Living Room Design Ideas, Pictures and Decor

Probably the most spectacular interior of the house, the living room is particularly highlighted on Freshome. From open plan-ostentatious to small&practical, the variety in this category can be overwhelming for those trying to decide on a single living room design. Each interior in this section is guaranteed to make an impression and help with your decorating plans. We take pride in our selections of the best living rooms out there, characterized by a high level of originality, elegance and function.

20 Ideas on How to Integrate a TV in the Living Room

From Diotti A&F…, these fabulous living rooms seem to have it all: style, glamor, a well defined personality and last but not least, functionality. Because we did not cover entertainment in a while, we decided to make this post in order to give you inspiring ideas on how to integrate your TV or home theater system in the living

“Redesigning” the Bear Skin Rug by Lise Lefebvre

As their Arctic habitat continues to collapse, polar bear hunting isn’t exactly a sport that’s on the up and up. Animal themed decor, however, continues to be a hot trend in the interior design community. So, how do you get your hands on a bear skin rug without contributing to the extinction of bear populations? French designer Lise Lefebvre has…

Interesting Looking Bookcase for A Creative Living Room

Books bring a very special feeling to a place and if you think about it, they also offer nobility. We are major book fans here and up to now, we tried to find interesting storage places for them. Recently we’ve ran across yet another great design for a bookcase. We know you might not remember this, but this is quite…

Decoration Idea to “Hide” the Wires in Your Home

To be honest I hate to see cables all around the house, but with so much electronics in our lives, the cables are an inescapable fact. When wireless electricity will be available all these cable problems will be solved, but who knows when something like this will be available ? Fortunately, there are ingenious people who are dedicated to solving…

Sofas and Living Rooms Ideas With A Vintage Touch From Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn… is a design company founded in 1949 in Manhattan and planned on their work reflecting the idea that” home furnishings should be exceptional in comfort, style and quality.” We don not know much about their comfort and quality, but one thing we can say for sure: their furniture looks absolutely amazing! Perhaps it is the vintage touch or

Could this be the Future of Interior Design ?

Designed by Amirko aka Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov this concept (if it becomes real) will give you the possibility to completely change the look of a room without having to reach for the paint buckets. Called simply “Change it!” this is basically a big wall of small triangle panels, which can be rotated to get the color of your choice. Each triangle…

Ceramic Dog Shaped Speakers : Hi-Fido by Matteo Cibic

Designed by Matteo Cibic… the Hi-Fido is an audio speaker that use the acoustic properties of ceramic to diffuse hi quality sound with a bass reflex system. Besides boasting of excellent sound quality, it’s definitely going to catch the attention of dog lovers. These speakers will be available this April in extremely limited quantities (50 total and just 10 in

Football Field Rug

Designed by Karin Mannerstål for Kateha, this grass green carpet is a perfect present for any football fan. The simple design features clearly marked end zones and a starting line portraying a very subtle but unmistakable soccer field. Designer Karin Mannerstål has created an approximation of a footie field with 100 percent, hand-tufted wool. So if you are looking for…

Bookcase Inspired by the Pac Man Game

Remember that old video game character called Pac Man ? I’m sure that a lot of you played this game a few years ago. Now inspired by the Pac Man game here is the Puckman bookcase that is made of shining varnished wood and is possible to hang it by a practical wooden hang. With a height, width and depth…

Adagio, a Heater in The Shape of a Harp

Whoever listens to the sound of the harp will forever remember its smooth and peaceful sounds. Owning one and knowing how to play it is a dream for many people. However, if that is not the case, you could always go for something less exciting in the field of music, but quite cool in the field of design. From Carisa…

Log Sofa by Patricia Urquiola

Designed by Patricia Urquiola for the French manufacturer Artelano… the Log Sofa features a cushion seat with loose pillows along the backrest and arms, all of which sit on a wooden frame. The backrest has a distinctive beam which wraps around the whole sofa, matching the style of the log series. The cushions all feature sewn details and materials which

Minimalist and Modern Door Design : Aura

Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Rimadesio…, Aura is an elegant door that is just perfect for a minimalist or modern interior. Made up of a structure with an aluminum frame, faced with lacquered glass on both sides, it is further marked by a lavishly sized handle especially produced from pressure die-cast metal alloy and provided with a front trim

Deco Sofa by Autoban & De La Espada

The Deco Sofa is a piece of furniture that was made by De La Espada’s in collaboration with Autoban…, an Istanbul-based architecture, interior design and product design studio, launched at New York’s ICFF. De La Espada’s strength in solid wood construction, it goes without saying that even the Deco Sofa capitalizes on this expertise. Artistically detailed planes of solid

Glass Speakers : Harman Kardon GLA-55 Speakers

If you are looking for a pair of multimedia speakers to complement a modern & minimalist decor then the Harman Kardon GLA-55 2.0-Powered Loudspeaker System is aiming for both style and quality. The Harman Kardon GLA-55 provides the highest audio quality, with smooth bass and clear sound in any direction, ideal for desktop computers, MP3 players, and even some home…

Multifunctional Wall Mount Tv Stand from Fimar

The Creative Side System TV looks like a typical modern flat panel display wall mounted unit, but it hides a keen extra feature which further optimizes space. The inside reveals a decent storage cabinet for discs, cables and plugs which could give a cluttered look to your stylish interiors. The sleek and neat design only enhances the functionally aesthetic appeal…

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