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Becoming keen on the photos we post in our kitchen-related category is not even dependent on your ability to cook. We guarantee that once you start browsing the articles  below, your kitchen will become more and more important in your design priorities. Surprising wallpapers, cleverly wall-integrated appliances, versatile furniture, kitchen islands, original use of colors and materials, a variety of styles, decorating items with a twist- all these combined in the best looking kitchen interiors you’ve ever seen!

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What is the Future of Kitchen Technology ?

  • Stefano Marzano Chief Design Officer at Electrolux
  • The-Cube-9
  • The Electrolux Cube in Milan
  • Bifoliate Wall-mounted double Dishwasher by Toma Brundzaite Electrolux Design Lab 2009

The role of the kitchen in our homes has changed dramatically over the years. What used to be a space simply used for food preparation has now become the hub of the home. Today, cooking is accompanied by a greater variety of activities such as entertaining, socialising, dining, working, laundry etc. As our use of […]

Innovative & Ergonomic Logica Kitchen System from Valcucine

  • Logica Kitchen by Valcucine
  • Logica Kitchen by Valcucine
  • Logica Kitchen by Valcucine
  • Logica Kitchen by Valcucine

Kitchens are one of the hardest places in the house to keep tidy. They are constantly in use and no sooner have you cleaned up, washed the dishes and put everything away, another meal comes round and the cycle starts all over again. Then there are all the appliances and gadgets that you use regularly […]

Industrial Chic Twenty Cemento Kitchen from Modulnova

  • Twenty Cemento kitchen from Modulnova
  • Twenty Cemento kitchen by Modulnova
  • Twenty Cemento kitchen from Modulnova
  • Twenty Cemento kitchen from Modulnova

In recent years, we have seen a rise in the popularity of home interiors deemed to be following the trend for ‘Industrial Chic’. Those who have opted in to this trend have given their homes a distinctly industrial feel through the use of more industrial materials such as cement and metal which may not necessarily […]

Modern Attitude Kitchen by Arthur Bonnet

  • Attitude Kitchen by Arthur Bonnet
  • Attitude Kitchen by Arthur Bonnet
  • Attitude Kitchen by Arthur Bonnet
  • Attitude Kitchen by Arthur Bonnet

Designed by Marc Moreau for French kitchen manufacturer Arthur Bonnet, the Attitude kitchen is  contemporary design that uses wood in a modern way, whilst paying tribute to traditional French cabinet making techniques. Made from bright ash, with its light and vibrant grain, the material choice is less predictable than more traditional oak. Ash has a […]

How to Install a Mosaic Backsplash in Two Hours or Less [Video]

  • 101210_DIYTile_S1_Before_00
  • 101210_DIYTile_S14_After_01
  • backsplash_diy_bamboo
  • diy_kit_bamboo2

We received a press release about a practical do-it-yourself kit that helps you install a mosaic backslash in your home the easy way. Here is the information we were sent: “The DIY Network Backsplash Kit is an innovative ready to use tile kit for home improvement. The kit, focused on the remodeling of the kitchen […]

Modular Stainless Steel Kitchen from Vipp

Vipp is renowned for its iconic dustbins, which it has been producing since 1939. However, the Danish company has now become synonymous with quality products for the kitchen and bathroom. In a recent move to expand its product portfolio, Vipp launched one of its most sensational product-developments in the form of a radical reinterpretation of […]

Kalea Kitchen by Italian Manufacturer Cesar

Italian design is synonymous with style and this kitchen by Italian manufacturer Cesar is certainly not short on style. Kalea, as it is called, breaks away from more traditional kitchen layouts and creatively redefines sizes and dimensions. It features doors of different heights and widths, alongside versatile, dynamic open storage units, all of which help […]

Stunning Statement Cooker Hoods by Elica

Making a statement in the kitchen can be done in numerous ways but cooker hood manufacturer Elica has found a unique way to bring a breath of fresh air into the heart of our homes. Combining efficiency, innovation and design, the Italian company has produced an extensive range of unique and eye-catching cooker hoods that […]

B2 Kitchen Workshop by bulthaup

With the b2 kitchen workshop, German kitchen manufacturer bulthaup has radically rethought the traditional concept of a kitchen. Starting from the philosophical origins of every living space – fire and water points – bulthaup has created an open and mobile kitchen that can be added to and composed to suit each individual’s personal requirements. The […]

Practical Kitchen Idea by Designer Anne Bondarenko

Anne Bondarenko of Studio NOO Design Inc. sent us a kitchen project she designed for a client in Reno, Nevada, USA. Here are some personal comments she sent, together with the photos of the project: “My client wanted to have more light coming in and have a look at the huge terrace overlooking the swimming […]

30 Kitchen Islands Designs Adding a Modern Touch to Your Home

Kitchen islands designs have become one of the most requested features for home buyers when searching for a new home. Having a kitchen island in your home comes with many advantages, provided you have an open plan living plus dining room. When dealing with small spaces, a compact kitchen is a better option. For today, […]

Fun Way to Encourage Socializing: Sea Urchin Porcelain Cup

If you enjoy having items that remind you of cute sea animals in your home, then this porcelain cup will not leave you indifferent. Found on Etsy, this unusual product is inspired by the sea urchin, a small, spiny, globular animal which inhabits the ocean. The cup was made using high fire (2200F) porcelain clay. […]

Practical Kitchen Idea: Backsplash Shelf and Integrated Knife Block from Viola Park

We recently received an original kitchen project from company Viola Park, characterized by a fresh design approach. The new backsplash shelf and integrated knife block make for a practical and modern kitchen solution. According to the product developers, the shelving system is designed to maximize the function and utility of a commonly neglected portion of […]

Creative and Practical: Corner Shelf by Martina Carpelan

Designer Martina Carpelan (the official website is currently down right now, but check back soon) came up with an idea that is both creative and functional. This simple and elegant storage unit we found on bookofjoe can be positioned anywhere in the house, where two walls intersect. Made entirely out of wood, it goes well […]

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