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Modern Haven for Art Collectors: Central London Penthouse by Fernanda Marques

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Brazilian designer Fernanda Marques completed the design of a central London penthouse for a young couple of art collectors and their two children. The brief of the project requested a harmonious artistic home, where the entire family could feel relaxed, an oasis in the middle of a bustling city center: “My clients wanted ideal conditions […]

Distinct Black&White Exterior Showcased by Minimalist “Framing House” in Japan

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Located in the Shiga Prefecture, Japan, Framing House by Form / Kouichi Kimura Architects is a contemporary Japanese home displaying a minimalist design and a distinct black&white exterior. The owners’ brief required the new building to accommodate an art gallery, along with inviting living spaces. This is how the architects responded to the challenge: “The […]

Slender Lines Framing Mesmerizing Views: Modern Pool House in Brazil

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With a construction timeline of only 30 days, this modern Pool House in Brazil impresses with its slender lines and welcoming outdoor relaxation spaces. When planning the residence, the architects at Kali Arquitetura decided that “an edge of the prism would be placed in the land border and the three other walls would be large mobile […]

Half-Sunk Into a Harsh Landscape Overlooking the North Sea: The Dune House

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Located on the island of Terschelling in the Netherlands, Dune House by Marc Koehler Architects rises over the harsh terrain, offering views of the North Sea. Its shape is resembled by the architects with that of a wooden diamond, experienced differently as the visual perspective shifts: “The forces of nature prevalent in the environment – […]

Futuristic Simulated Highlights Defining Apartment on Stubbs Road, Hong Kong

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Apartment on Stubbs Road is a modern project completed by NC Design & Architecture in Hong Kong, China. The private loft comes with a total surface of 2700 square feet (250 square meters) and features curvilinear walls and simulated highlights. By employing a subtle color palette in grey and white, the designers created a neutral […]

Inspiring Visual Break Between Old and New: The Hawthorn Extension in Melbourne

Chan Architecture completed the Hawthorn Extension, a project consisting of a rear addition to a double fronted Victorian terrace house in Melbourne, Australia. According to the project developers, the main challenge was to design “a new family area without sacrificing too much of the backyard, whilst being respectful of the existing house. The approach was […]

Australian Beachfront Home Encouraging Outdoor Living

Living under the Australian sun provides ample palm tree sun protection and the occasional breeze. Living in a modern Australian home connected to the outdoors is a dream. Designed by Davis Architects, this beachfront home in Byron Bay, Australia, is prepared to offer its inhabitants the best mix between indoor and outdoor living. The existing sub-tropical climate by the coast […]

G House in Bucharest Celebrating Relaxation and Social Interaction

Envisioned by Nuca Studio (you may remember their playful family cafe design we presented on Freshome a while back), G House is a contemporary residence located in Bucharest, Romania. According to the architects, the owners are constantly surrounded by friends and relatives, which dictated the layout of the project: “The building was thus designed as […]

Provocative Modern Earth Home in the Heart of Sardinia’s Emerald Coast

Architect Luca Marastoni in collaboration with interior designer firm BONVECCHIO have completed House in Sardinia, a daring modern residential project. Situated on the first line of the Gulf of Portisco, in the heart of Sardinia Emerald coast, the residence stands out due to its concrete structures pierced by windows and green rooftops. An outdoor shell […]

Difficult Run Residence in Virginia Parading An Abundance of Outdoor Living Spaces

Bordering a stream in Mclean, Virginia, this green, steep seven-acre lot accommodated an old building known as the Difficult Run Residence. Robert M. Gurney Architect took on the challenge of renovating the construction and extending it with a detached garage and guest house. Additionally, “stone paths and stairways, corten steel walls, gabion stone walls, a […]

Dental Clinic in Sydney Built Around a Sculptural Wooden Installation

On one of Sydney’s high-end retail streets Pedra Silva Architects were invited to design a high-level state of the art dental clinic. The client requested two receptions with two entrances that could function separately but without compromising the sense of spaciousness and its relationship with people passing by. In the same space there was a […]

Timeless Copper Corner Residence Blending Traditional Detailing with Modern Simplicity

On a heavily wooded corner lot in an established neighborhood of Mississauga, Ontario, sits Copper Corner Residence, a timeless home envisioned by David Small Designs. Dark painted wood emphasizes the bold roof-lines, while light-colored stone adds warmth to the façade. And the most outstanding feature, the leaded copper roof, creates character and architectural interest. The […]

Playful Gift for an Architect: “Fantastic Cities” Coloring Book by Steve McDonald

Once in a while, we love to find something “worthy” enough to catch an architect’s attention if offered to him or her as a gift. Canadian artist Steve McDonald created Fantastic Cities, an eye-catching coloring book filled with intricate illustrations. The project has a distinctive large square-format and features 60 cities from around the world, including […]

Designed to Boost Creativity: Contemporary Madison Residence in Kansas City, USA

When designing Madison Residence in Kansas City, Missouri, the architects at KEM Studio decided to put aside functionality (as a starting point for the design) and create something inspired by the owners’ lifestyle. Three main directions were identified during the research process: “The first was for the new house to be modern, minimal and sustainable: […]

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