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Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this particular category is our most diverse. From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements,unusually-shaped furniture objects, revolutionary building materials, green indoor walls,  multi-functional appliances, elegant lighting systems and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

How to Bring Power Color Combinations into your Interiors

Every year the world of home interiors sees color trends come and go, and depending on which ones are more impactful from a cultural, design, or aesthetic perspective, many tend to trickle into other seasons in popularity. Colors that are powerful together and make interiors appear stronger, dramatic or eye-catching are termed “power colors”.  In 2011 the Color Trends report…

Living Wall in London Mimics Van Gogh’s Painting

An artistic “Living Wall” replica of Van Gogh’s well-known 1889 painting “A Wheatfield, with Cypresses” is displayed in front of The National Gallery in London. A collaboration between General Electric and the museum, the Living Wall is part of a carbon reduction strategy. The National Gallery in London… already switched to LED lighting in all of its galleries and this

Rocking Lamps from Mineheart that Simply Rock!

There are only a couple of photos to show us the ingenuity and playfulness of the Rocking Lamps. By combining a relaxing furniture design element with the necessary lighting needed in a home, the creative minds of Young & Battaglia created the cute lights for Mineheart…. Made in England, the Rocking lamps are described by Mineheart: “These playful lamps

How to Use Dark Furniture to Add Drama to your Decor

If you’ve ever walked into a room and felt instant drama and mystique, it could be the appeal of dark furniture. Similar to the magnetic pull of dark walls, and decor, furniture can add drama to a room and make the inhabitants feel mysterious, sexy, and sleek. Many love dark furniture because it commands attention in a room, and little…

Cool and Fresh Neon Lettering and Numbers for Your Home

Some people have an open mind that allows them to create the coolest things! This collection of neon lights for urban cribs is amazing. Designed by USA-based Neos Lettering… and available on Etsy, the Plug and Play Neon Letters and Numbers alongside the 3 Slot Neon Base that accommodate neon words with inspiring meanings are amazing decorative and lighting elements

An Intriguing Design Innovation: Litracon® Transparent Concrete

Have a look at this creative idea that can be widely applied when it comes to a variety of designs ! According to the producers,” Litracon®… is a combination of optical fibers and fine concrete. It can be produced as prefabricated building blocks. Due to the small size of the fibres, they blend into concrete becoming a component of the

Interesting Decorative Idea: MOSSTiles by Benetti Stone Philosophy

Benetti Stone Philosophy… came up with an original idea that can be the basis for alluring green decors. MOSStiles were born from the designers’  “love for green” and is a miniature indoor garden created with aesthetics in mind. Here is more from the producers: “MOSStile is obtained by a stabilized lichen which can live thanks to dampness in the environement.

How to Choose the Perfect Landscaping Plants for your Outdoors

All of the excuses of the cold weather, too rainy, and imperfect conditions are now gone and it’s time to get serious about your landscaping. While it’s easy to go to a nursery or your local improvement store’s garden center to choose plants, have you ever noticed that all plants aren’t perfect for every home? Whether the sun/shade ratio isn’t…

Customized Green Walls for Fresh Interiors by Greenworks

How would you like your home transformed into an indoor green labyrinth? Greenworks… is a Swedish studio with an unusual company profile: they create customized indoor green walls and decorations. From mobile plant panels to framed plant screens with lighting effects, this idea can bring a fresh touch to any apartment or public space. According to the producers, you can

Versatile Furniture Piece For the Unutilized Corner Spaces: LEAN

LEAN is a creative furniture item that can serve as a coffee table, a bookshelf and even as a chair. Here is the information we received from the producers in the official press release: “The limited space of city-living has inspired industrial designer, William Lee…, to rethink every inhabitable inch and create a concept for the corner. Together with

Design Style: Shabby Chic Inspired Interiors

Relaxing by the beach, and reminiscing about family vacations in the cottage home you vacationed at, as a child is what shabby chic inspired interiors are all about. From cottage style decor details to vintage finds paired with modern casual furniture pieces, engulfs shabby chic interiors, and homeowners love them! Re-purposed furniture and weathered furniture give shabby chic decorative styling…

Ingenious Door Sliding System for Saving Valuable Space in Your Home

In most homes, space is the highest commodity and what better way to gain space than to remove your doors? While removing your doors may seem drastic, instead of totally removing your doors, how about removing the door swing that takes up space to open and close your doors? Johnson Hardware… has invented home interior door hardware that acts like

Versatile LED Lighting System: Endless by Jason Miller

Endless is a modular lighting system designed by Jason Miller for lighting brand Roll & Hill…. The half-cylinder units that make up multiple lighting arrangements for any type of lighting needs connect to each other to shape simple and modern lighting fixtures. Their versatility makes the system perfect for any occasion: from residential to commercial and from industrial to

Friendly, Youthful and Fresh: Propaganda Hair Salon in Texas

Propaganda Hair Salon was designed by Becky Jeanes from Dick Clark Architecture… and is located Austin, Texas. The place has a very youthful feel and looks quite inviting. Here is a description from the designers:  “Walnut cabinets along the outer walls consolidate varying programmatic needs into one continuous design element and delineate individual spaces within the open plan.  Reception, retail

Bold Fully Automated and Eco-Friendly Hotel Design: HI-MATIC[Video]

The HI-Matic Hotel in Paris, designed by Matali Crasset…, greets the travellers with a colourful mix of bold design and eco-friendly service. This hotel strives to be a new type of travel-friendly concept, “mixing codes of an urban hotel and country side bed and breakfast, with strong ecological values.” Each of the 42 rooms of the hotel offer a

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