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Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this particular category is our most diverse. From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements,unusually-shaped furniture objects, revolutionary building materials, green indoor walls,  multi-functional appliances, elegant lighting systems and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

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How to Enjoy your Fireplace Safely this Holiday Season

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There’s nothing cozier. more relaxing or more romantic than a fire quietly roaring away in your fireplace.  As beautiful and  soothing as they are, fireplaces can be dangerous. One must always use caution when and be sensible when lighting a fire. Last year tragedy struck a nearby town when, on Christmas Eve, a fire destroyed […]

New Slick iPhone Dock for iMac and Apple Displays [Video]

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We received photos and information about The OCDock™, an elegant design about to take off, as a result of this Kickstarter campaign. According to the press release we were sent, the OCDock™ is a slick and highly capable docking station designed for iMac and Thunderbolt display owners. It’s unique paper-thin cable runs underneath the display […]

Fashionable Wine and Bookshelf Combo Made From Cellulose Tubes

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We recently received photos and information about a modern wine and bookshelf combo envisioned by Capolinea Design, an “eco-design” Trade Mark founded by an Italian designers’ group. The company uses Eco-friendly materials such as recycled cellulose and cardboard. In particular cellulose tubes, produced for industrial purposes, are re–used by Capolinea to realize high quality and durable design objects: […]

10 Christmas Decorating Ideas For Your Front Porch

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Christmas is always a magical time of unequaled joy and frenziness, especially when it comes to decorating our homes. Every year year we try to outdo ourselves in decorating trees, windows, homes and yards that would instantly bring oh’s and ah’s from our guests. Because front porches welcome guests and may be the first impression […]

Slick Urban Shelf Perfect for Modern and Vintage Interiors with a Twist

Are you on the lookout for an eye-catching shelving unit? Perhaps one with a bohemian-industrial feel, perfect for a vintage or a modern interior with a personality? For today, we would like to present the urban shelf, a fresh design meant to add a twist to your home decor. Discovered on Chiasso, this cool and […]

Front Door Streamed Live Via Smartphone or Tablet: DoorBot [Video]

We ran across another gizmo that will certainly appeal to those of you willing to digitize your life to the maximum. DoorBot is a wireless doorbell that streams live video and audio right to your smartphone and tablet. Based on a recent research that shows that 91% of people keep their phone within 3 feet, […]

20 Creative Color Schemes Inspired By The Color Wheel

An empty room is a blank canvas for any decorator to fill with color, pattern and texture. While decorators have a handle on color schemes that work, choosing color schemes can be a scary proposition for others. Fear not, there are a few easy guidelines to follow that will have anyone picking colors like a […]

A Revolutionary Bladeless Ceiling Fan by Exhale Fans

Since the advent of crowd funding, we are seeing an increasing number of entrepreneurs seeking to obtain funding for their projects by asking for the support of various investors who pledge money so that collectively they will provide the financial means needed to see it through. This is exactly what designer Nik Hiner and his […]

A Tale of Trees and Beavers: Sustainable Lamp Design Inspired by Nature

We received photos about an original lamp design from Ligneous Lighting, inspired by trees that are damaged by beavers. We asked designer Robin Brown to share the story behind this project with us and here is what he replied:” I was born in New Forest, an area of southern England, a place where animals can go […]

Miniature Homes Creatively Attatched to Lighting Designs: House-Lamp [Video]

We stumbled across these lovely and original lamp designs envisioned by architect Lauren Daley from San Francisco. Lauren skillfully built three homes in different architecture styles (Eco, Modern, and Bungalow) and attached them to lighting units: “I started House-Lamp to combine a couple of my greatest joys: making things with my own two hands, and […]

New Insulated Stand-Alone Concrete Wall System: Omni Block [Video]

If you are up to date with the latest in construction materials, then perhaps you have already heard of Omni Block, an innovative concrete masonry unit. According to the official product description, “Omni Block is an insulated ‘stand-alone’ structural wall system. It does not require furring strips, additional insulation, or sheet-rock to complete the wall, […]

Spring Summoned Indoors With The Daisy Garden Interactive Rug

We received photos and information about a playful and interactive rug design, envisioned by Joe Jin Design Company Ltd., a young creative studio from Toronto, Canada. The original looking carpet is a good addition to any room in need of cheering up. According to the press release we were sent, each rug is hand-woven and contains […]

10 Things Buyers Should Know When Purchasing a New Home

Times are indeed tougher these days and we are all ardently watching our dollars. While banks are not as quick to lend money as they were a few years ago, this doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t consider purchasing a home if you don’t own one already. While the housing market is down, inventory is […]

Cork : A Sustainable, Eco-friendly, Innovative Material for the Home

Sustainability has been a hot topic for a good few years now and designers are increasingly looking for materials that have a lesser impact on the environment. Materials that are recycled, recyclable, or come from renewable sources are gaining in popularity and really starting to make their mark in design and architecture. Earlier this year, […]

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