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Modern Villa Kerckebosch Taking In A Forested Landscape in the Netherlands

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Villa Kerckebosch is a recently built family residence developed by Engel Architecten in the forested landscape surrounding Zeist, a small town in the center of the Netherlands. The soft and natural shades of the brickwood are said to evoke the forest with its natural shades of brown and grey, while the sandy colors of the bottom pay […]

Family Retreat in California Shaping a Relaxed Lifestyle

  • Ehrlich Retreat by John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects (1)
  • Ehrlich Retreat by John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects (2)
  • Ehrlich Retreat by John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects (3)
  • Ehrlich Retreat by John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects (4)

When you already have a dream home, the life you imagined living is within your grasp. Imagine extending that feeling even more by building a modern family retreat including a new guest house, pool, and shade structure on the same property where the same architects designed your geometric modern residence. Referred to as the Ehrlich Retreat +, this […]

Nautical Theme Originally Displayed by Waterfront House in Singapore

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Have a look at this waterfront house designed by Greg Shand Architects in Singapore! With a sinuous wave envelope and wide overhangs, Nautical Lines Residence stands out against a backdrop of modern residential units. While one side of the house faces the ocean, the other makes up for lack of water views, with curved elements acting as a constant […]

Harmonious Home With Captivating Laguna Beach Vistas

  • Ellis Residence by McClean Design (1)
  • Ellis Residence by McClean Design (2)
  • Ellis Residence by McClean Design (3)
  • Ellis Residence by McClean Design (4)

Another stunning project from the architects of DJ Avicii’s home in Hollywood Hills – talented studio McClean Design – makes us wonder how they find the resources to construct such vivid residential spaces. Spreading over 3,500 square feet, this new single family harmonious home known as the Ellis Residence used what seems to be a drawback for its […]

Delightful Sonoma Wine Country Cabana with San Francisco Bay Views

  • architecture modern cottage-like residence
  • exterior modern cottage-like residence
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  • modern cottage-like residence (1 (2)

Centrally located in the heart of Valley of the Moon, this Sonoma Wine Country Cabana was constructed to continue the working ranch owners’ commitment to energy-efficiency and sustainability. The ecologically designed cabana was built by Arkin and Tilt Architects based in Berkeley, California. Contemporary architecture is designed to seamlessly blend into the hillside and take advantage […]

Fresh Accessory to Liven Up Modern Desks: The Eco Pot by Kononenkoid

With our enthusiasm for plants, well-crafted wood and desk items, the Eco Pot designed by Ukrainian studio Kononenkoid hit a soft spot. The lovely looking accessory comes with a square shape and two levels. Its lower part features small rounded piercings which can be used for displaying writing objects. The upper “level” is reserved for a miniature […]

Preview Artistic Works in Your Room With Saatchi Art’s New Mobile App

Find it difficult to imagine how a beautiful painting would look like in your home? Saatchi Art launched a new mobile application that transforms the experience of buying art online by enabling users to virtually preview artwork on their walls before making a purchase. “For art buyers, one of the hardest parts of making a purchase […]

Balancing Restraint and Sophistication: “Tree House” Family Residence in Austin, Texas

Welcome to a contemporary family home defined by balance and healthy living. Especially developed for a family in Austin, Texas, the Tree House by Matt Fajkus Architecture inspires good vibes throughout. Considered a special mix of restraint and sophistication, the two-story residence is designed “to allow for a bold yet humble street presence, while each single-story wing extends through […]

Friendly Leaning Loop Multi-Purpose Organizer Helps Declutter Your Home

There is something charming about this Leaning Loop organizer envisioned by Jason van der Burg of Urbanworm Design. Inspired by “a small place with a messy problem”, the designer created a functional and captivating-looking tool; “I wanted a nice piece of furniture to help organize my life and it needed to look amazing so I could enjoy what […]

What French Interiors Can Teach Us About Decorating

It is common knowledge that the French have a special je ne sais quoi when it comes to fashion and style. Simply put—Parisians know how to dress. We are not sure why they have been blessed with such talent, but it seems that the French not only know how to dress themselves, but they also know […]

Re-Framing Family Life in Updated Victorian Terrace House

When re-framing your lifestyle, a new architectural language soon follows. Sometimes it’s adding or subtracting furniture, other times it’s adding and altering the architecture of the home itself. In the case of this particular home owner, the existing outdated one bedroom Victorian terrace house in Australia needed to become larger and brighter in preparation for a […]

Elliptical-Shaped Residence in Spain with a Futuristic Character: Balint House

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos completed the design and development of Balint House, a modern elliptical-shaped residence in Valencia, Spain. The volume neighbors a golf course and is placed leaving as much free surface as possible towards the southern edge of the plot for it to be used as a garden, while the lateral limits are blurred with vegetation. A continuous […]

Most Expensive Residence in Beverly Hills Purchased by the Creator of Minecraft

Located on a promontory in the high-end Trousdale Estates neighborhood, this bewildering 23,000 square-foot residence is officially the most expensive residence in Beverly Hills. The “1181 N Hillcrest Road” project was developed by Ferrugio Design + Associates and is currently owned by Swedish billionaire Markus Persson, known for creating Minecraft. Before we share more information, have a look at the […]

Spatial Openness Revealing Flawless Modern Design

Slices of downtown San Francisco reveal themselves from every corner of this flawless modern design: the Laidley Street Home by Michael Hennessey Architecture. Entering this astounding home through a pivot door at the garage level, owners and their guests are welcomed inside this bright and open residence in San Francisco’s Glen Park neighborhood. Up a flight of […]

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