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Sneak Peak: ALV Showroom at Milan Design Week

  • alv_060410_04-940x1410
  • alv_060410_05-940x626
  • alv_060410_06-940x626
  • alv_060410_07-940x626

Milan Design Week is gathering more and more interesting showroom designs. Today we would like to present the ALV Showroom, which we find to have an inviting and unusual look.From Italian architect Fabio Novembre, the unit has a circular shape with sinuous lines. The material used was concrete which was given a white and inviting […]

A Writing Desk or a Funky Coffee Table?

The Molly Desk belongs to  Toby Howes and we can’t really make up our minds whether this is a writing desk, a coffee table or both. This is naturally a good thing in the world of design,where hidden functionality is sometimes a must. The British designer came up with this original concept for a client […]

Sheets With Complementary Thrown in Clothes

  • snurk-kollektion-white-laundry-series-1
  • snurk-kollektion-white-laundry-series-2
  • shirt2
  • laundryseries2

Snurk Bedding came up with an unconventional and bold bedding collection. White Laundry series are seemingly normal white sheets, but at a closer look an extra treat is revealed. Casually throwing clothing items on beds is very common. However, in the case of Snurk Bedding this led to a fun design idea. The collection features […]

Villa Roxie in Miami, the Former Crib of Lenny Kravitz

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Located in Miami, Florida, this luxurious and intriguing villa is the former crib of Lenny Kravitz. You are looking at a beautiful looking home with an uncommon design that was redecorated especially for the singer. The credits belong to BNO Design, an interior design company from New York. Meant as an entertaining space, the abode […]

Amazing Moss and Concrete Sculptures From Robert Cannon

  • terraformsculpture011
  • terraformsculpture021
  • terraformsculpture031
  • terraformsculpture041

Robert Cannon is a Yale graduate interested in Architecture, a domain which he masters, considering the amount of awards he he received throughout the years. However, today we would like to present a different type of design: these amazing moss and concrete sculptures are the definition for living decorations. Original and aesthetic, they bring a […]

Unusual Dining: Cave Restaurant in Sydney

We hope you guys enjoy themed restaurants because we have a special treat for you today. The Cave Restaurant belongs to Koichi Takada Architects and it is located Sydney, Australia. The architects came up with this very original dining concept whose aim is “to change the way we eat and chat in restaurants”. A cave […]

Royal Oak, Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Royal Oak Floors by Harper & Sandilands is the brand name for a fantastic collection of oak products with a high practicability.  “When did a floor became a work of art?” is the company’s motto and In the pictures  below you have a series of interiors to sustain it. Even though wooden ceilings are highly […]

A Beautiful and Inspiring Home Family Design

From Katrine Martensen-Larsen comes this amazing home designed for a family of seven. We hope this post will come in handy for those of you looking for fresh ideas for the kids’ rooms also. The “Charming Villa” is located in Frederiksber, Denmark and was especially decorated for a family of seven. The designer stated that […]

Could This be the the Thinnest Chair in the World?

At a first glance this chair looks very fragile, but I’m pretty sure that is not made to be broken. According to Dezeen, Japanese designers Nendo will present this chair made of thin steel rods at an exhibition of their work in Milan next week ( Freshome Will Be Attending Milan Design Week 2010 ). […]

Does This Not Look Like the Perfect Family Apartment ?

We don’t know about you guys, but we never get tired of seeing these absolutely magnificent interiors from Alvhem. This modern apartment is located in Gothenburg, Sweden and it was recently renovated. The living room is airy and spacious, with two large windows. A comfortable black sofa, a piano and an entertainment area are meant […]

Cafe Chair by Kamilla Lang

Here on Freshome we love innovative & unusual things, and Kamilla Lang’s ‘Cafe’ chair is a really good example. Reminiscent of a classic chair/desk combination’s often found in high schools, Kamilla Lang’s ‘Cafe’ chair is a highly modern interpretation, elegantly envisioned and executed. The chair seamlessly blends form with function, with a single piece of […]

Stairs Light up with LEDs Each Time you Step

When I pressed the play button on this video and saw this smart idea I immediately fall in love with it. A short summary of this video would be : “The stairs detects when a person enters it and activates the integrated lighting.” – and is a DIY version created by Edo for his stairwell, […]

Modern Luxury Tropical Lifestyle Home : Mandalay Villa

I love when someone contact us to send us something interesting, and today I’d like to present you a project developed by the Mandalay Samui Developments, that is a Koh Samui-based real estate development company formed in 2007, and focuses on full-service, luxury real estate developments, developing luxury residential projects throughout Koh Samui. The Mandalay […]

Freshome Will Be Attending Milan Design Week 2010

After some serious pep talk from our fans, we decided to go for it. We will be in Milan , attending Salone del Mobile. We are somewhat new to this ( first event like this we plan to attend ) so we welcome any advice that you might want to give us concerning the city […]

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