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Using Ipad as a Stylish Bookend

Since the launch of the much awaited Apple iPad I’ve saw all kind of things people do with this new gadget, and here is another interesting someone created. Designed by Dominic Wilcox the iBookend transforms your new iPad into a simple bookend. Right now the iBookend is just a concept, a really interesting concept I […]

Cool Living Room Arrangement, Milan 2010

Shelving seemed to be a very generous line of work for the designers who were present with creations at Milan Furniture Fair. We’ve seen so many twisted and completely unexpected shelves that we hardly managed to make a selection. We initially photographed this cool shelving idea but then realized that the whole living room arrangement […]

“Icarus” Lamp, a Legendary Design at Milan 2010

  • ic6
  • ic7
  • icarus21
  • icarus231

You are probably familiar with the legend of Icarus, a famous character in the Greek mythology who tried to escape Crete by flight, but the sun burned the wings he had created. David Trubridge, a designer from New Zeeland came up with the “Icarus” lamp which was unveiled at Milan Design Week. The interesting looking […]

Casa BC, a Dramatic and Dynamic Villa in Mexico

  • 1271884869-casa-bc-glr-arquitectos-01
  • 1271884806-casa-bc-glr-arquitectos-16
  • 1271884815-casa-bc-glr-arquitectos-15
  • 1271884819-casa-bc-glr-arquitectos-14

From GLR Arquitectos comes the dramatic shaped “Casa BC”, located in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, in a unique topographical environment. Surrounded by higher altitudes, the house lies in a natural hollow from where the views are absolutely breathtaking. The shape of the building is very dramatic and unexpected angles transform this place into a modern […]

Sportish Sofa “Built to Resist”, Milan 2010

  • qui01
  • qui03
  • qui04
  • qui05

I was actually wondering when this type of sportish couch will finally be designed and be manufactured on a large scale. ”Club Sofa 01′ comes from Quinze and Milan who recently launched their new collection “Built to Resist” during Milan Design Week. Creative and original, the sofa comes in a variety of colors and materials. […]

Beautiful Bedroom with Decorative Stone Elements, Milan 2010

This bedroom inspires a lot of warmth and tranquility. At the Furniture Fair we kept walking all day long, going from one furniture stand to the other, so we were really pleased to find out designs that were worth our while. So when I said that this place inspires tranquility, it was not just a […]

Sofa Can Become a Punching Bag : Champ by Tobias Fraenzel

Designed by German designer Tobias Fraenzel and commissioned by Italian furniture manufacturer Campeggi the “Champ” is a unique sofa that apart from resting you in utmost comfort also lifts up its back cushion to become a punching or kicking bag to let loose your frustration, if you are not a professional kick boxer. This modular […]

Two Cool Decorative Storage Items, Milan 2010

Even through these decorative storage items were not connected in any way at the Fair, we decided to make a post in which to present both of them. This is due to the fact that we consider them both to be cool and creative. On top of that, we count on their ability to cheer […]

Original Wooden Bathroom Board, Milan 2010

At Milan Furniture Fair we kept seeing one cool idea after another while in the bathroom section. Here is one of them. What you have in the pictures below is an original wooden board placed on the bathroom floor to act as a support for the bath tub. But this is just its primary role. […]

Weird Lounge Chair Made From Water Bottles, Milan 2010

You have to know Milan was not all about creations meant to induce the comfort of the user, but designers with original and not-so-practical ideas were also present at the “satellite” events across the city. We would just like to show you this weird lounge chair made from small bottles filled with water. The chair […]

Kitchen Cupboard With a Clue on What’s Inside, Milan 2010

We found this “revealing” cupboard in the  kitchen section and we found it to be a cool item worthy of being shared. The product is very simple and has pale colors, which make it easily adaptable to a variety of kitchen interiors. What is truly notable about this design is the idea behind it: a […]

Practical Mirror and Stylish Bathroom Hanger, Milan 2010

We’ve seen a lot of tree shaped furniture, but while we were in Milan this practical set caught our attention. We immediately decided to take pictures in order to let you guys see it as well and tell us what you think. Personally, I like the combination but I believe there is no reason why […]

Interview : Chasing Your Design Dreams with Hilary Unger

We continue our series of interviews for those of you interested in how the mind of a designer works and for all our young readers looking for a strong carrier in this fascinating field. Here us Hillary Unger from Perianth Interior Design: Freshome: What determined your passion for design? Tell us about the moment when […]

Unusual but Functional Sink-Bathtub Combination, Milan 2010

We have to say that while walking through the bathroom section at Salone del Mobile in Milan we saw a lot of original items. However, this bathtub-sink combination beats them all. Modern and with an elegant design, the combo looks extremely interesting and is very practical. After all, there are few occasions when one uses […]

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