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Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this particular category is our most diverse. From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements,unusually-shaped furniture objects, revolutionary building materials, green indoor walls,  multi-functional appliances, elegant lighting systems and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

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Colorful & Intricate Decorative Glass Panels for Game-Enthusiasts

  • superhero window mosaic (1)
  • superhero window mosaic (2)
  • superhero window mosaic (3)
  • superhero window mosaic (4)

How would you like to have your favorite superhero look down at your from your room window or glass door? Okay, this may not be everyone’s dream, but for those of you nostalgic about Super Mario, Iron Man, Warhammer 40k or the shield of the Knights of Hyrul, these colorful stained glass panels could make […]

Adding Cheerfulness to the Streets of Sao Paolo: 6emeia Street Art Project

  • anjo
  • Arte-em-bueiros-de-rua-por-
  • canibal
  • coelho

Aiming at cheering up some of the streets in Sao Paolo, Brazil, artists Anderson Augusto, also known as SÃO, and Leonardo Delafuente, also known as Delafuente collaborated in the development of the project entitled 6emeia. The duo managed to reinvent quite a few otherwise “gray” and unattractive urban elements, such as storm drains, light posts, […]

Interesting Way to Redirect Robbers: The Neighbours Have Better Stuff Doormat

Guaranteed to “give burglars–and dirty shoes–the brush off”, Reed Wilson’s idea for a doormat is not just practical, but also fun. Well, technically, it is only fun if you live in a safe neighborhood, but this is another story. “The neighbors have better stuff” is the message displayed by this unusual door rug, a cool […]

Comfortable Furniture for Pampered Pets by Pet Lounge Studios

  • furniture for pets (4)
  • furniture for pets (1)
  • furniture for pets (2)
  • furniture for pets (4)

Led by the creative talents of recognized furniture designer Corey Drew, Pet Lounge Studios takes a unique approach towards the humanization of pets. The company’s mission is to create totally unique designs that solve a variety of problems, but most importantly how to seamlessly and comfortably integrate your pets into your homes without sacrificing the […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Using Antiques in your Home

  • Antiques Diva Tour with Toma Clark Haines
  • Antiques Diva Tour with Toma Clark Haines
  • Antiques Diva Tour with Toma Clark Haines
  • Antiques Diva Tour with Toma Clark Haines

In recent years, we have witnessed the rising trend for all things vintage, and not just in interiors. Our consumer society, which once sought out the most modern, cutting edge and exclusive designs for the home, has taken a step back in time and objects that were once so highly coveted now share the lime […]

Creating Indoor Flower Terraces With I-pot Modular System by Supercake

We received photo and information about the I-pot modular system for creating flourishing terraced gardens indoors, designed by the creative team at Supercake, The vertical furniture system consists of lightweight and adjustable interlocking elements that can be set up separately or in groups to host large items like flower pots or tall books. I-pot also has several […]

Extending the Boundaries of the Traditional Rug: Legno-Legno Wooden Carpet

Have a look at this innovative “carpet” design, containing 90% wood and inspiring so much elegance. Legno-Legno wooden rug from Ruckstuhl is a perfect alternative to a common carpet and a lot easier to maintain. Its wooden appearance make it a breeze to integrate in almost any modern interior, be it minimalist or eclectic. The […]

Easily Recreating The Look of a Classic Wallpaper: Patterned Paint Rollers

We ran across an interesting idea on The Painted House, which most of you DIY enthusiasts will probably enjoy. Found via FloDeau, the patterned paint rollers can easily recreate the look of a classic wallpaper; if you are willing to take things further, they can even be used to print patterns on various fabrics. Founder […]

10 Hot & Trendy Colors Decorators Adore

Each year Pantone, the authority on color and color trends, makes their prediction regarding the latest hot colors. Both fashion and interior designers clamor for their latest selections as they are regarded as the foremost influencer of color trends.  This year’s trends consist of 10 amazing hues. They run from soothing neutrals to bold jewel […]

Original and Exclusive: A Few Of My Favourite Things Shelving Unit

We ran across an original shelving unit with a very alluring name. According to the designers at The Fundamental Shop, “A Few Of My Favourite Things is a desktop console or a wall shelf where you can place your most treasured artifacts. Handcrafted in Germany in solid Douglas Fir, the unit can be mounted vertically […]

Starbucks Coffee Shop Design in Tokyo Based on Original Library Theme

Japanese design studio Nendo envisioned an interesting Starbucks coffee shop version in Tokyo, where customers can order coffee by taking “books” to the counter. The pop-up library is called ‘Starbucks Espresso Journey’ and consists of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves containing book sleeves with nine differently colored covers, each representing a particular type of coffee. Inside the original book […]

Tailor-Made Fontanot Staircase Adorning Scavolini’s New York Showroom

We recently received photos and information about the tailor-made Fontanot staircase connecting the two floors of the new Scavolini flagship store in the Soho district of New York at West Broadway 429, one of the most prestigious addresses in Manhattan. Here is an excerpt from the press release we were sent: Inside the brand-new store, […]

Twisty Curvy Charging Device, Dock and Tripod for iPhone

Spotted on Fastcodesign, the Bobine is one of the hottest iPhone accessories available on the market of consumer electronics. What makes it so special and why we think it’s hot? Well, let’s start with the beginning. The Bobine is a charging cable, with e built-in USB, all wrapped in a flexible metallic gooseneck. Now the […]

Taking Industrial Materials to the Next Level: IVANKA Concrete Fashion Line

This post is dedicated to all of you out there with a strange passion for… concrete. We’ve seen many examples of concrete furniture on Freshome, it is time to take it up a notch and present this incredible fashion line by Budapest-based design company IVANKA. According to the studio’s official description, their entire work is […]

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