A simple house design is more relevant to our fast-paced world than one too complex too enjoy. This can be proven by many residences, one of which is this modern cottage that can be seen in Sagaponack, a village in the town of Southampton in Suffolk County, New York, USA. Dressed in a wooden skin, this impressively simple modern cottage was named after its location: Sagaponack Cottage. Imagined by New York-based Axis Mundi Design, the modern cottage looks inviting to guests with lounging and get-together spaces on the deck before revealing its bright interiors to the curious eye.

The interior design of this modern cottage contrasts the warm wooden siding on the facade. Black, white and grey were combined to shape an elegant and highly modern design. Splashes of color hint to the existence of private quarters calmly decorated with shades of blue. Wood is present in the bedroom and bathroom to warm up the atmosphere and make a transition to the outdoors.

The inspiring modern cottage photographed by Mark Roskams speaks the language of simplicity and sparks your imagination when it comes to dream homes. You might want to compare this modern cottage with a colourful and light-filled apartment in Manhattan which Axis Mundi Design also designed. What do you prefer, an apartment lifestyle or a home-on-the-ground-kind of life?