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19 Scandinavian Kitchen Designs From Marbodal

  • artistic-kitchen-582x261
  • awesome-white-kitchen-582x261
  • ballerina-kuchen-blue-kitchen-582x377
  • beautiful-swedish-kitchen-582x261

These original and diverse Scandinavian kitchen designs come from Marbodal, a company based in Sweden. The main theme is white, but bolder designs are also available. In the picture below you will see various arrangements, each one with it unique personality. There are even a few interiors that feature kids furniture. All the items are […]

IKEA Subway Display in Paris : An Insane Idea or A Genius Promotion Campaign?

  • ikea
  • ikea6
  • ikea 39
  • ikea 56

From 10 to 24 March 2010, IKEA develops an interesting event in four important metro stations in Paris. Furniture collections are currently displayed in high-traffic spots, giving the potential customers a chance to interact with the brand by checking out the products. The subway walls are also filled with prints that showcase IKEA interiors. What […]

Breathtaking Home and Exceptional Views in Byron Bay, Australia

  • byron1
  • byron3
  • byron4
  • byron5

Located in Byron Bay, Aystralia, this breathtaking home really caught our attention. The stone walls and wooden elements of the house are impressive design elements, but what can really leave one speechless is the natural environment. The lush vegetation and numerous palm trees make this a dream place to live in. However the developers of […]

Compact Home From Sergio Araneda, Casa Maiz

  • casa maiz
  • casa maiz1
  • casa maiz12
  • casa maiz12ln

From architect Sergio Araneda, you are looking at “Casa Maiz”, a project located in a small forest in Los Pinos, Reñaca, V Región. Two things defined the design strategy of this place. On the one hand the owners and developers wanted a house that could receive a person or two, without the closure of other […]

Cargoshell, An Innovative and Sustainable Transportation Method

  • cargoshell 123
  • cargoshell 1t
  • cargoshell 1tg
  • cargoshell 12

Transportation has always been a problem in the field of industry. Carrying goods from one place to another requires a massive storage system, usually in the form of a giant vehicle and not to mention ski-high prices. Cargoshell is an innovative and sustainable transportation method that comes as a great alternative to classical transportation. The […]

Curious About Internet Calls and Their Headquarters? Skype Offices in London

It is always interesting to see where big companies, known worldwide, come up with their major ideas. Most of you probably heard of Skype and we do not doubt the fact that a lot of our readers use the program in order to make internet calls. Today we would like to present the Skype Offices […]

ELM & Willow House, An Inside Out Design from Architects Eat

The residence in the images below is a restoration of a Edwardian building in Australia developed by Architects Eat. The project team stated that their intention was “to create an Inside is outside is inside environment, where inside and outside spaces were interchangeable elements”. The construction took 18 months to finish, but is was worth […]

“Tout Va Bien Cabinet” from Antoine+Manuel

We here on Freshome love to show you furniture items that break the patterns and bring a plus of originality to an interior. Recently we ran into this interesting cabinet. It is called “Tout Va Bien Cabinet” -in translation “everything will be alright”- and belongs to Antoine+Manuel, a team of graphic designers from France. We […]

10 Amazing Leather Designs, Good Alternatives to Wallpapers

Studioart is a company in Italy specialized in leather design. Their works are truly impressive and we would like to present a few of their latest collections today. It is hard to imagine that these amazing wall ideas in the pictures below are soft and cuddly. When we first saw them we thought that these […]

“Window” from Jonas Forsman, A Sound Absorbing Magazine Display

Jonas Forsman is a designer from Göteborg, Sweden who works in the field of product design, creating “ingenious solutions with simplified shape”. Today we would like to share with you one of his latest projects. “Window” is a sound absorbing magazine display which is a great solution for noisy interiors. Jonas noticed that the need […]

A Breathtaking Residential Project in Peru by JSª Architects

JSª is a team of architects from Mexico City. They recently developed this breathtaking residential project situated by the beach in Lima, the capital of Peru. The location couldn’t be better- a peaceful area located not far away from the urban madness, where all the major events take place. A white and captivating exterior, with […]

Fashionable Home in Denver, A Showcase of Luxury And Style

Located in Cherry Creek, one of the most “trendy” neighborhoods in Denver, this property amazes through luxury, style and design. The fashionable home catches one’s attention from a great distance, due to its large windows and the combination of stone and stainless steel used to style up the exterior. The overall costs of this building […]

Imposing Residence From Shun Hirayama Architecture : “Les Aventuriers”

“Les Aventuriers” comes from Shun Hirayama Architecture and is an imposing hillside residence located in Kanagawa Prefecture, an area with beautiful surroundings. The owners wanted a peaceful home that would be integrated in a natural environment. However, when it came to design and architecture, the land was not as peaceful. The house is built on […]

New Shelf System : Konnex by Florian Gross

Konnex is a new shelf system by German designer Florian Gross. It is super versatile and can be put together in several ways. It has a contemporary appearance and would fit in most places. The shelf system is a basic cube set, which can be assembled according to the need of the house. It can […]

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