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Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this particular category is our most diverse. From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements,unusually-shaped furniture objects, revolutionary building materials, green indoor walls,  multi-functional appliances, elegant lighting systems and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

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Metropolis-Inspired Floor And Wall Tiles Shaping City Maps

  • City Tiles by Renata Rubim  (2)
  • City Tiles by Renata Rubim  (3)
  • City Tiles by Renata Rubim  (4)
  • City Tiles by Renata Rubim  (5)

Some people run from urban developments towards rural establishments in search of a quieter lifestyle, while others thrive surrounded by social urban spaces. Brazilian designer Renata Rubim created a link between these needs, captured in the interesting collection of City Tiles she designed for Solarium flooring and coating. These new tiles are made of a […]

Handmade Wool Rugs Displaying Radical Portuguese Influence

  • Arraiolo wool carpets by Ervilha Criativa  (2)
  • Arraiolo wool carpets by Ervilha Criativa  (3)
  • Arraiolo wool carpets by Ervilha Criativa  (4)
  • Arraiolo wool carpets by Ervilha Criativa  (5)

Lying at your feet, it seems to be an optical illusion. Comforting naked soles with its 100% pure wool touch, the Arraiolo carpets by Ervilha Criativa showcase an inspiring display of two defining features of the Portuguese culture – the Arraiolo technique and world renowned Portuguese tiles. Contouring a welcoming Portuguese influence, the wool rug […]

Slim and Artfully Handcrafted: Svelte Vessels by LEBORED

  • handmade vase (1)
  • handmade vase (2)
  • handmade vase (3)
  • handmade vase (4)

Alex Shilin and Jennifer Eshelman of LEBORED sent us photos of a collection of handcrafted and artfully rendered vessels.We asked them for a personal description of their work and this was their reply: “We make limited-edition, one-of-a-kind home decor because we feel that life deserves to be filled with unique accents. Inspired by the beauty, […]

10 Clever Multi-Purpose Furniture Ideas Meeting the Needs of a Modern Lifestyle

  • bike-desk-Freshome-02
  • bike-desk-Freshome-03
  • postitable02
  • postitable05

Doesn’t it seem that our modern lifestyle is constantly looking to be provoked? One of the prerequisites of excelling in the world of contemporary design is adapting to change with a fresh, original vision. In this post, we will go over ten multi-functional furniture items, each being the result of taking a highly creative concept […]

New 100% Recycled and Biodegradable 3D Wall Panels by WallArt

  • Caryotas
  • Caryotas1
  • Caryotas2
  • Cullinans2

We received some photos and information about the 3D wall panels from WallArt, designs with the power to liven up a place, adding that extra aesthetic dimension: “WallArt brings your walls to life with her modern and Eco-friendly 3d wall panels made out of the fibrous residue of sugarcane. This fibers of crushed sugarcane stalks, […]

Ingenious Hammock-Like Cat Crib Perfectly Blending in Small Homes

We were recently sent an e-mail with the fun story behind this feline friendly armchair addition, from Greg at Cat Crib: “A favorite way to pass the time of our cat Vladimir is unfortunately scratching on furniture. Even when he was presented with the finest sisal/cardboard/carpet cat scratchers, he still seems to prefer scratching on […]

Innovative Windows by Fakro can Add Small Terraces to Attic Rooms

We ran across these innovative window systems designed by Fakro, which can easily add a balcony or a small terrace to a room. The clever mechanism, found on Inhabitat, is described by the producers as follows:  “The upper top hung sash (of the window) opens upwards, whereas the lower sash can be tilted forwards, allowing […]

Contemporary Designer Cooking Hoods Embedded In Your Kitchen’s Design

Cleverly designed to showcase shapes, colors and materials that adapt to the surroundings rather than display the same boring and functional shape, these designer Modern Kitchen Hoods from Britannia Living are a fun and creative way of cooking with style. Evolving over the years, modern cooker hoods explore a new vision of today’s kitchen, where […]

Original Workspace Allowing Privacy Without Losing Contact with the Environment

We received photos and information about Woven, an original desk designed by Bram Vanderbeke. Here is the press release we were sent: “A personal workspace creates a higher concentration at work, but reduces social contact. When these two principles are combined in a functional way, we create a workplace that allows people to work with concentration, […]

Retro Graphic Floor Decals Add Secret Passages to Your Room

We ran across this crazy floor decal that can add a little extra to a room. The Secret Passage decal from James Bit Originals displays a simple, retro graphic, delivering a fun and witty idea. The vinyl decals are said to be inspired by old video games and their look is definitely playful. Discovered on […]

IKEA Launches Interactive Augmented-Reality Catalog For 2013

Besides wonderful inspiration and smart solutions, the new IKEA Catalog 2013 welcomes mobile augmented-reality making IKEA fans one of the most lavished people. The most recent annual IKEA catalog offers inspiration for better everyday life at home transposed into the digital world with the help of an interactive mobile app that unveils hidden details in […]

Tantalizingly Tactile Turkish Rugs by Stepevi

Just one look at these luxurious rugs and I immediately want to run my fingers through the deep pile. Manufactured in Isparta, a southern Turkish town synonymous with carpet production, these exquisite rugs are from the impressive portfolio of Stepevi, a family enterprise that was founded in 1919 in Istanbul. With a strong focus on […]

Clever Anamorphic Typography Project for Interiors with a Twist

We ran across a simple, yet “heavy” interior design idea that could be applied to any room in search of personality. Thomas Quinn painted letters above his parents’ garage, delivering the message: “Face reality as it is”. From the perfect, steady message, it is enough to move a step back to see how the perspective […]

New Virtual-Holographic Display Tool for Designers and Architects: zSpace [Video]

Professionals in the creative industry and hi-tech enthusiasts will likely be intrigued by the new zSpace display envisioned and implemented by Infinite z. The virtual-holographic experience has a futuristic vibe to it and reinvents the computer interface as we know it. According to the developers, zSpace is aimed at unleashing the full potential of human […]

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