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Cool Ideas For a Kitchen Bar, A Fun Interior Makeover

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How do you feel about a kitchen that has everything and a little extra? Even though the supply for kitchen bars is growing these days, there are not many those who think of having such an addition to their kitchen. Classic interiors, with kitchen elements gathered up on one wall and a table in the […]

Fun and Fantastic House Design From NeoStudio Architekci

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Located in Garby, a place near Poznan, Poland, this original residential project belongs to NeoStudio Architekci, a company with a very inviting portfolio. We called the house “fun and fantastic” because we were fascinated by its design creativity. The architecture is simple and stylish, featuring elements that are not at all common and shaped around […]

Decorating Butterflies Made From Beer Cans

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From artist Paul Villinski comes this mind blowing interior butterfly pattern that challenges the idea of conventional designs. Made from beer cans gathered off the streets of New York City, Paul patiently crafted these butterflies one by one and hand made stunning wall designs. We are not aware of how the process goes exactly, but […]

Contemporary Wooden Retreat by Johnston Architects

  • Bedroom-of-Wood-Home-Decoration-by-Johnston-Architects-Bluff
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  • Exterior-of-Wood-Home-Decoration-by-Johnston-Architects-Bluf
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Located on the Oregon Coast, in Bluff Bandon, where Coquille River meets the ocean, this contemporary wooden residence comes from Johnston Architects and is our idea of a stylish retreat. The architecture plan features an “L”-shaped building which is open to both the river and ocean. The amazing natural surroundings were not left out and […]

The Grangegorman Residence by ODOS Architects

  • Grangegorman-Residence-by-ODOS-Architects-2-600x754
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Recently we’ve seen more and more architecture examples were exterior walls are partially or even completely replaced by windows. The Grangegorman Residence belongs to ODOS Architects, an architecture company with an interesting portfolio. We will start with a statement from the architects regarding their design: “Whilst befitting the scale and character of it’s urban context, […]

Functionality And Warmth In A 41 Square Meter Flat

We got these pictures from one of our readers via e-mail. Antti Paasivaara is a 21 year old web architect from Finland. The apartment below has a surface of 41 square meters, yet every single corner is well taken care of in matters of functionality. This is why we consider this flat to be an […]

11 Ways To Go In Decorating Kitchen Interiors

Having trouble with kitchen redecorating? Or perhaps you have just moved into another flat and simply don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing the kitchen design. Today we would like to show you 11 ways to go, meaning 11 inspiring ideas or take-odd suggestions in coming up with the desired interior theme. […]

The Raye Street House From Ryan Rhodes Designs

Raye Street House is momentarily the name of the imposing house you see in the pictures below. But its construction came with a giant challenge. Ryan Rhodes Designs and Jason Rhodes (Attorney/Principal – JMR Law Group) were the ones to notice the land’s potential and made it so that the home took advantage of its […]

Limited Edition Mondrian Sideboard, Furniture Or Art?

The Mondrian Sideboard comes from  Boca Do Lobo and caught our attention due to its diversity, artsy feel and glamorous looks. We found out that the carvings and models on the sideboards reunite a variety of artistic styles and the materials used are also diverse. Lacquer, leather and glass are just some of the designer’s […]

Cool Design In Culture Campus by AEQUO Studio

This really cool studying place was created by AEQUO, a Dutch design studio and is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The Vleuterweide Campus “suffered” a tremendous make-over as its information plaza became a high tech culture space where students can catch up with the information they need. The place was compared to a monastery, where […]

Sewer Mats Made From Recycled Truck Tires

Have you ever considered having a really wacky carpet in your home? Designed by Jason Amendolara,these sewer mats- that’s right, this is what they’re called- are certain to spice up a dull entrance. They can be used as welcoming carpets, but no one says they can not be integrated in a room’s interior design. In […]

Original “Rocky” Lighting From Brenda Houston

Tired of old fashioned lighting and common lamps? Brenda Houston came up with these unusual “rocky” design meant to brake the pattern of sober and dull lighting. The “recipe” could not be easier to follow: take a normal lamp and a add an eccentric rock at the bottom. We don’t know about you guys, but […]

Echo House: A Breathtaking Interior Design

It is time for yet another home that left us speechless as we were checking out its diverse and breathtaking interior design.  “Echo House” comes from Kariouk Associates and is located in Ottawa, Canada. The architecture team’s challenge was to make a renovation of a 1924 Victorian building and integrate it in its environment. The […]

Machine That Prints Buildings, A Stunning Innovation by Enrico Dini

Enrico Dini, an Italian designer and architect came up with the revolutionary idea of a machine that prints…buildings. His invention-a 3D printer momentarily located in Pisa, Italy- is said to look like a  “prototype for the automotive industry” and combines the functionality of computer architecture programs with the printer mechanism. Instead of paper, the material […]

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