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Incredible: Gary Chang’s 24 Rooms in a 30 Sq Meters Apartment

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In one of the most populated cities in the world, where 30 square meter apartments are a way of living, one has to be creative. But we would say that this home crosses the creativity line and becomes a work of genius. Gary Chang, an architect from Hong Kong figured it was time to bring […]

Tech Furniture with Changing Color Fibers, Milan 2010

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Some of the showrooms we saw in Milan were just so inviting, that we just had to go in and take a closer look. Michael was particularly drawn to the Fokas Fiber showroom which could be easily observed from far away due to the cool changing colors embedded in the furniture. We spent at least […]

Royal Bathroom Cabinet and Mirror, Milan 2010

We really like the pieces of furniture that remind us of royalty and good old fashioned kingly life. This particular set caught our attention at Salone del Mobile in Milan and we sense it will catch yours as well. The white cabinet has an embedded sink which is the only item that “betrays” its bathroom […]

Interesting Wooden Building on Lauterhofen Golf Field, Germany

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Here’s an interesting architecture idea which comes from Berschneider Berschneider, a team of architects from Germany. This project is located on the Lauterhofen golf field and is serves as a housing elements for the terrain toilets. Surprised? so were we. The small wooden building resembling a mountain cottage was made using wood and steel. The […]

Cute Droplet Faucet, Milan 2010

In spite the fact that at the Fair ideas were pumping with every single step that we took, there were few designs that impressed us as much as this unusual faucet. We think it’s the kind of wicked idea that touches a customer on a deeper level, making him or her instantly fond of it. […]

“Home for Life” in Denmark Produces More Energy Than It Consumes

“Home for Life” is a sustainable residential project coming from Danish architects AART. Located near Aarhus in Denmark, it is said to be the first “Active House” on the planet, trying to make a statement in the field of architecture by emphasizing on low energy consumption and a “low-carbon future”. Amazingly enough, this home produces […]

King-Size Stone Bathtub, Milan 2010. Where Would you Place It?

This was one of my personal favorite bathtubs at Mlan Furniture Fair this year. Sure, it’s a matter of taste, subjective thinking and seeing it live. The bathtub was placed in a very opulent environment, however I would see it more in a simple, stone themed bathroom with as many natural decorative elements as possible. […]

Youthful Orange Bathroom, Milan 2010

We don’t know how many of you out there would go for a colorful bathroom design, but we consider this one to b quite appealing. Cheerful and with a juvenile feel, this orange interior is full of interesting elements and original furniture imprints. The sink is conveniently embedded in a huge sliding drawer, saving space […]

Mozzarella Chair by Japanese designer Tatsuo Yamamoto, Milan 2010

A few days before I went to Milan I’ve saw this chair on a few websites, but I didn’t paid to much attention to it, until I’ve saw it for real in Milan where I had the opportunity to test it live. Designed to look like, well… a block of mozzarella cheese, the Mozzarella Chair […]

Electronics In Pillow Form by Soft Machines

If you want a pillow that is a little bit different then you should check out these pillows designed by Soft Machines. Germany-based Soft Machines has designed cool set of pillows for you to show your musical capabilities. You will for sure want to play them, as they just look so fascinating to compose some […]

Striking Contemporary Architecture: Sodae House in Amsterdam

Here is one of the most fascinating architectural designs from VMX Architects a team with very high domain standards from the Netherlands. Sodae House is located on the island of Kostverlorenkade 1 in Amsterdam, in pristine natural environment. Dramatic angles and unexpected shapes make this home a unique living space. Here are some words from […]

Excentric Night Table Set, Milan 2010

Here’s a bedroom idea we found to be quite extraordinary. Modern and stylish, this night table certainly brakes the patterns and brings something new to an unexplored territory. The general idea when it comes to a night table design is a small rectangular-shaped item with regular shelves which serves as storage space for magazines and […]

Amazing Compact Kitchen with Riding Imprints, Milan 2010

This was undoubtedly one of the main kitchen attractions at Milan Design Week 2010. Now we’re just saying this from a subjective point of view and awaiting your feedback. Still, wouldn’t you like to have a kitchen where everything is hidden (fridge, shelves, cooking area) by really cool looking doors? We have to say we […]

Therapy Bed that Cures Insomnia, Milan 2010

“Once Upon a Dream” is the name of a new generation bed which promises to cure insomnia, a very frequent disease in a world full of speed and stress. Created by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur and inspired by the work of Doctor Alain Nicolas, a domain specialist, the bed works in a professional and long […]

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