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Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this particular category is our most diverse. From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements,unusually-shaped furniture objects, revolutionary building materials, green indoor walls,  multi-functional appliances, elegant lighting systems and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

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Wacky Tent Designs for Creative Expeditions by Fieldcandy

  • Colorful tents (1)
  • Colorful tents (2)
  • Colorful tents (3)
  • Colorful tents (4)

Are you crazy about camping? If the answer to that question is “no”, we have just the thing to make you reconsider. These tent designs we found on Fieldcandy are probably the most creative outdoor accommodating units out there. This is probably due to the fact that the brand of tents carefully chooses the designers […]

Money Instead of Bristles: Dollar Broom by Mark Wagner

How would you like to literally clean your room with money ? This odd Dollar Broom was envisioned by American artist and publisher Mark Wagner and makes for a cool household item. There is no information regarding this design on the artist’s official website, but I imagine it is only a graphic concept. However, transforming […]

Geeky Pocket Mirror Shaped Like the MacBook Air [Video]

MacBook Air is one of the most successful designs out there in the field of technology. This is probably why more and more products are being created as a tribute to its appearance. For today we would like to present MirrorBook Air, a compact pocket mirror for all the ladies out there in love with […]

Original Chandeliers Made From Kitchen Items: Memoria and Light Relief

  • Detail1
  • Detail2
  • Detail1
  • Detail2

We received two unconventional chandeliers from designer Rebecca Wilson. Here are the photos and information we were sent: “”Memoria; 100 Cups of Tea, Never To Be… highlights the sadness of a beautiful object that has been broken. A shattered gold tea pot lies below while it’s soul leaves its broken vessel in the form of […]

Ceramic Tiles That Look Like Wallpaper From Novoceram

  • Florilege ceramic tiles by Novoceram close-up 1
  • Florilege ceramic tiles by Novoceram close-up 3
  • Florilege ceramic tiles by Novoceram dining
  • Florilege ceramic tiles by Novoceram close-up 2

Wallpaper has come back into fashion in a big way over the past few years as people seek to add more personality and character to their living spaces. The wealth of colours, patterns and textures available from today’s extensive varieties of wallpapers is unparalleled. However, many people still favour ceramic tiles due to the myriad […]

QR Code Sculpture Made Of Blocks Of Wood

This QR Code Sculpture brings a new way to look at the widely spread two-dimensional matrix bar code. German artist Elena Belmann took the technology of the QR code and transformed it into an intricate work of art. The black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background were recreated by the artist […]

Freshome Saturday Design Spotter 7

Hello everyone and wishing you a happy weekend ahead! For all of you out there who are currently decorating your apartment- fingers crossed! Here are this Saturday’s Freshome tips “materialized” in ten photos paying tribute to unusual design. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave your opinions in the comments section below. To start off, here […]

Interview: Interior Design Success Story With Lisa Erdmann

Lisa Erdmann is an interior designer with a career that bloomed in fast steps. We challenged her for an interview to find out her success story, which is based, as she states, on WORK, WORK ,WORK. Enjoy her portfolio, as well as the enlightening answers and in the end, feel free to leave you opinions […]

10 Ways to Bring Sparkle into your Holiday Home

Whether you like a subdued holiday decorated home, or you like to go all out with the holiday glam, there is one thing we all enjoy, sparkle. Sparkle can come from shiny metallic ornaments, glistening glittered covered decor, or twinkling Christmas lights. Regardless of where you find sparkle, the holidays are the number one time […]

Hemmesphere Lighting by Massow Design

Cleverly combining functionality and aesthetics, the work of London-based designer Barend Massow Hemmes, of Massow Design, is eye-catching to say the least. His unique and ingenious Hemmesphere lighting designs are the result of the influences he acquired whilst working as an interior designer. The innovative lights, fixtures and fittings, available from Hemmesphere website, include the […]

Airplane Installation in Tate Britain Modern Art Museum by Fiona Banner

It is not everyday you walk into a building and see an enormous plane crashing into the floor. English artist Fiona Banner thought of adding a unique touch to the galleries of Britain Tate Modern Art Museum and created an installation that dazzles the mind. The official name of the project is Harriet and Jaguar, two […]

How to Become a Lighting Designer With Arturo Alvarez

Arturo Alvarez is an alternative and dynamic company, with its own personality. They design and manufacture all types of decorative luminaries, for home and commercial premises. Concerned with innovation in design, materials and energy saving light sources, their designs can be customized, allowing you to choose from different finishes and colors depending on what is […]

Bailey Pet Furniture With Hidden Storage: Crazy or Practical?

Would you like to have all your pet’s needs organized in a single place, or control your dog’s meals by simply opening and closing a drawer?  We recently ran across this Pet Feeding Hutch designed by Bailey Fine Pet Furniture, which can do all those things above. Handcrafted from solid pine, the unit has a […]

Cleaning The Children’s Room Made Fun: Pin Press

If you were on the lookout for some playful storage units for your children’s room, here is an idea. Created by OOO My Design and discovered on Furnishh!, Pin Press in an unusual method to keep your kids occupied. The rods that come with the product slide in and out, which makes storing books and […]

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