands. Sodae House is located on the island of Kostverlorenkade 1 in Amsterdam, in pristine natural environment. Dramatic angles and unexpected shapes make this home a unique living space. Here are some words from […]

Excentric Night Table Set, Milan 2010

Here’s a bedroom idea we found to be quite extraordinary. Modern and stylish, this night table certainly brakes the patterns and brings something new to an unexplored territory. The general idea when it comes to a night table design is a small rectangular-shaped item with regular shelves which serves as storage space for magazines and […]

Amazing Compact Kitchen with Riding Imprints, Milan 2010

This was undoubtedly one of the main kitchen attractions at Milan Design Week 2010. Now we’re just saying this from a subjective point of view and awaiting your feedback. Still, wouldn’t you like to have a kitchen where everything is hidden (fridge, shelves, cooking area) by really cool looking doors? We have to say we […]

Therapy Bed that Cures Insomnia, Milan 2010

“Once Upon a Dream” is the name of a new generation bed which promises to cure insomnia, a very frequent disease in a world full of speed and stress. Created by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur and inspired by the work of Doctor Alain Nicolas, a domain specialist, the bed works in a professional and long […]

Stump Stools by Cumulus Project

After posting the Petit Beurre Coushion yesterday I’ve noticed that a lot of people who read Freshome love cute stuff for their homes, and here is one more cute stuff. Designed by Cumulus Project the Stump Stools are made from wood that was harvested from a fallen maple tree on the forest floor in Storm […]

Eye-Catching Kitchen Design, Milan 2010

While wondering around the kitchen section at Salone del Mobile we couldn’t help noticing this fabulous and eye-catching kitchen design. Judging by its color palette you could say this kitchen is quite simple. But the truth is we rarely see such a diverse design in a room that is used mostly for cooking. The compact […]

A Solution for Storing Small Baby Items, Milan 2010

While in Milan we found this cool idea that should come in handy for all of you young mums and dads out there. This interesting looking locker fits well in any bedroom and ensures that all the baby items are in one place. Diapers, bottles, clothes, anything small can be fit in the wall locker. […]

Water and Steam Decorative Panels, Milan 2010

You’ve seen a lot of decorative elements on Freshome that involve water- such as small indoor fountains or amazing water panels. But we didn’t show you anything this steamy yet. We noticed these designs at the Milan Furniture Fair and decided to capture them. Even though at the fair these steam panels were not placed […]

Kitchen Cupboard With a Sensibility for Glamour

Admit it. The last place where you would position this storing cabinet is in the kitchen. Yet, at the Furniture Fair in Milan there it was, proudly resting in an interesting kitchen showroom. Michael spotted it from meters away and we couldn’t help giving it a closer look. At first we were pleasantly surprised by […]

Customize and Get Comfy: Bobo Sofa, Milan 2010

As we already mentioned, during the Fair in Milan, a few other satellite events occurred all throughout the city. Major exhibitions took place on Via Tortona and we happened to catch a glimpse of exceptional designs there too. Today we would like to showcase “Bobo”, a couch which takes the word “comfortable” to another level. […]

Green Indoor Idea: Tree in a Bag, Milan 2010

If you consider flowerpots to be overrated and are on the lookout for something contemporary, here is an interesting idea we found enriching the showrooms at Salone del Mobile. This tree was literally placed in a shopping bag- sure, a simple and fancy one- and not just because it had been bought recently, but this […]

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