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Secluded House Integrated in a Forest Reserve: The Ruben Dishdishyan Retreat

  • design Ruben Dishdishyan House
  • exterior Ruben Dishdishyan House
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According to Russian architect Nicholas Lyzlov who developed Ruben Dishdishyan Retreat, the owner wanted a crib that was “closed from the neighbors, but also completely open to nature. The rear facade of the house is entirely open – there are huge windows and all of the rooms can see the forest. The house is like […]

Gorgeous Summer House With Beach View in Chile

  • Bedroom
  • Contrast
  • House With a View
  • Kitchen

Rabanua House was envisioned as a summer vacation house, where times of rest can wonderfully be combined with other type of activities. Spacious and breezy, the house features several volumes and cut outs that favour stunning views over the ocean, on one of the sides. The project was designed by DX Arquitectos in Coquimbo Region, Chile, spreading […]

Contemporary House in Austria Exhaling Transparence With Staggering View Over the Mountains

  • Bathroom
  • Details House Plan
  • Details Vegetation
  • Details Walls

Located nearby the Walgau and Rätikon mountains in Austria, this contemporary house designed by Aicher Ziviltechniker GmbH is a place where serenity reigns. Away from the city rush, this splash of modern architecture nestled in the idyllic site of Vorarlberg exudes tranquility, emphasising the values of a relaxed lifestyle. It is said that the people living in […]

Opulent Modern Getaway in Buenos Aires, Argentina: BLLTT House

  • architecture Project BLLTT House
  • design Project BLLTT House
  • exterior Project BLLTT House
  • Project BLLTT House  (2)

BLLTT House was recently completed by Enrique Barberis in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The massive residence consists of two levels wrapped in a modern rectangular shape and visually “continued” with a swimming pool. Geometry was taken further with triangular piercings adorning the lateral and back walls of the building. White, red and black were chosen for […]

How to Work With an Architect When Designing your Home

  • hiring architect exterior home
  • hiring architect planning interiors
  • hiring architect inspiration interiors
  • hiring architect windows light

You have decided to start designing your own home, or you would like to make some renovations on your current home. One of the first things you need to decide is what you want done and how can hiring an architect help your dreams become reality. While you may think hiring an architect isn’t necessary, […]

Historical Fragments Meet Modern Design: The Country Zash Boutique Hotel in Sicily

There are places where time stops for a while, allowing you to breathe and enjoy the little things in life. Those places that seem blessed and privileged, where people are blissful and relaxed, where the sun is your friend and the serene evenings spread a sweet and light scent of summer, those are the places […]

What Makes a Building Green ?

At Freshome we’ve talked a great deal about about green homes and buildings. And while we know that you understand that “green” means environmentally friendly – we wanted to help you better understand what it really means for a building to be green. In the paragraphs below we break down for you what a building […]

Compact Two-Story House Keeping The Noise Away in Tokyo, Japan

Compact living can be a wonderful experience due to the fact that the interior of such a dwelling is always cozy and functional. The House in Mishuku II is an interesting residential project, one of those compact Japanese homes, designed by Nobuo Araki in Tokyo. As you explore the boundaries of an airy space, despite its unusual exterior […]

Compact Elegant House With Volumes and Irregularities by Habitat Studio & Workshop

BoJo is a compact, elegant home that wraps itself around you. Displaying different tones of earthy colours, it exudes warmth and coziness. Most of the times, these specific elements are exactly the enchanting magic elements that have the ability to transform a regular place into a home. After all, isn’t this what we all want? […]

Zen House With a Staggering View Over the Old City in Dubvroknic

House U is a project designed in Dubrovnik, Croatia to meet the expectations of the clients, a couple, their adult children and their families. Spacious and functional, House U is divided in two different living areas, one for the parents and another (accommodating two apartments) for the children. Designed by 3LHD, a collaborative architectural studio, particularly […]

10 Ways to Organize your Back to School Home

Now that the summer is almost over it is time for families to start thinking about back to school ideas for their fall home. While many parents think back to school organization only involves the kids’ rooms and play areas, the reality is “back to school” time affects your entire home. From the moment you […]

The Fascination of White Minimalism: House With Gardens in Japan

Located in a quiet residential district of Yokohama, Kanawaga, Japan, the irregular-shaped white house designed by Tetsuo Kondo is the home  of a family of four (parents and two kids). The compact wooden white house incorporates a small garden, like most of the Japanese homes. Modern and functional, the structure surprises you its a unique shape, cut outs […]

Playful and Hallucinating House With a Sense of Vertical Depth in South Korea

Envisioned as a playground for grownups, the Conan Play House is (as the name already suggests it) very playful, vivid and full of colour. The idea of a house that allows you to express yourself in a manner that reminds you of childhood came to the architect, which considers himself very playful and after meeting […]

Discreet Charm and Clever Design Solutions: Beam&Block House

Based on the concept of “less is more”, mode:lina office designed Beam&Block House, a modern 140 sqm house in Poznań, Poland displaying clever design solutions. Scandinavian style, clients’ favorite, is represented by materials like raw concrete and wood. White and dark grey shades with ubiquitous energetic yellow color add to the mix. Paintings, designer furniture and […]

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