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Playful Kukumuku Restaurant in Vilnius Specially Designed for Families with Kids

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Kukumuku, a restaurant designed in a playful manner by Plazma Architecture Studio enhances the creative spirit and challenges you to… play along with your kids! The exciting place is located in the very heart of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and pays full attention to what kids want. Light, warmth,colours and the positive overall atmosphere represent key […]

Wave to Flush: Touchless Toilet Kit for Increased Bathroom Hygiene [Video]

KOHLER Touchless Toilet Flush Kit is an accessible toilet upgrade for modern home owners in search of increased bathroom hygiene. The  DIY retrofit system allows users to simply hold their hand above the tank and operate water flow, instead of touching the regular handle. So how does it work? A no-touch sensor module installed within […]

Inspired by Light and Sound Waves: Symphony Lamp Chandelier

Russian designers Anna Strupinskaya and Alexey Ivashkevich have presented their new product Symphony Lamp Chandelier during Milan Design Week 2014. The concept of the chandelier explores the connection between light and sound waves and their resemblance. For this project, light, color and sound are visualized in three interlaced spatial ribbons. The ribbons of translucent silicone […]

An imposing Example of Modern Brazilian Architecture: Planalto House

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Planalto House was conceived by São Paulo based office Flavio Castro as an urban residence for a couple with two children and is an example of contemporary Brazilian architecture. The way of appropriation of the 800 square meters available for the establishment of the house (20x40m) is quite clear. Two large perpendiculars volumes mark the […]

Perfect Place for the Summer: Cristal House near Lima, Peru

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Enhancing the feeling of belonging to a place where the sky joins the sea, the residential project captured below in pictures, was designed by Gómez De La Torre & Guerrero as a tranquil summer retreat for the body, mind and soul. Symbolically dubbed the Cristal House (Lima, Peru), the breathtaking villa emphasises the idea of […]

Captivating Indoor-Outdoor Interplay: Float House in Tel Aviv

Float House in Tel Aviv, Israel is an interesting residential project focused on a seamless indoor-outdoor transition. Envisioned by Pitsou Kedem Architect, the 5,920 square-foot (550 sqm) property was perfectly adapted to living needs of a modern family: “The architectural concept was to create a structure with a continuous, wide space, divided by internal courtyards […]

1970s Oceanview Kit House Upgraded to Elegant Family Home

Back in the 1970’s, kit houses were all the rage. Since then, architecture styles changed enough to allow modern interpretations to offer a trip down memory lane. This is the case of the Far Pond Residence by Bates Masi Architects – a 1970s kit house in Southampton, New York, revived with a contemporary appeal. The […]

Modern Apartment Displaying an Artistic Flare by INT2 Architecture

We stumbled across this modern apartment visualized by Russian studio INT2 Architecture and were pleasantly surprised by its originality. Simple elegance is displayed throughout the interiors of this home, exuded by an interesting array of materials and enhanced by color contrasts. The stage was set for contemporary artistic additions, which add a slightly pedantic effect. […]

From Cottage to Dream Home: Cloud Street Residence

Located in Menlo Park, California, the boldly colored Cloud Street Residence impresses with its modern aesthetic and makes you wonder how it looks on the inside. The 50’x100’ lot was adorned with a new construction resting on the existing 900 sqf foundation that used to be a cottage. Adding another 500 square feet of flexible […]

Making Way for New Design Possibilities: Lunacrete Translucent Concrete

SOLI Architectural Surfaces launched Lunacrete translucent concrete, a new cutting-edge product that is concrete embedded with light. Lunacrete (a play on the words “luna” and “concrete”) is a handmade product in which optical fibers are embedded, layer by layer, into concrete when it is poured. Light is transmitted throughout via optical fibers, allowing light, shadows, […]

Cedar Shingles Cascading Down a Modern Courtyard House

Located within a coastal community in Nova Scotia, the Martin-Lancaster House captures the beauty of the Atlantic ocean in its modern design. Overlooking scenic oceanic waters, this 3000 square foot courtyard house was cleverly compartmentalized into four main elements: a social pavilion, a gabled volume – part guest house part garage, a service bar to […]

Original 2D Lamp Design Becomes 3D When Lit: BULBING

BULBING is an original lamp design based on a clever principle, which we believe you will find captivating. Product designer, Nir Chehanoswki of Studio Cheha takes everyday objects like a light bulb, a candlestick, and a lamp and forces people to rethink the way they perceive these items: “I aim to preserve the old and […]

Dynamic Modern Architecture: Imposing Wilden Street House in Australia

An example of dynamic modern architecture at its best, Wilden Street House is an ambitious conversion of a derelict pre-war cottage lcated in Paddington, Brisbane, Australia. Shaun Lockyer Architects took advantage of the privileged property lot and created an inviting family home with a charming backyard that enjoys north-east facing city views. While the rear […]

Family Lake Home Nestled in Its Dramatic Mountainscape

Serpenting along alpine Lake Wakatipu near Queenstown, New Zealand, this long and dark construction is home for a family of five. Architects Bronwyn Kerr and Peter Ritchie of Kerr Ritchie designed it for themselves and their three children. It was intended as a family lake home where solitude and natural beauty meet modern living. Caught […]

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