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Interior Design for Yachts and Large Boats

  • yacht%20interior%20design.jpg
  • luxury%20boat%20interiors.jpg
  • luxury%20yacht%20bedroom%20interiors.jpg
  • luxury%20yacht%20interior%20design.jpg

Feast your eyes on this unbelievable interiors! Normally, you would find such modern and luxurious items somewhere in a five stars hotel or in a opulent residence located on a private beach. And since the subject of private beaches came up, we thought some of our readers own or would some day like to own […]

By The Powers of Light and Wood Combined…

  • luminoso-translusent-wood-1
  • luminoso-translusent-wood-3
  • luminoso-translusent-wood-2
  • luminoso-translusent-wood-44

Luminoso is an Austrian company that “sees wood with shining eyes”.  Even if this is just a line on their site, it is true that when you believe in the materials you work with, beautiful things may happen. This is the case with this project : Translucent Woods combines light and wood in order to […]

Sliding Storage Structure from David Keune

If you are one to enjoy unusual -also meaning original- pieces of furniture, here’s the latest: the Armor Sideboard comes form  David Keune, a talented designer from The Netherlands. You can now forget about having your favorite things randomly spread around the house. This container is perfect for magazines, CD’s, perfumes. There is no limit […]

The Glass House in Africa

  • glass-house-3
  • glass-house-14
  • glass-house-13
  • glass-house-12

Nico Van Der Meulen Architects (or simply Nico) are a team of registered architects with the South African Council and they have a truly impressive portfolio. The first project from Nico we would like to show you is called “The Glass House” and is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. The brief included the fact that […]

All-Utilities Tree House from Bates Masi Architects

  • tree house 12345
  • tree house 2
  • tree house 23
  • tree house 234

Most children dream of a tree house.Adults however know the feeling of comfort which is why for most of them the idea of spending hours and hours in a wooden “box” hung in a tree is not all that attractive. Here’s where Bates Masi comes in with this ingenious tree-house equipped with all the utilities […]

Today’s Furniture Theme : The Sea

“Shiver me timbers!” is what comes to mind when taking a look at these amazing furniture sets from Caroti. Inspired by the restlessness of the sea, the designers took the idea to another level and created  unique furniture items. Each example in the pictures comes up with something new, whether that is a helm, a […]

Curved Leather Unit, An Original Interior Design Tool

The pictures bellow are an extract from a larger project-  a residence located in Hampstead Village, United Kingdom.  The place had to be redesigned and the team to do so was  Belsize Architects. Their brief stated that they should turn the house into “a modern home, full of light, and to ensure that there was […]

Opulent Bathroom Collection from Duebi Italia

The Onda Collection from Duebi Italia just comes to show us, once again, what the prestigious company is all about. As usual, in this particular set of interiors, there were no compromises : the items are modern, the spaces are large, and the overall feeling is that of luxury and opulence.  If we didn’t know […]

Dominate the World from The Volcano House

In the dusty desert lands of Southern California, two hours east from the city of Los Angeles, lies the Volcano House: a concrete modernist masterpiece that sits on top of a small volcanic peak.  Truss beams and heavily-laid concrete formed the desert dome, which radiates a sort of tongue-in-cheek brutalism that screams 1960s American modernism […]

Beautiful Modern Bathroom Furniture : Play from SONIA

PLAY means to perform, to take out the essence of something. PLAY is also the latest bathroom furniture collection from SONIA. The multitude of finishes is offered in three versions: PLAY WOOD, PLAY COLOURS and PLAY CONCEPT. Combining oak and lacquers, in a “fifties” finishes range, fill in of expression this minimalist and retro piece. […]

Manifold: One Metal Sheet of Table

Clearly not intimidated by a design challenge, British table mathematician, designer and artist Anthony Leyland has developed these creative tables sliced, bent, shaped and reworked from a single 1-square meter sheet of steel.  Powder-coated for color, Manifold (the title of this line) originally began as a mathematical game to try and try and develop a […]

Imposing Office Building In Hamburg

From J. Mayer H., a team of talented architects from Berlin, comes this lofty office building located in Hamburg, Germany, currently dominating the part of the city where it is placed. The first thing that strikes you is its original exterior design, with unusual windows and doors. The park around the building seems to follow […]

Science-Fiction Bathroom

This beautiful Sci-Fi bathroom comes from Spiritual Mode and is what you could call an “unearthly” design. Notice how all the elements in the interior create the overall feeling of out-of-space:. The bathtub resembles an oval spaceship connected to the ground by futuristic elements and is also enriched by modern faucets. The light spot on […]

An Architect’s Island Home: The Clingstone House

In 1961, the Boston Architect Henry Wood purchased this amazing island mansion with his wife for only $3,600 on Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay. Today, the Clingstone House (designed by J.S. Lovering Wharton with artist William Trost Richards) is a warm all-wood home with a 360-degree view of the ocean. Three stories tall, the Clingstone House […]

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