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Probably the most spectacular interior of the house, the living room is particularly highlighted on Freshome. From open plan-ostentatious to small&practical, the variety in this category can be overwhelming for those trying to decide on a single living room design. Each interior in this section is guaranteed to make an impression and help with your decorating plans. We take pride in our selections of the best living rooms out there, characterized by a high level of originality, elegance and function.

The Rolf Benz VERO Comfort Sofa

The only things I need to buy in my apartment are the draperies and a new sofa…. You can’t imagine how time consuming that is (unless you had to do it, too) with all those models up there, if you’re a picky customer like me. But things may change today, because I’ve just seen the Rolf Benz VERO sofas

Folding Screen Chairs – Biombo

Daniel Milchtein Peltsverger is a genius. Anyone who lives in a small space will surely appreciate his Biombo folding screen chairs. He has basically invented a novel kind of combination furniture no one has done before. The Biombo can be used as a screen, either decoratively or as a room divider most of the time. But when company calls, they…

Feel Like a Bird in the Sky with the Hello Down There Rug

Hello Down There is a rug that can get a lot of attention, more attention than any rug I’ve saw until now. The Hello Down There uses a photo-satellite of a city to add an urban element inside your home, and it will also give you a feeling that you are somewhere up in the sky, just like a little…

Minimalistic Glass Tables by Adi Fainer

Designed by Israeli designer Adi Fainer these tables come up with a sleek and elegant design that can add some beauty in any living room. The collections have the following names like the Walk like an Egyptian, Fettuccine Loop, Interlock, and HookUp. With a very fashionable and extremely minimalistic look, these tables are truly irresistible.  – Via

Giant Ceiling Light : Ociu Light

If you always wanted something really cool and unique then the Ociu Light from Zava… that has a diameter of 6 feet ( 185 cm ) certainly makes a statement. The suspension is fully realized in opal methacrylate, 8 mm thickness, diameter of 185 cm and a width of 90 cm. OCIU is available in various colors: black and white

Sofa Wall Climber – Canape

There is no way you can miss this sofa design by Lila Lang. One half is a plain looking sofa with a decidedly curvy old fashioned style. The other half appears to be climbing the wall! You have to admit there is something whimsical about this design. On one hand it fulfills a function – somewhere to sit on. On…

Organic Floral Pattern Rug : Ethereal

This very interesting and beautiful rug is from Top Floor…, a multi-award winning design studio based in London, and it was designed by designed by Esti Barnes. An organic floral pattern reaches into the whitespace on this rug, yet this pattern is more than grooves and layers.  Designer Esti Barnes has cut these layers right through the rug itself,

Dolce Vita Chair and Footrest Set

A long day at the office deserves at least a couple of minutes of rest in a comfortable place. Stefano Bigi designed the Dolce Vita swivel chair and footrest combo for La Cividina Inc… and obviously did a very good job. First thing that gets the attention is the shape and the powerful orange color. Crafted in ABS plastic and

Modular Carpet Tiles – Alexander Girard’s La Fonda del Sol Collection

Modular carpet tiles are the way to go for a beautiful yet customizable focal area for your living space. New from… are these drop dead gorgeous designs by Alexander Girard, the renowned textile designer. His La Fonda del Sol celebrates folk art designs like you’ve never seen before – whimsical sun shapes in must-have colours to warm up any

The Largest Public Living-room : City Lounge

On Freshome I focus mostly on things for homes, but today I’ve found an interesting project that I can say is the largest public living-room, and a great place to visit if you are in Switzerland. City Lounge is an outdoor space in the center of St. Gallen, Switzerland, that has been designed by Carlos Martinez in collaboration with Pipilotti…

Contemporary Living Room Interior Ideas

After I’ve just posted 6 pictures with Modern Living Room Interiors Ideas… I’ve decided to post a few more contemporary living room ideas, because people usually come to Freshome to get fresh inspiration for their homes. Now I think that when you are searching for a new look for your home the more pictures you see the more clearly you

Modern Living Room Interiors Ideas

Your living room is one of the most important rooms in the entire house, and most of the people spend a lot of time in their living room. A living room is not just a relaxing space that welcomes guests and visitors, it also serves as the focal point and acts as a showcase for the entire house. In simple…

Contemporary Black Rug by Liset Van der Scheer

I was totally fascinated by this contemporary black rug designed by Liset Van der Scheer, because combined with a few pieces of black furniture, and a few white chairs you can get an amazing design. The base is made of wool and polyester knots to guarantee a quality surface. The polyester fibre threads are notably very strong. The carpet model…

10 Things you Should Know Before Decorating your Living Room

Decorating your living room is a good idea. It will save you money and give you significant knowledge about interior designing. Also, you can do it as a pass time or a hobby. But, then things could also go wrong and you could make a fool out of yourself. Therefore, it is always better and recommendable to get your hands

JukeBox Entertainment Center

Combining contemporary design with a juke box shape makes this entertainment center a fun storage piece. This juke box entertainment center is not only worthy for its design but also for its amount of storage capacity. If you have a lot of CDs, DVDs this juke box shaped design can help you display them in a beautiful way around your…

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