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What Today’s First Time Homebuyer is Looking for in the Purchase of Their Home

  • FH first time home buyer1
  • FH First time home buyer
  • FH first time home buyer1
  • FH first time home buyer2

Last week, after speaking with Simon Fitzpatrick of Simon Fitzpatrick Exceptional Properties to learn about what the older generation is looking for when they downsize to a smaller home, I thought it might be interesting, conversely, to find out about what the first time home buyer might be looking for today. I bought my first […]

High-Tech and High-End Apartment in Warsaw by Republika Architektury

  • apartment Warshaw project
  • apartment Warshaw
  • Warshaw project (1)
  • Warshaw project (2)

Situated on the top floor of a modern building near the center of Warsaw, Poland, this contemporary loft was especially designed for rent by the team at Republika Architektury. High-tech and high-end, the apartment has a contemporary look throughout. Moreover, the 180 square meter home features great views over the Vistula River and the National […]

Elevating Classic Appearance to a Superior Level: EMMA Armchair

  • EMMA 2013, GŠrsnŠsFredrik FŠrg, Emma Marga Blanche
  • EMMA 2013, GŠrsnŠsFredrik FŠrg, Emma Marga Blanche
  • EMMA 2013, GŠrsnŠsFredrik FŠrg, Emma Marga Blanche
  • EMMA 2013, GärsnäsFredrik Färg, Emma Marga Blanche

We were recently sent photos of Emma, an elegant armchair design envisioned by Färg & Blanche for Gärsnäs. According to the designers, the project is a hand-sewn, well-tailored armchair that speaks the language of craftsmanship picking up the gauntlet. The needlework here involves both form and function, elevating the classic look to a superior level. […]

Inviting Retreat in Switzerland Opening Up to Fantastic Views: House Weinfelden

  • EFH Tinner Weinfelden
  • EFH Tinner Weinfelden
  • EFH Tinner Weinfelden
  • EFH Tinner Weinfelden

Located on a challenging sloped terrain with extensive views over the town of Weinfelden in Switzerland, this mountain family home “coated” in wood looks very inviting. The project (initially discovered by Freshome on ArchDaily) was developed by K_m Architektur as a welcoming retreat, partially closed towards the street. The opposite facade reveals a lovely mix […]

Fragments of Nature and Nostalgia Reflected by Charming Family Home

  • achitecture exterior modern cottage
  • architecture modern cottage
  • exterior modern cottage (3)

The design team at 3+1 architekti developed a charming residence for a family who feels a strong connection with this beautiful land in Vaňov, the Czech Republic. Built on a surface of 134 square meters, on a steep basalt slope above the village, the house inspires peacefulness despite its animated colorful exterior. The place is […]

Protective Modern Box for Breeding Pets: CUNIPIC Headquarters in Spain

If you were to imagine the design for a company dealing with the commercialization and breeding of pets, how would it look like? The creative minds at CODIstudio have come up with the concept of a generously-sized box, that opens up to the surrounding landscape during the day and closes during night time, protecting the […]

Well Defined Modern Personality: House in South-Western Australia

The idea that generated the design of this House in South-Western Australia was to achieve a reflection of the surrounding landscapes through materials and living spaces evoking openness: “the project displays the paired ideas of meandering and built formality, reflecting the relationship between the natural contours of bushland (emblematic of the site’s iconic Margaret River […]

A Sense of Volume And Love For Wood: Modern House in Portland

Wood is one of the fine materials that never go out of trend. It’s an inspiration for all architecture enthusiasts out there because it’s both modern and classy. It’s like the little black dress from a woman’s wardrobe. It’s bold and influential and it establishes a connection between man and the environment. It is warm […]

Old vs New: The Spectacular House Guarded by a Jacaranda Tree in Brisbane, Australia

Recently renewed by Loucas Zahos Architects, the Taringa House, located in a tranquil suburb of Brisbane, Australia boasts a wonderful interior characterised by transparence and brightness. Originally, Taringa House functioned as a worker’s cottage. After the “intervention”, only a few of the original elements were kept. One of the elements was the street façade (the client’s […]

Freshome Has Reached 200,000 Followers on Pinterest!

We would love to inspire each and everyone of our readers with at least one striking design-related photo. But simple Math will reveal that 5400 pins (pictures currently in out Pinterest account) are not enough for our… 200 000+ Followers! It is truly rewarding to see you guys being active on our account and helping […]

Sophisticated Rustic Feel: Impressive Wood And Stone House by Eduarda Correa

Meet this impressive house designed by Eduarda Correa. Away from the city rush and away from the chaos, in a place where relaxation reigns, in Morro do Chapéu, Bahia, Brazil, there’s a spacious luxury house, characterised by sophistication. The excessive use of wood and stone define its personality. The residence looks like a palace and it features wonderful […]

Visually Challenging No Matter What The Standpoint: ITA House, Mexico

Taller5 Arquitectos completed the design and development for ITA House, a modern residential project located in La Piedad, Michoacan, Mexico. Visually challenging no matter what the standpoint, the project was imagined as a junction of volumes, closed on one side and “unlocked” on the other. Centered around a modernly-landscaped garden, the residence provides a large […]

Playful And Quirky Details Influencing Lighting: Casa Natalia by Agraz Arquitectos

“Play with the light” – this could be a wonderful slogan for Casa Natalia, the residential project developed by Agraz Arquitectos in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Imagine how the world of design would look like if each house had a slogan, in the first place. By exploring (just) a little bit the field of branding, we see how slogans (and […]

Inspired by the Revolving Disco Ball: Scotch Club Pendant Lamp

Nostalgic about genuine discotheque atmosphere? While this lighting object may not provide the exact feel of the popular revolving disco ball, its inspiration is driven from nights of wild disco fun. Scotch Club ceramic collection was created as a result of the collaboration between Xavier Mañosa and Mashallah and is a very classy lighting object, […]

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