Foam Coated Furniture by SixInch

Imagine furniture without fabric or upholstery and you’ll probably think it won’t be be very comfortable to sit on. But not if the pieces were covered with high density foam! Sixinch…, a furniture company has found a way of making born-again furniture using classic designs from the  past but with highly desirable modern qualities. The furniture covering is not

Drawers that act as Briefcases by Jung-Ah Kim

Designed by Jung-Ah Kim this smart design combines the usefulness of a desk drawer with the portability of a suitcase. The concept includes 3 drawers that act as briefcases.  Rather than having to pack up whatever it is you need before you leave the office, you can just pull out whichever drawer you need and carry it home. This idea…

Modern White Bathroom : Light by Arlexitalia

For those of you who own a big home, and want an interesting idea for a minimalist bathroom here is something that Arlexitalia… just released, a new bathroom collection called Light. AS you can see from these pictures the new collection is characterized by clear lines of design, a lot of white and simplicity. This minimalist bathroom is made from

Graffititek Bookshelf By Charles Kalpakian

Designed by French designer Charles Kalpakian… and based on Parisian Graffiti art, the bookcase aims to offer new perspective on the craft by reinterpreting it in a three-dimesional way. Light lamps that bear a resemblance to the books not only help you find books in the dark but bestow a tender setting to your home. This bookcase might look like

Sleek and Elegant Kaja Sofa

The Kaja Sofa …has to be one of the most elegant contemporary sofa out there. Sleekly designed, it’s perfect for the home or the office. There are six pieces with two stools, all of which can be custom configured. One of the most outstanding features is the slanted cushioned arm which allows the user to recline on the sofa like

Fun Customizable Chair for Children

The Chairfix Junior for children is fun in two ways. First you get to customize the design. When the flat pack chair is delivered, you and your child get to put it together! The chair is actually cut out from a plywood sheet. Leave it plain or have it brightly coloured. It’s your choice!

The Chairfix Junior is the brainchild

A Christmas Tree Like You’ve Never Saw Before

I didn’t wanted to post new stuff on Freshome this Christmas, because these days I have a lot of things to do, especially a few books that I want to read ( 3 of them are already done ), but had to post about this unique Christmas tree idea created by Jane Schouten from All the Luck in the World…

The Wheatsheaf House by Jesse Judd

I never thought that a house with red and orange in excess could appeal that much. Outside of Daylesford in Victoria, Australia, the Wheatsheaf House by Jesse Judd… draws inspiration from old plywood caravans and bus shelter. With simple lines and an amazing way of using steel, laminated glass and plywood cocoon, the house manages to blend really well with

Modular Flooring From Recycled Leather Belts

You wouldn’t think from looking at the flooring from TING London …that the modular tiles are made from vintage leather belts until you notice the characteristic belt holes. The amazing flooring looks so luxurious with the added bonus that no two tiles are alike. The tiles work out to $75 per square foot. The environmentally friendly approach extends to the

Banyan Tree Resort in Corniche Bay

Do you know why La Gaullete in Mauritius is famous for? I’ll tell you. It’s an amazing place, perfect to spend a “one of a kind” vacation. But would it be unique unless matched with awesome accommodation? Check out what Foster+Partners managed to create for Banyan Tree… in Corniche Bay. With a discrete and environmentally intelligent architecture, the exquisite location

Luxury Gemstones in Home Interiors

Never mind the economic downturn. There are still luxury products out there for those who can afford more than just beautiful natural stone. Majestic Gemstones takes what we use as personal adornment and offers the ultimate natural stone – precious gemstones for your home.

The company manufactures luxury flooring, counter tops, fireplaces, sinks, mirror frames and even furniture. The resulting

Make your Christmas Magical: Simple ways of draping your house in dazzling decorations

It is that magical time of the year again when kids dream about Santa, people have an eternal smile on their face which cannot be wiped out no matter what and the bells start ringing with the sound of some lovely carols in the air.
Christmas is one time of the year that somehow manages to turn all the dampness…

Minimalist TV Hideaway

Big screen TVs are all the rage but they are so downright ugly when you’re trying for clean uncluttered lines in your home decor. If you can’t bear to part with the TV then the next best solution is to hide it. The Cube Motorized TV Cabinet by Domus Design Collection… which allows the home owner to tuck the tv

Lavish Three-storey House in Manhattan Beach

Luxurious living – something that we can’t afford but damn it we dream of it – it’s what this modern, three-storey house in Manhattan Beach, California, is all about. With a stunning view over the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Malibu, the house manages to pack a small but luxurious backyard in the tight space, a lush living space with large

Moara Sofa : Beautiful, But Practical?

Upholstered with a matchless fabric, Moara is an amazingly designed sofa that will get your guests wow when seeing it the first time. Hell, it will get you wow, too. It’s not only the unique form or the lavish floral pattern (which we usually expect to see on the walls) that gets us, but the fact that even it’s not

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