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Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this particular category is our most diverse. From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements,unusually-shaped furniture objects, revolutionary building materials, green indoor walls,  multi-functional appliances, elegant lighting systems and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

How to Build Original Faceted Vessels: FACETURE Series by Phill Cutance [Video]

We ran across an interesting series of handmade faceted vessels and light-shades on Core77, that captured our attention. Created by Phil Cuttance…, by using a relatively simple, but original technique, the designs in the FACETURE Series stand out due to their odd shape.According to the designer, each piece is unique, and has a special number at the bottom

How to Install a Mosaic Backsplash in Two Hours or Less [Video]

We received a press release about a practical do-it-yourself kit that helps you install a mosaic backslash in your home the easy way. Here is the information we were sent: “The DIY Network Backsplash Kit is an innovative ready to use tile kit for home improvement. The kit, focused on the remodeling of the kitchen backsplash, includes all the tools

Fresh Blue, Orange And White Take-Away Fruit Bar

If your love for fruits and love for design would merge, this would be the final result. The Fruitaway in Valencia, Spain, was designed by industrial graphic designer Alexander Catala of Alxstudio…, in collaboration with Sara Gomez and Carmen Moreno. The take-away fruit bar was opened by four entrepreneurs and aimed at fruit consumers. With over 30 varieties of

Redefining Spaces With Astounding Anamorphic Illusions

Space composition as seen from a single vantage point can offer surprising points of view. These Anamorphic Illusions by Swiss artist Felice Varini… capture a mind-opening spectacle of geometry applied to three dimensional spaces. Based on a complex study of perspective, all the Anamorphic Illusions were created by the artist as part of a series of spaces. A simple change

The Modern Architecture Game: Are You Up To The Challenege? [Video]

Greatest architects, famous buildings and legendary quotes-these are just some of the modern architecture fields you will have to discover and overcome in the questions addressed by The Modern Architecture Game. Developed by Next Architects…, this captivating means of socializing tests your knowledge, with no less than 1000 modern architecture questions. According to Next, “The Modern Architecture Game is

IKEA Kitchen Table Art by Carl Kleiner and Evelina Bratell

Some ideas can express, in a simple yet stylish way, the beauty that comes from adjoining several items that shape two defining action – cooking and eating. Each plate and fork, each bowl or napkin have something to contribute to the overall success of the meal. Capturing the very best of IKEA’s creativeness and tableware, photographer Carl Kleiner… shows us

How to Transform Your Home Using the Secrets of Good Lighting

Interior designers have many tools at their disposal when it comes to creating interior design schemes. One of these tools, however, is quite often overlooked as people don’t realize the potential that it has to transform a space. This tool is lighting and it has the power to make or break an interior scheme. Lighting can make a house into

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Tumblr has really taking off as a great go-to platform that allows users to easily share their content online and we decided to finally open a Tumblr account for Freshome. So if you have a Tumblr account and love Freshome :
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World Market Las Vegas Winter 2012 : A Glimpse Into Design Ideas and Trends

During the week of January 30, 2012 – Las Vegas, Nevada was the destination spot for designers, architects, and all design professionals of the home trade industry. World Market Las Vegas – Winter 2012, was an opportunity to see the latest trends in home design and to see what buyers will be choosing for their clients, and stores.  In 2012

Practical Urban Furniture: Mobile Tree Bench by Rogier Martens

Utrecht-based spatial designer Rogier Martens …designed a clever and practical urban furniture piece, entitled Tree Bench. The artist was commissioned to create a temporary sitting unit for a public park and the result- well, you are looking at it. Here is a statement from the designer: “I actively used the environment designing the Tree Bench for the municipality of Amersfoort

Overade Cycling Helmet To Be Launched In 2012

Designed back in 2010, the sleek helmet will enter production this year, in 2012. Thanks to its creator, Patrick Jouffret of French Agency 360… studio, the helmet displays a unisex design built to offer protection just as much as a standard bicycle helmet would, but its folding feature makes it easier to carry and fit in different carry-ons. Seeing that

White Inspiration: Original Wallpapers by Young & Battaglia

We received a press release with the newest inspirational wallpapers designed by Young & Battaglia for Mineheart…. Here is the information we were sent: “The White Bookshelf wallpaper features white books on white shelves for a bright minimalist look. It can be used to create a stunningly contemporary feel reminicent of designer offices, fashion shoots and art galleries. Perfect

Limited Edition Powder-Coated Surveillance Chandelier

Humans since 1982… – a Stockholm-based design studio – have come up with an interesting idea for illuminating spaces – a dark powder-coated set of surveillance cameras acting as shells for the lights flooding the room, named Surveillance Chandelier. The set of aluminum surveillance cameras hanging from the ceiling convey a Big Brother feeling and extend the idea of surveillance

Fireplace Controllable by iPhone or Android Smart Phone

We recently received a press release about a project that will surely appeal to all of you out there keen on technology. Gas fireplace manufacturer Escea… has just launched their new range of gas fireplaces, which feature a world first: inbuilt WiFi connectivity, and the ability to control your fireplace from your iPhone or Android smart phone. According to the

Cathedral Art Installation Made from 55,000 LED Lights in Belgium [Video]

The second edition of the spectacular Ghent Light Festival… held in Belgium, for four days (from January 26 to January 29, 2012), displayed quite a few interesting projects. This year’s themes were happiness and music, portrayed in over 30 unique exhibitions. But the focal point of the event is said to have been a giant art installation shaped like a

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