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Original Modern Personality Displayed by Casa ST56 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • exterior ST56 House
  • ST56 House (2)
  • ST56 House (3)
  • ST56 House (4)

Located in a neighborhood in the South Zone, a province in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Casa ST56 by Epstein Arquitectos is the embodiment of its owners’ contemporary living dream. Two visually distinct volumes are merged into one, creating an exterior facade that surprises no matter what the standpoint. From the street level, the house appears relatively […]

Add The Ocean-Inspired Iniala Beach House To Your Bucket List

  • Iniala-beach-house-pool
  • Iniala-beach-house-bathroom
  • Iniala-beach-house-beach-view
  • Iniala-beach-house-bedroom-2

If you’re in the market for a new exotic beach locale to fall in love with, look no further than the Thailand’s Iniala Beach House. Located in Phuket, a city famous for its spectacular beaches and world-class scuba diving, its ocean views will leave you drooling. But, the modern interior design by architectural studio A-cero takes […]

Family Fun: Modern Backyard Design for Outdoor Experiences to Come

  • Naroon modern backyard project by Signature Landscapes, COS Design and Serenity Pools (1)
  • Naroon modern backyard project by Signature Landscapes, COS Design and Serenity Pools (2)
  • Naroon modern backyard project by Signature Landscapes, COS Design and Serenity Pools (3)
  • Naroon modern backyard project by Signature Landscapes, COS Design and Serenity Pools (4)

Mindfulness and relaxation are both part of a balanced life, especially when your backyard design composes a modern background for everyday life. A lot of creative and hands-on work went into building this stunningly contemporary backyard. Each of the teams helped shape the design: COS Design imagined the layout, Signature Landscapes created the manicured gardenscape, Serenity Pools built […]

Would Buying This Glazed Waterfront Designer Villa Make You Happier? 

  • Mallorca waterfront designer villa for sale (1)
  • Mallorca waterfront designer villa for sale (2)
  • Mallorca waterfront designer villa for sale (3)
  • Mallorca waterfront designer villa for sale (4)

Captivating the eye with its natural beauty from behind a glass wall, the Mediterranean Sea was the anchor needed to convey the feeling of freedom inside this spectacular six-bedroom waterfront designer villa in Mallorca’s Santa Posa region. The Malgrat Islands appear from water in the distance, while greenery surrounds the sun-kissed architectural elements. Mother Nature offers inspiration for everything […]

Private Heaven on Water Next to Busy Cycling Route: ParkArk in Utrecht

  • Parkark by BYTR architecten (1)
  • Parkark by BYTR architecten (2)
  • Parkark by BYTR architecten (3)
  • Parkark by BYTR architecten (4)

The Netherlands has always been an inspiration for living on water. This time, Utrecht’s  Kanaalweg joined in the architectural effort of inspire people to live where they most feel comfortable. In the case of Hieke and Sietze, their home is a floating houseboat designed by BYTR architecten. Named The ParkArk, this steel ship acting as a cozy residence displays a seductive blend […]

University’s Jesuit Community Center Overhauls Ecological Architecture

 The Jesuit faith is based on a passionate commitment to simplicity, spirituality and intellectualism. With those principles in mind, the architects at Gray Organschi Architecture took extra care when constructing the Jesuit Community Center at Fairfield University. Nestled on a quaint hillside, and captured in photographs Robert Benson Photography, the space offers staff and students […]

Mallorca Villa Boasts Views You’ll have to See To Believe

 On it’s own, the idea of a villa in the Mediterranean sounds opulent. But, when you consider Port Andratx, which is a premier tourist destination in Mallorca, Spain, things get even better. Mallorca Villa, captured in these photos by Marco Richter, is the epitome of easy, luxury living. While the stylish, modern interior is noteworthy […]

How To Design a Bedroom that Grows with Your Child

Kids are notorious for changing their personal tastes from minute to minute. And, that’s okay – it’s all part of the fun of growing up.However, when it comes time to decorate their rooms, constantly updating the décor to reflect those ever-changing tastes can be exhausting, not to mention expensive. Use these tips to design a […]

You Won’t Believe How Cool Corona Kitchen’s 3D Ad Looks

Creating a successful newspaper ad is no easy task. Since the majority of the print is in stark black and white, all of the content seems to blend together. It takes an extremely creative approach to get one product to stand out from all the rest. But Columbian creative director, Felipe Salazar, made it happen […]

Pizza and a Disco Ball? You Need to Check Out Disco Volante Right Now

Pizzerias tend to be notoriously low-key. From the menu to the décor, customers don’t have to do much guesswork about what they should expect. During the day, Vienna pizzeria Disco Volante fits that bill to a tee. Most of the interior design, shown in these photographs by Lukas Schaller, is inspired by an authentic Napoli pizzeria. […]

10 Easy Ways to Add a Mid-Century Modern Style to Your Home

It may be the year 2014, but the nostalgic pull of the ingenious architectural designs of the 1950’s is taking modern-day homes back in time. Homeowners are flooding the real estate market, hunting for unique mid-century modern gems, for numerous good reasons.  For many of these homebuyers the main reason is simple: living in our mass-produced […]

Diamond-Shaped Suspended Pole House Delivers Dramatic Experiences 

Once in a while, a project so spectacular comes along that it inspires millions. After seeing the awe-inspiring rooftop infinity pool floating over unspoiled Greek scenery, we indulge in admiring another enriching architectural progress. Today it’s time for the suspended Pole House to be shared so that it can flood minds with creative ideas and rise above “it […]

Unique Rooftop Infinity Pool Floating Above Unspoiled Greek Island Scenery 

Floating above a treasured entrance, a unique  rooftop infinity pool embellishes beautiful Tinos Island in Greece’s Cyclades archipelago. The largest of its kind, Tinos Island has recently become a focal point for architectural inspiration. Among the island’s derelict windmills and over 1000 artistic dovecotes, sculptors and painters have found inspiration and so did Athens-based studio Kois Associated Architects when creating the fascinating Mirage House. The rocky hills […]

12 Delightful Rustic Summer Kitchens Provoking Your Senses

Dear Freshome readers, what are your thoughts on rustic summer kitchens? Mirza Horatiu Bogdan from designs and develops charming cooking areas meant for temporary use during warm summer months. We asked him to share some of the models with us, as we are constantly seeking for genuine design ideas. Pleasantly surprised by the diversity […]

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