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Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this particular category is our most diverse. From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements,unusually-shaped furniture objects, revolutionary building materials, green indoor walls,  multi-functional appliances, elegant lighting systems and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

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Inviting Bakery Design in Warsaw Exhibiting an Eye-Catching Plywood Installation

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Przystanek Piekarnia on Koszykowa Street is the fifth bakery design in this chain opened recently in Warsaw and developed by Maciej Kurkowski. It is located on the ground floor of 19th century tenement house designed by Józef Hintz, close to the Warsaw Technical University Architecture Faculty. The long, rectangular shape of the shop enabled the […]

Extravagant Fabric Design Made of Geometric Sequins: Eprisma

  • Eprisma extravagant fabric by Création Baumann (1)
  • Eprisma extravagant fabric by Création Baumann (2)
  • Eprisma extravagant fabric by Création Baumann (3)
  • Eprisma extravagant fabric by Création Baumann (4)

Extravagant fabric design can stop you in your way. Whether it decorates a window you walk by or you simply see a photo of this modern fabric, the Eprisma extravagant fabric by Création Baumann looks and feels like a piece of art. Imagine a dull space being adorned with this magical-looking modern fabric and you will […]

The 5 Best DIY Home Security Systems

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  • Piper
  • Scout
  • SimpliSafe

You love Freshome for bringing you modern architecture and inspiring homes, but have you ever thought of how to secure those wonderful dwellings? As we all sit safe and sound in our homes, we feel guarded and protected from the rest of the big, bad world—but are we really as safe as we think? Despite […]

Edgy Hexagonal Concrete Tiles Building Decorative Landscapes

  • Edgy hexagonal concrete tiles from KAZA Concrete
  • Edgy hexagonal concrete tiles from KAZA Concrete (1)
  • Edgy hexagonal concrete tiles from KAZA Concrete (2)
  • Edgy hexagonal concrete tiles from KAZA Concrete (3)

Imagined by Austrian designers Patrycja Domanska and Tanja Lightfoot for KAZA Concrete, these hexagonal concrete tiles named Edgy have captured our attention with a blend of versatility, simplicity and elegance. Versatile in style, color and placement, the hexagonal concrete tiles can be seen covering a whole wall, decorating different areas or punctuating design lines along walls and across rooms. These new, […]

Visualize How Furniture Adapts to Your Home Before Buying It: Littlewoods Home App

Cimagine Media and Shop Direct have joined hands in creating an application with a massive potential impact on future interior design and decorating. This collaboration will allow users of and (online retail brands belonging to Shop Direct) to see a realistic simulation of how hundreds of furniture products will fit in their cribs: “The […]

Today is Freshome’s Eighth Birthday! Thank You for Dreaming Big With Us!

We have a little announcement to make: today is Freshome’s eighth birthday! It may not seem like a big number; it is only when split it in months and then further into daily published projects that you get an accurate scale of this passion-driven magazine. Freshome started back in 2007 and it developed into a […]

A Day in the Life of Interior Designer to the Stars, James Blakeley

Interior Designer, James Blakeley III, ASID, may live a prominent and lavish lifestyle with roots that reach into Hollywood’s high society, but he is certainly not a stranger to a day’s hard work. Blakeley was first introduced into the design world by a friend of the family, the late American design icon Tony Duquette. From […]

Instantly Adjust the Mood in Your Home: The 16 Million Color Light Bulb [Video]

How can you easily create the atmosphere of your choice in various moments of the day? High-tech enthusiasts will certainly enjoy the new 16 Million Color Light Bulb, a new gizmo from Smfx.  This smart bulb is turned into a magic lighting source with the help of a downloadable application: “Using the app, turn the […]

Refined Contemporary Design: Self-Supporting Spiral Staircases by Rizzi Studio

In creating these cement spiral staircases, Rizzi Studio combines a sophisticated design with a perfect technical core. Each of the projects acts as a connection between storeys, enhancing the value of the settings and accommodating the requirements of contemporary living. The self-supporting staircase winds around itself according to the available space in a harmonious upward […]

Patented Innovative Window System Slides Around Corners

From mesmerizing floor-to-ceiling windows to fully glazed panoramic homes, this desire to live in spaces flooded by light is a basic human need successfully crafted into modern solutions. We’ve seen our fair share of seamless connections between inside and outside, but this innovative window system from Vitrosca reaches perfection. Part of the Vitrocsa TH+ range, the innovative window system […]

Technological Ingenuity Defining New Shoebaloo Flagship Store in Amsterdam

Dutch architecture firm MVSA Architects turned to HI-MACS® to develop one the new flagship store for Shoebaloo, a prestigious Dutch luxury shoe and accessories company. The historical center of Amsterdam is characterized by an interwoven structure of individual plots, which is why this Shoebaloo store has an open storefront on the first floor of the […]

Blown-Glass Clear Band Pendant Collection of Organic Origins

Contributing to the elegance of a room, lighting fixtures with a certain degree of transparency can create not only light, but also the desired atmosphere. This practical lighting size and placement guide infographic will guide you to choosing the right lighting fixture for the right space. Imagine your dining space adorned with these organic hand-blown Clear Band […]

Sumptuous, Yet Intimate Design Scheme Exhibited by M Restaurant in London

The first thing that strikes you when you walk into M Restaurant on Threadneedle Walk is how big the space is, yet how intimate it feels! This brand new 12,000 square foot London eatery, was a collaboration between a veteran restaurateur and his interior designer, Rene Dekker. Martin Williams’ vision was to create an establishment […]

Stylish and Unconventional: Ethereal Sensation Door Knob Collection by Haute Déco

Building on the concept behind the iconic Signature collection, Haute Déco studio has recently launched the new Sensation Door Knob Collection. Bronze elements encapsulated in crystal resin take on an ethereal quality when seen through the prism of the resin wrap. The hypnotizing door knobs are fairly easy to integrate in a variety of contemporary interiors. Their […]

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