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Pinterest’s New Creative Offices in San Francisco Boasting Over-Sized Volumes

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  • Pinterest Office Space
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Pinterest, one of the fastest growing social media companies, has recently opened its new creative offices headquarters, boasting over-sized white volumes in a 45, 000 square-foot warehouse in Palo Alto (San Francisco). The place (split in four houses) has been transformed and adapted to the needs of the employees. Spacious, creative and neat in its […]

10 Simple Ways To Awaken Your Interiors With Luxe Details

  • luxe design imports home office
  • luxe design dining area
  • luxe design custom artwork
  • luxe design kitchen appliances

If you love the sumptuous feel of satin and smooth textiles between your fingertips or the opulent style of crystal chandeliers sparkling in your home, you probably love all things luxurious and sumptuous! Commonly referred to, as “Luxe” details are the very essence of why we enjoy the finest of materials, fabrics, furniture and interior […]

Exquisite Wooden Bathtub Designs Imprinting a Unique Room Character

  • Baula bathtub. American walnut Interior Project by Buildinvest
  • Baula bathtub. American walnut
  • Gaia bathtub. American walnut
  • Gaia bathtub. Oak

Wooden bathtubs are an excellent choice for a dream interior. Every bathtub in this collection by Unique Wood Design has its own unique character and makes for a perfect match for both modern minimalism and classic decors.  We were surprised to find out that Poland-based Unique Wood Design is a family company initiated in year […]

Fascinating Idea for Small Interiors: Retractable Bed by Funn Roberts

We stumbled across this elegant retractable bed especially envisioned by designer Funn Roberts for actor Vincent Kartheiser. When dealing with small spaces, having a large amount of furniture disappear  from your living space is bliss. We were pleasantly surprised to see an idea that is able to replace the existence of an extensible sofa, resulting in […]

Why You Should (or shouldn’t) Buy a Fixer Upper

  • home reno
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  • home reno3

Before anyone considers purchasing a fixer-upper, they should ask themselves a few simple questions. The first may seem a silly one to ask, but it’s really a question worth pondering. Do you prefer newer or older homes. This answer may seem straightforward – either yes or no – but it really isn’t. Once you’ve answered your […]

A Testing Ground for New Ideas: Bright and Spacious Loft in Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius is the city of many beautiful buildings, a beautiful spot, perched on the Baltic Sea, in this inspiring space of culture and colour we discovered this loft apartment designed by INBLUM, a testing ground for new ideas. Bright and roomy, this living space located in a former radio technics factory is an excellent example of rehabilitation […]

Classic Furniture Meets Bright Neon Colours: Eclectic Squid Cabinet

Eclectic Squid Cabinet,  a matter of contrasts, is a daring piece of furniture that complements modern and playful interiors. It’s not something your grandmother would choose to decorate the interior of her living room. With classic legs but a modern central body, Moloform’s eclectic creation, boasts asymmetric drawers. To blend into any environment, Squid comes also in […]

Michael Jordan’s Mansion Up For Sale for $29 Million [Video]

Ranking high in both fame and luxury, Michael Jordan’s Mansion in Chicago is currently up for auction, estimated to be worth around $29 million. The impressive 56,000 square foot residence has been home to famous basketball player for the last 19 years. A general listing of the property features would include nine bedrooms, fifteen bathrooms, a […]

Exquisite Views and Fine Modern Details: Dudley Residence in Australia

Located above Dudley beach, near the city of Newcastle on the east coast of NSW Australia, Dudley Residence by Bourne Blue Architecture took advantage of some dramatic opportunities. The land slopes steeply to the North, there are views over the state forest to Dudley beach, Newcastle in the distance and the Pacific ocean. Having recently […]

Casting Doubt on Its Size and Volume: Blur Sofa by Marc Thorpe

Marc Thorpe‘s Blurred Collection for Moroso at the Soho showroom in NYC this October revealed an interesting furniture piece. Blur Sofa is covered in a knitted material displaying a gradient pattern. The designer described it as “a sofa with a deliberately indefinite, disappearing shape that casts doubt on the rational concept of scale as it […]

Dreaming of Far Away Places: Fascinating Earth Globe Suspension Lamp

Unconventionally built, the Ululi Ulula suspension lamp by Matteo Ugolini, takes you back to nature and closer to humanity. This beautiful and inspiring lamp creates the effect of our floating planet in the universe due to its structure in white painted fiberglass with lace inserts. By simply looking at it, you are transported to another […]

Single Continuous Shape Defining Original Desk Design by Nuvist

After publishing the Evfyra Table by Nuvist, we were intrigued to receive another desk design exhibiting the studio’s smooth curvilinear lines. “We focus on improving, developing and redefining the notion of fluid powerful formal language“, explained the designers. Nebbessa Table has also been inspired by wave formations. Fluidity can be either represented through strong lines […]

The Creative Reading Net: It Can Be Fun and Entertaining by Playoffice

A traditional family library has been transformed into an appealing place for kids by the creative Madrid-based studio, Playoffice, designing exclusively kids spaces that encourage learning through playing with a creative reading net. We’ve discovered this project on Mymodernmet and decided to share it with you due to the creative approach to learning and reading. “Reading Net” […]

Contemporary Descendant of Retro Sphere Lighting: Atomic Suspension Lamp

Due to its polyvalence and sense of creativity allied to an expressive style, the Atomic suspension lamp by Delightfull is an instant eye-catcher. A contemporary descendant of retro sphere lighting, this project is a spot-on interpretation of the atomic age design. It consists of a set of glossy black and gold plated round shades, aligned […]

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