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When Strict Regulations Are a Blessing in Disguise: Komai Residence

  • Komai Residence by Robert M. Gurney Architect (2)
  • Komai Residence by Robert M. Gurney Architect (3)
  • Komai Residence by Robert M. Gurney Architect (4)
  • Komai Residence by Robert M. Gurney Architect (5)

Before this spectacularly triangular home rose on a corner property in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia, USA, the cramped lot offered dog owners a place to walk their pets. Robert M. Gurney Architect was asked to imagine a fabulous residence that would not only fit in, but match the eclectic style of neighboring […]

Traditional Azerbaijan Carpets Turned into Hypnotizing Works of Art

  • carpet design
  • FaigAhmed2
  • FaigAhmed4
  • FaigAhmed5

Baku-based multimedia artist Faig Ahmed creates original works of art by reinventing traditional Azerbaijan carpets. According to My Modern Met, the artist disassembles the conventional structure of the rugs and randomly rearranges their components while taking inspiration from contemporary geometry. The result is simply hypnotizing: an array of irregular lines – some fluid, some minimalist- […]

Meandering Through Old Pine Trees: Spectacular Sohlbergplassen Viewpoint in Norway

  • design Norway viewing point
  • ideas Norway viewing point
  • Norway viewing point (3)
  • Norway viewing point (4)

There is something particularly appealing about high places and their ability to reveal a general perspective on things. The Sohlbergplassen Viewpoint was designed by Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk and allows visitors to enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view in Stor-Elvdal, Norway. The geometry and structure of the platform is said to be inspired by the densely growing pine trees […]

Clever and Effective Way to Promote Homeless Dog Adoption by IKEA [Video]

Emphasizing on the need for homeless dog adoption, IKEA teamed up with Singapore-based SOSD and the Animal Lovers League Shelter in launching the Home for Hope project. With a limited budget, the shelters can only spread the word about pets in need of a home through social media. But the people who follow the official […]

Modern Architecture Meets Indian Design on Houston’s Lakeshore

  • piston design photographs
  • piston design photographs
  • Lakeshore Residence
  • Lakeshore Residence

Did you ever dream of owning a unique lakeshore home? If not, be prepared to lay your head down every night and dream about this spectacular home: the Lakeshore Residence, designed by Miró Rivera Architects. It’s true that both the location and the owner’s origins collaborated to shaping such a magnificent modern home. Originally from […]

Eclectic Coach House in Canada with a High Level of Seductiveness

The contemporary eclectic Coach House by French interior designer Stephane Chamard comes with a puzzling level of seductiveness. While its exterior makes one think of a classic home filled with year-old artifacts, the truth is this design scheme is as vivid and up-to-date as possible. Tall ceilings allowed the designer to envision a home fit […]

Control Your Air Conditioning System via Smartphone: tado° Cooling [Video]

Do you remember the Tado° iPhone controllable thermostat we published on Freshome a while back? The idea was taken further with tado° Cooling Intelligent AC control, a project that turns any air conditioning unit into a smart device. The tado° smartphone app detects when the last person has left the house, and automatically turns off […]

Colorful Garden Adorned with Custom Curvilinear Seating

A cheery, colorful garden – that’s what most home owners dream about. Private and comfortable, a garden must be well kept to exude a sense of freshness and style. This colorful private garden retreat you can admire in the photos was imagined by Texas-based Harold Leidner Company – Landscape Architects. Created for a modern home […]

Minimalist Legato Cupboards and Cabinets Inspired by Musical Notes

The Legato cupboards and cabinets envisioned by Claesson Koivisto Rune have a soft and friendly personality paired with an iconic appearance. The most striking design feature of this project is the shape of the doors. They are neither square nor round and they are non-geometrical. Positioned next to each other, in repetition, they present a […]

Cozy Modern Villa near Stockholm Gathering Lake Views

Located in Saltsjö-Boo, just 10 km away from downtown Stockholm in Sweden, this modern villa seen on Skeppsholmen seems to have been designed for a family who loves to be comfortable and in close connection to the outdoors. Form meets function in the perfect interplay, opening towards views of the nearby lake. A well-equipped kitchen […]

The Symphony of Well-Blended Design: Meze 11 Deco Earphones

Meze Headphones is a Romanian project started by designer Antonio Meze and incorporating powerful core values: high-end technology, quality materials, good craftsmanship and a passion for perfect sound. We were given a chance to try out the Meze 11 Deco earphones, the first item in the Deco series and the experience was positive, in terms […]

Eclectic Apartment Design in Ukraine by SVOYA Studio

The spatial planning solution for this eclectic apartment design by SVOYA Studio has been determined based on the wishes of the customer. Initially a two-room loft, the abode currently displays a different structure: living room combined with the kitchen, the bedroom combined with the study and a generously-sized bathroom. The stylistic trend was given not only […]

Beautiful Modern House in Australia Adorned with Authentic Features

Dreaming of a warm, comfy and bright living environment to call home? Here’s a wonderful living space that might fulfill your taste for gorgeous homes! We’ve just bumped into this project fully designed by the talented team from The Rural Building and we thought to share it with you, dear readers. It’s quite inspiring, just take […]

Innovative System Helping Lightweight Buildings Cope With Heavy Snow

The maximum stress load for a building not only involves the stress that it will experience on a frequent basis, but also irregular dynamic loads such as snowfall or wind storms. This means most of the materials invested in a certain building will only be of use occasionally. Researchers at the University of Stuttgart in […]

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