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Upholstered Bathtub: Comfortably Glamorous

An interior doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive in order to be glamorous. It takes small inspired details to turn a relatively plain interior into one that inspires a certain style or even luxury. This upholstered bathtub was created by Italian designer Anika Elisabetta Luceri who anticipated the effect an upholstered exterior might have. The […]

Sumo Lounger: the Playful Way to Relax

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As Michael was heavily making adjustments in the apartment he is about to move in, he received a cool home welcoming present from Sumo. We joined troops and went to take pictures of the huge been bag and also check out exactly how comfortable it is.First off, the item looks quite interesting and adds a […]

Swimming on a Rainy Day Made Possible with Telescopic Pool Enclosers

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From Inter Pool Cover Team comes an ingenious idea which is about to change the proportions between indoor and outdoor pools. The Telescopic Pool Enclosers not only help with the all year long maintenance but also bring a side advantage. In case of bad weather simply trigger the system and transform the outdoor pool into […]

Shelf with Adjustable Integrated Bookend

Called Hold On Tight Shelf by Colleen & Eric is a modern, minimalist dream, and its approach to storage includes a built-in, adjustable bookend that looks pretty hot. This shelf has an integrated bookend (a cube with an oversized wing-nut that you can loosen and slide on a track to make room for more books). […]

Turning an Abandoned Silo into a Landmark

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C. F. Møller Architects and Christian Carlsen Arkitektfirma joined forces in creating this stunning looking building in Løgten, Denmark. When hey took over, the construction was an abandoned industrial silo. The transformation occurred while still keeping some of the old project’s features. This led to a smaller use of resources and also contributed to the […]

DPI Series, or How to Measure Light Using Pixels

Guillaume Delvigne came up with a creative idea for a lighting set. It is called  “Dpi series” and features various models which allow differentiated lighting. Why “dpi”? This is short for “dots per inch”, which actually means “pixels”. You’ve probably heard about this term if you are working with computers. If you haven’t, pixels are […]

Wooden Decorative Name Puzzles : Indoor Brands?

Have you ever considered the fact that your name is actually a brand worth displaying in your home? To be honest, we don’t know how many of you would go for such a flashy idea, but we think these wooden decorative puzzles are cool enough to be shared. Nuzzles® stands for handcrafted letters that can […]

15 Amazing Pavillions from Shanghai Expo 2010

Expo 2010 is a worldwide event that is currently taking place  in Shanghai, China and started May 1st.  As a reminder, here is more information from the official website: “World Expo 2010 Shanghai China is the occasion for China to bring the world at home, and for the world to feel at home in China. […]

Diverse Interior Design in a 7 Room Apartment

The apartment in the images blow is simply huge. Now we don’t usually present this type of flats on Freshome, because we took in consideration our reader’s need for affordable living ideas. However, this time we decided to make an exception because we think this place has a lot to offer in matters of inspiring […]

Beautiful Cupboard and Mirror Set from Carpanelli

Carpanelli is an Italian design firm with creates products that are more on the line of contemporary. Nevertheless, for today we chose to show you something that could be appreciated as classical. This eye-catching and opulently designed wooden set is meant to be integrated in a bedroom, but is also fit for a classy hallway […]

Star Wars Wampa Rug : Spooky or Collectable?

For those of you mad Star War fans out there, here’s a treat. For the less familiar with the series, Wampa were the spooky reptomammals -white fur, three meters tall- from planet Hoth. The ice creature was captured in all its glory, including its sharp teeth and claws. This is a fun and interesting carpet […]

Innovative Inox Radiators from Cordivari

Cordivari Design is an Italian company which produces innovative looking radiators. For today we chose to show you some of the products in the Inox collection, a material that doesn’t have a lot to do with creativity. However, the people at Cordivari managed to come up with amazing radiator designs. Due to their unusual large […]

Simulating Natural Light by Daniel Rybakken

Sometimes apartments don’t always come with the right amount of windows. This means daylight is scarce. Daniel Rybakken is a young designer from Sweden. Living in Northern Europe, a place where natural lighting is limited throughout the year,Daniel studied the effects the lack of light has on people. As you probably already know, sunlight is […]

Imeüble Shelves: 3D or not 3D?

Here’s a very interesting idea that could mess with one’s mind. Imeüble  shelving system comes from designer Bjørn Jørund Blikstad and at the first glance it appears to be just another picture on the wall. Its creator says that the concept behind the idea works with your mind the way associating words with their meaning […]

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