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Balancing Architecture And Family Life With Life of An Architect’s Bob Borson

  • Los Arboles - Little Elm, Texas
  • Los Arboles - Little Elm, Texas
  • Glen Falls Den 01
  • Glen Falls Exterior 02

Texas-based Bob Borson of Life of an architect gives the impression of being an architect of dreams, sprinkled with solution-finding features and topped off with humorous statements that simply make you think twice about all the harsh things said about this profession. There is no way you will not become a fan of his style […]

10 Smart Tips For Waking Up your Home with Lighting

  • natural light white kitchen
  • natural light window treatments
  • natural and artificial light bridge
  • natural light bedroom windows

There aren’t many single factors in your household that can change your mood, your health, the comfort of your home, the appearance of colors, and the feeling of a room with just one aesthetic – lighting. While most of us are trying to find the trendiest sofa to put into our living room or the […]

Surprising Geometric Patterns Displayed by Core Deco Tile Collection [Video]

  • ceramic tiles pattern
  • ceramic tiles
  • Core Deco Tiles (1)
  • Core Deco Tiles (3)

Geometry is taken to another level in these playfully-creative ceramic tiles designed by Matt W. Moore for Core Deco, a brand focusing on functional design, furniture and home goods. Each of the tiles in the collection has a special pattern, developed diagonally and elegantly displaying a black&white finish. They can be used individually, as coasters […]

Sensual Ray Lighting Collection Inspired by Mediterranean Persian Blinds

  • designer Ray lamp
  • florr Ray lamp
  • Ray lamp (3)
  • Ray lamp (4)

Ray is the new collection of Lagranja Design lamps for Fabbian Illuminazione. It takes its cue from typically Mediterranean Persian blinds. “The image of soft light rebounding and filtering between the slats of a blind is the departure point of this project. Translating the rigid sequence of parallel slats into a sensual and dynamic shape […]

Originally-Shaped Office Building in New Jersey: Centra Metropark

  • design metropark-kpf
  • eterior metropark-kpf
  • metropark-kpf (3)
  • metropark-kpf (5)

The massive renovation of the five-story, 110,000-square-foot (10,000-square-meter) office building in Iselin, New Jersey, USA was undertaken by architects KPF, with striking results: “Centra Metropark’s unique structure utilizes an asymmetrical tree-column and truss to support an extended fourth floor, providing a signature element for the project. A rectangular hole is carved in the center of […]

Charming Rustic Home Surrounded by Woodland and Meadows in Sweden

Exhibiting a rustic design throughout, this Swedish property located on a large plot of 22,059 sqm with associated woodland and meadows in Sweden is truly charming. The house was originally built  in 1909 and recently renovated in 2007, a project which also included restoring the barn. The residential building has a very welcoming paved entrance […]

Sci-Fi Looking Residence With Bridge Access in Australia: Stamp House

Our idea of a comfy home is generally not correlated with massive space-ships. Probably why this star-shaped contemporary residence developed by Charles Wright Architects on the edge of the FNQ beachfront rainforest in Astralia made an impression. According to the architects, the aim of the project was “not to simply produce an engineered outcome but produce […]

The Art of Relaxation: Bathtub and Hammock Combined by Splinter Works

The peaceful experience of kicking-back in a hammock has been further enhanced by combining it with the comfort of soaking in a hot bath. By literally elevating the experience of bathing into a suspended sculpture, the bathroom has been reinvented as a contemplative sanctuary for artful relaxation. Designed by Splinter Works for use in a […]

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Green Home

When building a green home one chooses to do so to reduce the harmful impact on the environment. Careful thought and consideration must be placed on every aspect of this home design, from the roof to the foundation to everything in between – electrical work, air quality, and affordability. It is important to lessen one’s […]

A Splash of Home Energy and Personality: Digitally Printed Patterns

The new Facets Custom Cupboards line uses a proprietary process to digitally print designs and artwork directly on cabinet doors, drawer fronts, solid stock and paneling – opening the door to dramatic, custom designs. Facets lets the customers inject personality and energy into their home or workplace. The Facets line gives anyone the ability to […]

Architect’s Home in Singapore: Natura Loft Apartment by AO Studios

Located in the centre of the exquisite and vibrant Singapore, in Bishan New Town, this gorgeous loft was designed by AO Studios, to meet the expectations of the architect, Alvin Oh. When did you, last time, take a ride through the nature? In case you don’t afford the luxury of grabbing a drain of fresh air […]

3D Printed Version of the Iconic Eames Chair Priced $25

We’ve seen various replicas of the iconic Eames chair on Freshome and we even featured a post with 30 eye-catching interiors on how to cleverly adapt it to a modern interior design scheme. Today we would like to change the approach a bit and show you a new interpretation of the lounge chair and ottoman. […]

Inspiring Modern Refuge in Vermont: Cantilever Lake House

Integrated in a scenic forest landscape by the lake in Dunmore, Vermont, this modern refuge by Brian Mac – Vermont Architects inspires comfort and peacefulness. Entitled Cantilever Lake House, the project consists of two separate twin homes, each having two levels. A dramatic contrast is achieved between the black and gray exterior of the buildings […]

Enchanting Luxury Home Exhaling Elegance and Comfort: The Blanco House

The gorgeous Blanco House is a residential project, defined by James D. LaRue Architects, in 2012, in Austin, Texas. The architects envisioned a flawless living environment, a home characterised by elegance and comfort. Its striking-beautiful terrace is the perfect place to enjoy a fine evening with a good wine, in the company of a dear friend. The […]

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