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Exterior Home Details to Make Your Neighbors Envious

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In every neighborhood there lies the playful competition between neighbors.  Whether it’s over the lawn, the house, or who just bought a new riding lawnmower.  The exterior of your home is the showcase of the neighborhood. The average neighbor won’t ever come into your home, but they know what house is yours by the exterior.  […]

Amazing Idea: Vacant Shops Turned into Modern Accommodation

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Town@HouseStreet is the name of a new and really interesting concept: turning a vacant and useless shop space into modern accommodation. This way the building regains its utility and the former shop owners become something similar to hoteliers. Italian architect Simone Micheli was asked during Milan design week to redesign four such spaces and you […]

Beautiful and Stylish Ring of Fire Chandelier

This stylish chandelier comes from Piet Houtenbos and is a mix of contemporary design with a more classical view. “The Halo” is actually a ceramic ring that features six flames. And we mean real fire, the kind that does not have anything to do with the electrical energy bill. This unusual chandelier can function by […]

VILLA-K, a Contemporary Hilltop Residence in Japan

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Located in a breathtaking natural environment, Villa K is a contemporary hilltop residence from Mutsue Hayakusa Cell Space Architects located in Nagano, Japan. This is the type of home built while taking into consideration the connection between indoors and exterior. Large windows offer unobstructed views of the near by forest. Villa K has no less […]

Enveloppe Sofa, Originality and Comfort

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Enveloppe Sofa comes from designer Inga Sempe and brings with it originality and comfort. This is said to look more like a “bed with pillows”, rather than a sofa. Fluffy and soft, it seems like the perfect place to take a nap. In fact, the designer resembles its shape to that of a protective nest, […]

How to Bring Tuscan Details into Your Home

Tuscan décor and details are elements inspired from Tuscany, Italy. The richness of tones and colors, reflect earth tones and deep hues of nature. The traditional old world décor of Tuscan villas and farmhouses is a much sought after style in homes today.  Textured walls, stone flooring, and tile roofing are some of the true […]

Mountain Home in Spain: Beautiful Design and Magnificent Nature Views

This magnificent mountain home belongs to Spanish architects Cadaval & Solà-Morales and is located in Canejan, Catalonia, Spain. Its surrounding environment is absolutely breathtaking, as the house stands on a high spot, having visibility over two spectacular valleys. We do not know if it’s the mist or the winter landscape, but this residence seems cut […]

Cool Shelving Addition: Plus One by Matthias Ries

Here is an interesting and very cool idea for some bookcase extra storage space. “Plus One” comes from Matthias Ries and it has a fresh and youthful feel. This unusual shelving addition is not only functional, but also surprisingly sleek. It can help improve the look of a dull bookcase and it can also emphasize […]

Elegant Chair, Couch and Bookcase in a Single Furniture Piece

“Bucefalo” comes from Emanuele Canova and is a project with a triple function: it can be a chair, a couch and also a bookcase. What we consider to be  extremely fascinating is the fact that its functionality doesn’t stand in the way of its impeccable design. Classy and elegant, this furniture piece fits wonderfully in […]

10 Cheap Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home Before Selling

One of the misconceptions in selling your home is to not put money into it. Often times, home sellers want to get out of their home quickly, and forget that marketing your home is crucial. Here are ten ways to improve the value of your home, and boost you above your competition. 1.)    Curb Appeal: […]

IKAROS, the Ultimate Energy Self-Suficient Home in Germany

You’ve seen a lot of energy efficient houses on Freshome, yet we didn’t have a residence that was completely self-sustainable. The IKAROS House was recently unveiled in Germany at the European Solar Decathlon.  Built by the University of Applied Sciences in Rosenheim, this project produces energy that exceeds the home’s needs. How is this possible? […]

Finding Hidden Storage Space in Kid’s Rooms

In every room there is ‘hidden’ space that we never think about. Hidden space is the key to successful organization, storage and having room to live! Kid’s rooms are the ideal room to find these hidden spaces. If your kids could have fun in their room AND store lots of stuff, wouldn’t that be ideal? […]

Capillair, an Ingenius Shape Adaptable Storage System

“Capillair’ comes from Duch designer Carolijn Slottje and is a project in the shape of an ingenious adaptable storage system idea. in case you are wondering what is so special about it, you should know that Capillair is a modular furniture piece made from flexible materials such as rubber or felt. Its structure makes it […]

How to Choose Interior Colors that Match Your Style

How do you choose colors for the interiors of your home? Did you know the colors you like are mainly based on what emotion you feel when you’re in the space? Your emotional connection to the space relates to your style. BLUE: is calming and soothing, and is commonly used in bathrooms and bedrooms. If […]

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