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How Dreams Become Residential Structures: Luxury Villa in Brazil

  • Luxury Villa in Brazil by Studio Arthur Casas (1)
  • Luxury Villa in Brazil by Studio Arthur Casas (2)
  • Luxury Villa in Brazil by Studio Arthur Casas (3)
  • Luxury Villa in Brazil by Studio Arthur Casas (4)

How does it feel to be the proud owner of a luxury villa in Brazil? We should ask Brazilian TV presenter Alex Lerner, he’s enjoying his fascinating home in Rio de Janeiro as we take a virtual tour via photos by G + SG fotografia de arquitectura. Imagined by Studio Arthur Casas (whom you might remember building the […]

Acrylic Lashes and Stylized Dandelions: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care

  • Johnson & Johnson by Sergey Estrin Architectural Studios  (2)
  • Johnson & Johnson by Sergey Estrin Architectural Studios  (3)
  • Johnson & Johnson by Sergey Estrin Architectural Studios  (4)
  • Johnson & Johnson by Sergey Estrin Architectural Studios  (5)

Do you take joy in going to the ophthalmologist? You just might after seeing this modern eye clinic imagined as a place of wonder, an adult’s version of an eye doctor’s fairyland.  Carefully selecting materials and light details, creative minds of Sergey Estrin Architectural Studios captured the essence of eye care in a modern, hope-filled atmosphere inside this professional education center […]

Flexible Space for Living and Relaxation in Namibia

  • details sketch
  • sketch of the house
  • sketch
  • site plan

Combining simple clarity with the passion for design excellence, Wasserfall Munting Architects reinterpreted a house built in the 1950’s in Klein Windhoek, Namibia, in order to reconnect it with the surrounding site. Placed within a tranquil oasis of indigenous acacia trees, the house is a flexible space for living and relaxing while enjoying the benefits of the outdoors. Exterior […]

Exotic Holiday Villa in Thailand Built Around Natural Rock Formations

  • architecture ocean villa
  • design ocean villa  (2)
  • design ocean villa  (3)
  • design ocean villa  (4)

Featuring stunning sea views and a secluded garden with large natural rock formations, Samujana Holiday Villa 11A is an exotic retreat in Ko Samui, Thailand. The residence is a treat in itself, but also offers a privileged hillside position for contemplating the neighboring sights. Located just minutes from Samui International Airport and the stunning beaches […]

Innovation and Affordability in Smart Security System: Korner

Do you use an affordable home security system? A secure home is not only comfortable when you are there, but it also gives you a sense of comfort when you’re away. As creative minds come up with ideas and refine them until they fit our fast-paced world, we get to chip in their work if […]

Golden Accents Supplying Creativity: Panamby Apartment in Brazil

What we appreciate most about the Panamby Apartment is the harmonious and seemingly natural fusion between its visual warmth and modern comfort displayed. Studio Diego Revollo managed to convert a 170 square meter (1830 square feet) flat- located in a premium neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazil- into a vivid home spiced up with creative, inspiring […]

Angular Roof Design Shaping a Stylish Family Home

A beautiful family home with angular roof design rises in Australia’s Canberra hills. With “different activities within the house uniquely expressed on the exterior“, the angular roof home known as the Narrabundah House conveys the feeling of a good life. By designing angular roof canopies adorning the front and back terraces, the architect managed to showcase […]

Fascinating Origami House with Architectural Comfort Pockets

Architect Yoshiaki Tanaka of TSC Architects used 146 square meters of indoor space to create a home that responds to its owner’s needs. At the same time, the Origami House in Japan’s Mie prefecture is also imagined to withstand wind pressure and earthquakes. Built for a young married couple, the inviting home in an old […]

Asymmetric Modern House in Norway for a Family of Four

Spreading over a compact but lively enlarged 48 square meters, the Arne Garborgsvei 18 House in Trondheim, Norway, sparks up anyone’s dreams about upgrading a traditional design. Standing out with its modern extension imagined by TYIN Tegnestue, this modern house in Norway proudly wears its natural pine wood skin. Now a playground for a family […]

Timeless Luxury Home Gathering Riverside Panoramas

Rising three floors up in the air, this modern home in one of Perth’s Australian suburb is a brainchild of Australia-based studio Urbane Projects. Designed to impress and offer the base for a modern lifestyle, this stunning contemporary family home was built after tearing down two adjacent homes. An inviting infinity edge pool lines the […]

Fresh New Design Look for Freshome + Collect This Idea Feature

We’ve been working furiously for the past few months, updating our site design page by page. With this new redesign we’ve not only completed a visual upgrade that offers a cleaner, more functional design but we’ve also been making a lot of backend changes, cleaning up our code and implementing the newest technology in order […]

Replacing Boring Cubicles One Letter at a Time: Fold Yard

When creative ideas strike, the creator must follow. In this case, French 3D artist and illustrator Benoit Challand imagined an “alphabet” of open office concept that extends the perspective we have on cubicles in the workspace. Typography was the main design element – each desk maintains storing spaces, partitions, desk space and shelves, all seen […]

Control All Your Smart Devices With This New Gesture Responsive Ring [Video]

Today’s featured project goes out to all of you hi-tech enthusiasts out there, who enjoy a digitally-controlled lifestyle. Nod is an advanced gesture control ring allowing effortless communication with all of the smart devices, including phones, tablets, Google Glass, watches, home appliances, TVs, computers and more. How does it work? Just place the ring on […]

When Strict Regulations Are a Blessing in Disguise: Komai Residence

Before this spectacularly triangular home rose on a corner property in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia, USA, the cramped lot offered dog owners a place to walk their pets. Robert M. Gurney Architect was asked to imagine a fabulous residence that would not only fit in, but match the eclectic style of neighboring […]

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