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What You Need to Know to Prepare for a Move

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The excitement of moving into your new dream home takes a back burner, temporarily, to the overwhelming feeling of anxiety that packing up the contents your home and moving them all to another location. There is so much involved with a move – so many moving pieces that must be organized accordingly. We hope this […]

Clever Multi-Use 30 Sqm Apartment in Brazil by BEP Architects [Video]

  • Photo: Haruo Mikami
  • Photo: Haruo Mikami
  • Photo: Haruo Mikami
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The multiple use of spaces has become one of the constant points of focus these days, as a result of the continuous expansion of cities and their real estate deficit. In this 30 square meter apartment in Brasília, Brazil, BEP Architects answered the request for intimate and social day by day life. However, those two […]

Tribute to Dedicated Craftsmanship: Impressive Spiral Staircase in London

  • Elegant St-Judes-Helical-Staircase
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We received some photos of an interesting spiral-shaped staircase, a bespoke project conceived in London. The design is captivating no matter what the standpoint and the photographer captured some incredible details. We believe one of the strongest features of the project is its grandeur, able to complement that of the interior it is placed in. […]

Contemporary House With a “Ready to Fly” Sensation in El Salvador

  • exterior Residence La_Piscucha_
  • Residence La_Piscucha_PhotProo_by_Bax (1)
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  • Residence La_Piscucha_PhotProo_by_Bax (3)

Jose Roberto Paredes and his team of architects at cincopatasalgato, an architecture-interior-furniture design company in El Salvador, designed this residence entitled “La Piscucha”, located atop a hill in San Salvador. The environmentally conscious owners wanted to build a house with a “summer home” feel, yet with modern and sophisticated design. La Piscucha was designed with […]

Smooth Curvilinear Lines and Fluid Visual Effects: Nasvtia Bar Lounge

  • bar modern design
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Modern design is often correlated with futuristic approaches, irregular shapes and unconventional concepts. This project by NUVIST Studio focuses on creating a powerful fluid effect without touching traditional spatial usage of a bar design. According to the designers, Nasvtia Bar lounge reflects smooth curvilinear lines which come together in a fluid form. The unusual piece […]

Creative Architectural Principles Neatly Displayed: Gap Residence in Brisbane

The Gap is a house that displays many creative architectural principles, designed by Guymer|Bailey Architects, in Brisbane, Australia. Structured on two levels, the Gap was envisioned as a house that relaxes its inhabitants and recharges them with energy. Glass panels replace some of the walling, allowing the sun to flood the interior with warmth. The result: […]

Harmonious Design Mix For a Professional Single Lady by Audra Canfield

Ever wondered what defines a professional women in terms of design? We just received an interesting array of photos taken in a modern apartment envisioned by Designer Fluff  for a bi-coastal professional who spends half of her time in NYC and the other half in Florida: “She wanted her Manhattan apartment to feel serene yet […]

Striking Innovation for Modern Interiors: Wave Control Lighting [Video]

When it comes to turning the lights on or off, it seems clapping is overrated. Perhaps this is the reason why Niko Mysterious introduced a new and interesting concept: wave control lighting. The idea resulted in an invisible switch that can be camouflaged in any room, its presence being signaled only by a discreet circle. […]

Making the Utmost of Compact Places: Minimalist Central London Flat

It is said that “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” I’m mostly sure that London is one of the most amazing places on Earth. Exploring a city so complex, so filled with culture and life is an uplifting experience! There […]

Opulent Residence Built Around a Central Courtyard in Peru: La Planicie House

Boasting a total surface of 905 square meters, La Planicie House developed by Oscar GonzalezMoix in La Molina District, Peru is a modern indoor-outdoor interplay of living areas. The brief of the owners requested a building that offered a maximum connectivity with the environment, which determined the existence of a large central courtyard. Moreover, each […]

Smooth, Elegant and Highly Contemporary Moscow Apartment by SL project

Architects SL * project Nikolashin Alex and Catherine Emelyanova designed the interior of the apartments making up the residential complex “House on Pokrovsky Boulevard” in the historical center of Moscow. The location and architecture of the building dictated a soft, quiet, yet highly contemporary interior style. Living room, dining room and kitchen are all integrated […]

New Approach to Modern Accommodation: The GREEN ZERO Project

With a rainwater management system and drainage system that seamlessly integrates into the aesthetics of the building, this contemporary modular housing suite (discovered on Design Milk) can be placed almost anywhere. Envisioned by Studio di Architettura Daniele Menichini for the accommodation industry, project GREEN ZERO has a prefab exterior, a solid stone base, and an […]

Rectangular-Shaped Modern Home Connecting the Inhabitants With the Outdoors

Located in San Angel, a peaceful yet trendy neighbourhood of Mexico City, Cerrada de Cortes is a lovely home designed by Dcpp Arquitectos, perceived as a relaxing retreat, spacious enough to accommodate a numerous family. Despite being surrounded by other residences, the house feels intimate and welcoming. The house opens up to its interior courtyard (the […]

Color-Enhanced Minimalism Showcased by Charming Taiwan Apartment

Taiwan based Ganna Studio completed the development of an elegant and minimalist apartment. The designers reduced partitions by using flexible boards as doors, which allows a living space without borders while defining layers of space. Materials, lighting and texture exhibit a spatial impression of natural and minimal. Designers gave the residence a neutral color associated […]

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