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Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this particular category is our most diverse. From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements,unusually-shaped furniture objects, revolutionary building materials, green indoor walls,  multi-functional appliances, elegant lighting systems and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

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New Insulated Stand-Alone Concrete Wall System: Omni Block [Video]

If you are up to date with the latest in construction materials, then perhaps you have already heard of Omni Block, an innovative concrete masonry unit. According to the official product description, “Omni Block is an insulated ‘stand-alone’ structural wall system. It does not require furring strips, additional insulation, or sheet-rock to complete the wall, […]

Spring Summoned Indoors With The Daisy Garden Interactive Rug

  • daisy carpet joe jin (1)
  • daisy carpet joe jin (2)
  • daisy carpet joe jin (3)
  • daisy carpet joe jin (4)

We received photos and information about a playful and interactive rug design, envisioned by Joe Jin Design Company Ltd., a young creative studio from Toronto, Canada. The original looking carpet is a good addition to any room in need of cheering up. According to the press release we were sent, each rug is hand-woven and contains […]

10 Things Buyers Should Know When Purchasing a New Home

  • buying home - apartment
  • buying home - colonial
  • buying home - don't judge a house by its cover
  • buying home - get prequalified

Times are indeed tougher these days and we are all ardently watching our dollars. While banks are not as quick to lend money as they were a few years ago, this doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t consider purchasing a home if you don’t own one already. While the housing market is down, inventory is […]

Cork : A Sustainable, Eco-friendly, Innovative Material for the Home

  • Corkway BOTE Big Game
  • Corkway Cork Bath Mat Plan
  • Corkway Cork Table Duo Lamp
  • Corkway Gelo Cork Ice bucket

Sustainability has been a hot topic for a good few years now and designers are increasingly looking for materials that have a lesser impact on the environment. Materials that are recycled, recyclable, or come from renewable sources are gaining in popularity and really starting to make their mark in design and architecture. Earlier this year, […]

Miniature Tree House Displaying Stunning Details by Maddie Brindley

  • doll tree house (2)
  • doll tree house (3)
  • doll tree house (4)
  • doll tree house (5)

We know, it is not everyday that we post play houses on Freshome, but this project and its perfect details are simply stunning. The miniature tree house for mice was created by Maddie Brindley and was inspired by Crabapple Cottage drawn by Jill Barklem in her book “Spring Story”.  The frame and bark are completely hand […]

New Google Indoor Maps Service, With Over 10,000 Floor Plans Available via Mobile

If you are a shopping enthusiast, or simply find it practical to have an indoor map of a mall when looking for a certain household object, this new service launched by Google Maps will come in handy. Google Indoor Maps comes with over 10,000 indoor layouts, for stores, malls, casinos, museums and airports around the […]

Exquisite Hand-Knitted Furnishings by Melanie Porter

This time last year on Freshome, we wrote about the trend for knitting and crochet in interior design and we are happy to report that the trend is still going strong. What was once considered to be an old fashioned past-time reserved for grandmas has become increasingly popular in recent years as younger generations have rediscovered […]

Creative and Colorful Bookworm for Book Lovers

The Dutch design studio,  Atelier 010, has completed a creatively ingenious bookshelf for people who like “sinking” into the universe of reading. Instead of going to a library, to feel that particularly beautiful feeling of belonging to that universe, entirely articulated with books or escape to the countryside, in search of tranquility, you can now […]

A New Tactile Design Experience: Quilted Wood Daybed by Elisa Strozyk [Video]

You may already have heard of Elisa Strozyk, a young designer who successfully managed to convert wood into… fabric. We featured a post on Freshome on her wooden textiles a while back, better explaining her work. For today, we would like to show you her quilted wood daybed,  which was designed for ‘The Thread That […]

6,728 Colored Cloth Squares Used To Create Fabric Padded Portraits [Video]

We stumbled across an interesting art project that caught our attention due to the major effort invested in its development. Studio Hjortefar created these striking fabric padded portraits for Kvadrat’s “Hallingdal 65” exhibition, using no less than 6,728 colored cloth squares. The two portraits were entitled Bum and Nana. In total each piece contains 7200 […]

Benjamin Moore’s Picks Lemon Sorbet as its Color for 2013

Color trends, in recent years, have seen richer, darker, more saturated and jewel-toned colors on walls, in furniture as well as in accessories. For 2013 Benjamin Moore has chosen Lemon Sorbet as its Color of the Year, claiming that it “is the perfect transitional color between the mid-tones and saturated colors seen in today’s home […]

New York’s Most Famous Modern Art Living Room: Discovering Columbus Installation

Modern art usually draws attention through its original concepts, works and installations. For today, we would like to showcase a project entitled “Discovering Columbus” and developed by Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi, known for his intention to transform the bystander’s interaction with common monuments or architectural details. But as you can see, this particular statue is far […]

Fresh&Go Eco Bar Providing Fresh Fruit Cocktails in Kiev

Eco Bar Fresh & Go designed by Yaroslav Galant is the first of its kind in Kiev, Ukraine. Offering clients fresh juices and cocktails, the eco-bar is an idea that is likely to take off globally. According to the press release we received,  the concept for its exterior design was inspired by natural occurrences and […]

10 Unexpected Buildings Architects Turned Into Homes

When buying a home most of us consider residential neighborhoods with traditional housing. Few would consider the idea of converting nonresidential structures into homes but there are those who are more adventurous. The range of unusual structures is broad; from grain silos to old fire towers architects have stretched their imaginations to create truly unique homes […]

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