Becoming keen on the photos we post in our kitchen-related category is not even dependent on your ability to cook. We guarantee that once you start browsing the articles  below, your kitchen will become more and more important in your design priorities. Surprising wallpapers, cleverly wall-integrated appliances, versatile furniture, kitchen islands, original use of colors and materials, a variety of styles, decorating items with a twist- all these combined in the best looking kitchen interiors you’ve ever seen!

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Food Management in The Future [Video]

The presentation movie below starts with the following hypotheses: ” Imagine you fridge knows your food and the expiration dates” and “Imagine you want to cook your favorite dish and your fridge knows what ingredients are missing and where you can get them the cheapest“. Got your attention? This futuristic refrigerator is a project developed […]

PlateTopper Invention is 100x Faster than Plastic Wrap ( Video )

Today we’d love to present you a really simple and smart idea that allows you to keep a meal or snack fresh for your family . The PlateTopper is essentially a large suction cup with a central plastic container to store food that was invented by Michael Tseng. With a simple downward press, the suction […]

30 Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas That Will Make Dining a Delight

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For all of you out there who are love having a stylish cooking environment, as for all of you who love to dine surrounded by a warm atmosphere, here are 30 Scandinavian kitchen ideas that will get you loads of inspiration. When you decorate a room with white walls, then feel free to add as […]

Contemporary Pink Kitchen With An Appealing Design

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If you thought decorating your home in pink was too flashy and inappropriate, here is an example that will make you reassess your options. We recently discovered this lovely pink kitchen which made quite an impression on us due to its attractive and tasteful design. The large interior is opened towards an outdoor terrace through […]

Statues, Candles and Feng Shui Artifacts: Buddhist Kitchen by Studio 1:1 Inc

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We recently received a modern kitchen design from Kira Varvanina on behalf of Studio 1:1 Inc. Here is the description we were sent by the project developers: “A modern kitchen is not only a center of a house, but also a cultural reflection of personal tastes, habits and heritage. The Lin’s kitchen project set an […]

Best IKEA Kitchen Designs for 2012

Not too long ago, we posted a preview of the 2012 IKEA Catalog. Now it’s time for the real thing. For today we gathered up a few lovely kitchen ideas that we believe will give you a clue regarding the trends for next year. The IKEA style can be noticed all through these photos. Small […]

Chic Seaside-Inspired Furniture Range: The Steamer Bay Collection

Selecting furniture is not an easy job. Inspiration can come from where you least expect it or it can be right under your eyes. The furniture items from John Lewis of Hungerford gather in collections of “British painted kitchens & furniture since 1972“. The Steamer Bay Collection unites different warm-coloured furniture items, like tables, benches, […]

Compact Bread & Knife Set with an Original Opening System

We recently ran across this simple, yet very practical product. Okay studio members in collaboration with Raw Edges from Tel Aviv, Israel, came up with an interesting “Breadbox”. The project safely deposits your bread in a rectangular wood&plastic device and also comes with a place for storing your favorite bread-cutting knife. Moreover, the knife also […]

Curved and Balanced Modern Kitchen Design: IT-IS kitchen

When it comes to kitchen furniture, the most interesting thing is the way all the elements come together to shape a place for cooking with love.  Italian designer Simone Micheli created a modern version of a fabulous, high-end kitchen furniture that “follows the “Living and Cooking” Euromobil philosophy.” Designed for The Euromobil Group, the kitchen […]

Refined Wave Kitchen with Concealed Hinges and No Handles

For today we would like to showcase an interesting kitchen design developed by Designer Makers Furniture. Here is the press release we received: “The Wave kitchen was designed for a couple with an open brief, they just wanted something different with features to suit them and the WOW factor.  The clients were presented with a […]

Book Storage System Helping You Cook with Enthusiasm: Kitchen Bull

Tired of waiting while your meal gets cooked?  Here is an ingenious way to turn that time into useful or fun reading.  Kitchen Bull comes from Toro Legno and acts like a miniature bookcase. Sure, the product is actually intended for cook books, but we know most of you out there would probably use it […]

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Kitchen Appliances

Your kitchen appliances in your home make up the one of the largest investments for your pocket, as well as your time, which equates to functionality for your lifestyle in the kitchen. Buying kitchen appliances can be a daunting task when you look at all of the options, from energy saving, to high end designer […]

Versatile Countertop with Inner Glow: ThinkGlass

ThinkGlass was recently unveiled at the National Kitchen Bath Show in Las Vegas and is a stunning 4-inch glass countertop that “looks like the luminescent ocean” and actually glows from within. Here is more information from the producers over at Jennings and Company: The powerful LED lights embedded inside give the glass countertop a radiance. […]

How to Enhance your Kitchen or Bath with Copper Accents

Over the years, metal accents in the home were a status symbol and a way to show off a family’s fortune and prestige. In modern day homes, the presence of metals are still a well sought after amenity, and the finishes range from cool stainless steel to golden copper accents. Copper has found itself at […]

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