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Becoming keen on the photos we post in our kitchen-related category is not even dependent on your ability to cook. We guarantee that once you start browsing the articles  below, your kitchen will become more and more important in your design priorities. Surprising wallpapers, cleverly wall-integrated appliances, versatile furniture, kitchen islands, original use of colors and materials, a variety of styles, decorating items with a twist- all these combined in the best looking kitchen interiors you’ve ever seen!

How to Instantly Upgrade your Kitchen without Spending a Small Fortune

It might be said that the kitchen is the most important room in the house. For many of us, it is the most used as well as where we spend most of our time, whether we’re preparing nutritious meals for our families, preparing to entertain large and small crowds, or just sitting at the kitchen table sipping coffee with an

A Splash Of Fresh Colour Over a Timeless Grey Kitchen

Most of us, when hearing about grey think of something dusty and neutral, that doesn’t want to stand out nor to make an impression. The truth is that grey is …great, timeless and very hip these days! Why?! Because it offers a variety of possibilities and colour combinations. You can add any kind of powerful colour and transform a living

Disappearing Cabinets Ensuring Easy Access to Hidden Kitchen Spaces [Video]

Literally hiding most of the appliances and kitchenware behind pretty storage elements is a full steam trend. We recently received a creative project that meets this need and meets it elegantly. With Nexus21…’s kitchen lift capacity of up to 250 pounds, kitchen designers are now able to fully utilize the lost storage space at the back of cabinets, in

Edgy Kitchen Design With Family-Friendly Attributes

Designer Kitchen… came up with a daring alternative for a modern cooking interior. According to the developer, “the brief was to design a highly functional, family friendly kitchen that would provide a dramatic first impression and become the defining feature of a new built property. This design was inspired by the clients who trusted my imagination to channel their vision

What’s Hot in The Kitchen? Design Trends for 2013

I spoke with Susan Serra, Certified Kitchen Designer and president of Susan Serra Associates about the current and future trends in kitchen design.  Below I pose a multitude of questions regarding kitchen design and operations. In addition to what’s currently trending Serra shares with us tips and tricks of the trade. She advices us where it’s wise to spend and

10 Design Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make in Your Kitchen

A lot of life happens in the kitchen. No matter how different our lifestyles may be, a lot of activity revolves around the kitchen: Cooking , preparing a quick snack, eating breakfast or a 3-course dinner with family or friends. Not only do we socialize in the kitchen, getting together with family and friends over a cup of coffee or

Sci-Fi Kitchen in Moscow Exhibiting a Striking Choice of Colors and Materials

Especially designed for a family in Moscow with a passion for extravagant modern design, the futuristic Parametrix Kitchen by Geometrix… is quite an unusual interior to behold. All the furniture elements present a highly modern appearance, clear lines, unusual twists and striking color contrasts, their overall effect being out of this world…literally. Even the walls contrast each other, the room

Originally Integrating Musical Influences In Your Kitchen: The Guitar Sink

We would like to dedicate this post to all of you guitar enthusiasts out there who consider washing dishes a drag. Even though a guitar sink – as original as it may be- can not change this situation, it can definitely bring a cheerful touch to the process. Fabricated by a creative mind at Pearidge Concrete & Crafts…, this

10 of The Hottest Kitchen Counter Top Materials Currently Trending

There are so many options for kitchen countertops that are available to you when updating your space it can be overwhelming and difficult to determine what style is the best fit for your families’ needs. Home decor is not unlike fashion. There are classics with looks that will last a lifetime and there are trends that come and go. Generally,…

DeLonghi ‘s Faceted Home Appliances For Stylish Breakfasts

First seen at IFA 2012, the edgy Breakfast Series Brillante from DeLonghi… presents its faceted design as a fresh alternative to usual home appliances. Perfection lies in the details and this collection comes to show that glamor can be part of your daily routine. The three dimensional display transcends the collection into a new era – inspiring appliances meant

Kitchen as Metaphor of a Multicultural Reality by Erik Klein Wolterink

Many people probably think it is pointless to have a complete picture of what lies behind all those cupboard doors in their kitchen. Photographer Erik Klein Wolterink… believes that all these items portray reality in an original way. To prove this, he created “Kitchen Portraits”, a print series displaying assembled open cupboards, fridges and drawers from different parts of the

Bespoke Kitchen Design Meeting the Owners’ Flamboyant Nature

We received photos and information about an intriguing kitchen project from Designer Kitchen…, a company from Northern Ireland, UK. According to the official press relief, “the brief was to design a timeless kitchen that would provide a dramatic first impression and deliver exceptional value for money.  This replacement kitchen design needed to fit into the existing architectural framework as

Cubello Ice Kitchen by Amr Designs

Through studying and predicting its customers’ present & future kitchen habits and preferences, Egyptian kitchen manufacturer Amr Helmy Designs… claims to be able to invent breakthrough organic design solutions. The company’s catch phrase is “7 Years Ahead”, which sums up its goal to fill a gap in the kitchen market by 2015 by offering improved functionality, taste and service. With

Modern Origami Inspired Kitchen: Appealing or Too Extravagant?

Modern design is all about breaking established rules and constantly finding original ways of mixing function with aesthetics. This modern origami-inspired kitchen designed by Estudiosat for manufacturer Delta Cocinas comes with a twist. Found on Home-designing…, the glossy Artica Kitchen seems especially developed for the ones enthusiastically adopting change. Braking the pattern of straight surfaces, the cabinets in the

Board Kitchen by Pietro Arosio for Snaidero

As the way we live has undergone dramatic changes in the past few decades, it is only to be expected that new design solutions are required that better suit our needs. In response to these radical changes in living needs and the difficult global economic trend, Italian kitchen manufacturer Snaidero… undertook a project that aimed to create accessible solutions that

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