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Lot 18, A Fresh And Modern Residence

  • lot18_151009_01
  • lot18_151009_04
  • lot18_151009_023
  • lot18_151009_02

Lot 18 is a residential project design by Arkitek Axis, a company founded in 1989 who’s slogan is “less is more”. Their aim is to “give their client’s project a value for money, and at the same time create a concept identity in which both the clients and the company can be proud of”. Perhaps […]

Smoothie Table

If you’ve never had the chance to devour a smoothie, then maybe this creation does not seem as delicious as designer Florent Degourc meant it to be. Originated in America, a smoothie is a healthy drink made up almost entirely out of fruits, sometimes sweetened. This particular project is called “Smooth & Smoothie” and was […]

Happy Chaise Longue, A Unique Method to Relax

  • Happy-Chaise-Longue-Outdoor-Furniture-5
  • Happy-Chaise-Longue-Outdoor-Furniture-1
  • Happy-Chaise-Longue-Outdoor-Furniture-2
  • Happy-Chaise-Longue-Outdoor-Furniture-3

Dima Loginoff is a young and appreciated designer from Moscow. Her work includes furniture products and also a few ideas on interior design. The Happy Chaise Longue has a modern and an original touch due to its unusual shape and bold color. It was especially designed so two people will fit in it perfectly, having […]

Klass Bathroom Collection from Novello

  • klass-bathroom-223
  • klass-bathroom-127
  • klass-bathroom-123
  • klass-bathroom-22

Stunning bathroom designs and creative items are what causes the Klass Collection from Novello to score sky-high in our design pick for the day. In the images below you have ten examples of stylish bathroom interiors. No two are alike, each one seems to have an idea and a climate of its own. From oval […]

Beautiful White Kitchen from Logos

  • kitchen-in-living-room-2345
  • kitchen-in-living-room-234
  • kitchen-in-living-room-31
  • kitchen-in-living-room-23

Part of the Cooking & Living concept, this lovely white kitchen was designed for a sea lover. Lluis, owner of the property, wanted a place that would transmit the calm and peacefulness of the Mediterranean Sea. A white kitchen seemed to be the perfect approach. And just look at the fantastic result! Everything in this […]

F,l,o,w,e,r,s by Norihiko Terayama

F,l,o,w,e,r,s by Norihiko Terayama of Studio Note is an acrylic ruler with embedded real flowers that are “blossoming” at exactly 1cm intervals. Each flower was hand-picked and dried by the designer, therefore making each ruler unique. I think that this could be a great home accessory for those of you who love flowers …don’t you […]

Nicely-Crafted Lounge Chair : Kruze Chair

The Kruze Chair is a nicely-crafted piece of furniture that was designed by industrial designer David Fox, who collaborated with Boss Design. The Kruze Chair is available as a chair with four legs or with a recycled aluminium 4-star base. It is also available as a four legged bar stool which can be specified with […]

Fancy LEGO Styled Kitchen by Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti

I have to admit that I love unique things, and things that have something unusual. So what do you say about styling your kitchen interior with LEGO pieces ? Two Paris-based designers ( Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti ) created the Munchausen LEGO Kitchen that centres around an IKEA kitchen island, which (over a week) […]

Facebook Headquarters in California

Facebook is one of the largest social online network in the world with more than 300 million registered users. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg when he was still a student at Harvard. Their  headquarters in California was built following the strict directions of  Studio O+A, creators of the architecture project. This place doesn’t only […]

Touch Switches, The Modern Way To Turn Off the Lights

As you probably expected, our world is slowly taking the path of complete digitalization. More and more products are daily being reinvented and they become modern, user-friendly with just-a-touch-away functions. These elegant touch-sensitive switches fit the description. The latest collection from Basalte features some truly fascinating designs of led and simple switches. The colors are […]

World’s Largest Tree House

Measuring over 100 feet, this colossal tree house beats record after record.  The general idea of a small place up in the tree is completely shattered when looking at these pictures. This house has ten stories and it took no less than 15 years to build. Its proud owner-Horace Burgess- says that a divine influence […]

“Frog Queen”, Pixels In a Cube

SPLITTERWERK is a German company that took on some truly creative projects throughout the years. Frog Queen is the name of this astonishing white & gray cube which happens to be the headquarters of the Prisma Engineering company, located in Styria,Austria. The overall image is that of random pixels, but don’t let the color simplicity […]

Yellow Living Space

New beginnings call for… colorful environments. This is how this interior was born. The project -a part of the Cooking&Living Concept from Logos- implied building an apartment for a young couple who wanted a place with a” fun and novel touch who would showcase their personalities and age”. Color and fun, this is the overall […]

55 Blair Road- Interior Design At Its Best

Ong & Ong is a famous company from Singapore that deals with designs and architecture projects, sometimes at a very large scale. They completed more than 500 such works and their massive portfolio includes residential homes, sales galleries, clinic designs and so on. For now we would like to hold your attention with this absolutely […]

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