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Modern Family Home Tastefully Decorated With Natural Light

  • Casa en Cassà by Ricard Galiana and Yago Oliva (1)
  • Casa en Cassà by Ricard Galiana and Yago Oliva (2)
  • Casa en Cassà by Ricard Galiana and Yago Oliva (3)
  • Casa en Cassà by Ricard Galiana and Yago Oliva (4)

Rising in a new neighborhood in Cassà de la Selva, Girona, Spain, this modern family home is known as “Casa en Cassà”. From outside, its bold architectural language hints towards the carefully manicured interiors. Architects Ricard Galiana and Yago Oliva imagined an impressive space, where light creates geometric games at different times of day and sunshine accompanied meals, time […]

Residence in Norway Embedding Innovative Sustainable Features: ZEB Pilot House

  • deign modern residence
  • exterior modern residence
  • modern residence (2)
  • modern residence (3)

Completed by Snøhetta, in collaboration with ZEB (The Research Center on Zero Emission Buildings) and Optimera, ZEB Pilot House is a innovative architecture project embedding a variety of sustainable solutions. The building in Larvik, Norway has everything a single family house needs, yet it is intended as a show-home for various groundbreaking energy-efficient systems. But […]

How To Identify Toxins In Your Home

  • Cleaning your home with natural products will also help reduce toxic risk. Image Via: Homes by Avi
  • A keen eye and a little research can do wonders for remedying toxins. Image Via: Amanda Alligood
  • Don't hesitate to test for radon before buying a new property. Image Via: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design
  • Seal sources of moisture to protect against mold. Image Via: Slifer Designs

The idea of identifying toxins in your home can be scary. Especially with all the media hype that seems to occur around so-called “toxic materials” that may cause cancer our other illnesses. It only makes sense that you would want to keep your family safe and healthy. Luckily, there are a few things you can do […]

Impressive Loft Design in Sofia Adapted to a Bohemian Character

  • interior living zone
  • living zone (1)
  • living zone (3)
  • living zone (4)

This impressive loft designed by Sofia Petrova of Sof Arch Art is located on the 12th floor in the building “Red Apple” in Sofia and has a total surface 96 square meters. This is a building distinguished by its design typical of Soho in New York (old factories turned into studios and homes of artists […]

Elegant Villa Tastefully Integrating a Fusion of Styles: “Modern Palace” in Warsaw

  • design Pallazo residence
  • interior Pallazo residence
  • Pallazo residence (2)
  • Pallazo residence (3)

Located in the vibrant capital of Warsaw, this contemporary home entitled “Modern Palace” by Mood Works inspires elegance throughout. According to the designers, the idea was to integrate traditional furniture within a modern setting, that would complement the classic architecture of the house: “Natural elements, finest materials and interior colors, organic shapes and textures represent […]

Delightful Family Home in New Zealand Celebrating Healthy Living: M House

Did you ever think of the alphabet as inspiration for creative home designs? Make Architecture Studio completed the development of the charming M House, a single family residence in Auckland, New Zealand: “Small, but with delight, this project looks at how a modest alteration and addition can make a positive contribution to the way a […]

First Carbon-Positive Prefab House Produces More Energy Than It Consumes

Characterized by Australian modular building expert ArchiBlox as the world’s first carbon-positive prefab living unit, the Archi+Carbon Positive House is designed to be self-sustainable. According to the project developers, the new project “provides the option for a more environmentally-conscious design, through both reducing embodied energy that accompanies new-home construction and maintaining positive-energy production.” The photos below depict […]

Eclectic Redesign Project Mixing Vintage and Modern Details in New Rochelle, New York

In a quaint colonial building on a wooded street in New Rochelle, New York, just an hour outside of NYC is the location of interior designer Danielle Colding’s new eclectic project. The client wanted the house completely redone to feature her eclectic art collection, which also served as inspiration for much of the redesign. With […]

Amber Gardens Luxury Green Homes Reveal Bioclimatic Design

What is the first thing you feel when entering a luxury green home? When it comes to merging function, versatility, aesthetics and acoustics, a luxury green home has the upper hand over traditional residential buildings. “True luxury is green” – promises Amber Gardens. Since the world has come a long way when it comes to green architecture, residential communities in […]

Twin Mirror Houses Reflecting the South Tyrolean Dolomites in Italy

The Mirror Houses developed by Peter Pichler Architecture in South Tyrol, Italy are two interesting holiday villas embedded in an exceptional landscape, outside the city of Bolzano. According to the architects, the volumes open towards east “‘with a big glass facade that fades with curvilinear lines into the black aluminum shell. Mirrored glass on the […]

NY Residence Evoking Comfortable Suburban Living: The “Home in the City” Project

Combining the best of a comfortable suburban home with the sophistication and location of a city apartment, this 6700 square-foot, full floor residence is the perfect urban refuge. Filled with color, the unconventional “Home in the City” project located in 535 West End Avenue, New York is an open invite to both socializing and entertainment. […]

What Elegance in Design Means in 2015

Once upon a time, an elegant home was filled with flamboyance, layers of fabrics, and passementerie. Those homes with stratums of accessories all matched to perfection seem outdated in our modern world. For one, we don’t really have the time to fuss with all those matched sets, making everything look magazine-perfect. And secondly, even if […]

Corner Terrace House Clad in Timber Screens: Lines of Light Residence in Singapore

On a challenging corner terrain in Singapore, HYLA Architects envisioned and implemented Lines of Light Residence, an imposing dwelling with a modern glass facade: “This terrace sits at a corner site and thus the full side of the house fronts the side street. To preserve the privacy but still allowing light and ventilation, a slatted […]

Modern Home Built Between Canopies in Austin, Texas: Canyon Edge Residence

Developed by Tom Hurt Architecture, Canyon Edge Residence dominates a narrow and steep wooded site off Cuernavaca, in Austin, Texas, USA: “A quiet ledge about 10 vertical feet below the road offered a natural place for the house and permits soothing views through the canopies of the trees below to the bottom of a dry-creek […]

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