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Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this particular category is our most diverse. From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements,unusually-shaped furniture objects, revolutionary building materials, green indoor walls,  multi-functional appliances, elegant lighting systems and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

White and Black Rug

I love the visual aspect of this white and black rug. The rug combines a modern sensibility with intricate moorish patterning for a lovely combination for any room. Now in this picture you might see a dog, but be careful, a rug like this is white and black, and the white part can be dirty very soon. Price : $299.00…

Beautiful Decorative Wall Vinyls

I love wall vinyls and the decorative vinyls are the last tendency at the time of decorating walls. Today for those who want to add an interesting design to their walls here I’ve found some interesting designs from Miraentuinterior…. If you want to see more interesting designs be sure to visit their website. If you also want to know

Mobile Raphael Fireplace

If you dream to have a fireplace in your home, but your home is not designed for one, now you have the solution. The Raphael Fireplace can be installed very quickly and the best thing is that he can be moved from room to room anytime you want. he mantel is an ornate, classical design with curving columns and flowery

Factory Vase

Maxim Velcovsky turns a familiar symbol of pollution into an ironic comment on industrialism with his porcelain Factory Vase. Instead of harmful exhausts, clean, delicate flowers emerge from out of the smokestack. A dramatic reminder of global warming in an engaging and eye-catching form! – Price : $99.00…

7 Most Important Interior Design Principles

At the end of this article you’ll be able to recognize and use the basic interior design principles used by every interior designer to create a great design, and who knows maybe you’ll also save some money, or start a new career ! Now let’s begin with the beginning, and undestand what interior design is …
“Interior design is the…

Sha-Do Lamp

A german company named Aeneus came with a very interesting idea. They have a collection of beautiful lamps that can produce an astonishing effect in a room, and also can be useful as a decoration as well. Just take a look at these images and you’ll see how they play with shadow and light in an artistic way. – Price…

Netsurfer Chair Ideal for Computer Addicts

More and more people spend more and more time on the internet, and I’m one of them. For people like me, and other internet addicts Snowcrash made the Netsurfer Chair.… This chair seems very comfortable, as you can see from this picture the chair has pillows to support the neck and lower back and adjustable arms and footrests of the

What would you like more from Freshome ?

Today I want to ask all my readers a question, and I encourage your to post a comment.
What do you like most on Freshome, and what do you want more from Freshome ?
For example Zane ( a loyal reader of this blog, who also helped me these days to make the website look good in internet explorer, after…

How To Paint a Tree Mural

Personally I don’t like blank wall in just one color. I like to add something on a wall, something that will give some life and personality to that wall, and of course to the whole home. Today for those who want to learn how to create their own cool wall ( like in the picture above ) here is a

Dan Golden Funny Rugs Collection

If you would like a funny rug intro your room, you should take a look at these rugs made by Dan Golden. These hand-tufted rugs of New Zealand wool can make a bold statement on any floor. I’m sure that anyone can came up with their own origianl funny message, but Dan Golden put this idea into practice. These contemporary…

House Made of Doors

This house has something really special, because is made from an entirely unconformistic material. I’m sure you don’t see a house made entirely from old doors everyday. This was just a quick example of creative people are, and some of them keep to amaze us everyday. This picture was taken near Elberton, Georgia, snapped from a car cruising by at…

Dune Sofa Taking Rugs To Another Level

Rick Lee the designer of Dune Sofa decided to try something new, and combined a rug with a sofa. The rug spills over the sofa onto the floor, doing double duty. The rug works with the sofa in any of its forms: sleeper, sofa or back to back seating. The rug and sofa are sold separately, but it seems a…

Help Me Solve Some Problems with this Blog

If you are visiting this blog with Firefox you don’t have any problems. Everything is Super Ok. But if you use Internet Explorer you will see that things are not 100% ok with this blog. For example the right sidebar is situated down. I don’t know exactly how to solve this problem right now, and I’ve asked this question because

Decoration Ideas For Your Walls

I love these two pictures, and I think that are a great source of inspiration for someone who want to paint their walls. I’m bored with the same old walls in just one color, and that’s why I’ve added these pictures, to show the world that the walls can have their own personality. A little change like this can change…

World Largest Piece of Furniture

At a first glance you might think that this picture is Photoshoped, but in fact this is something that actually exist. This it’s an actual photograph of the world’s largest chair, and is situated in the piazza of Manzano, Italy. Manzano is a city of chair makers, and this is a monument dedicated to them. Photographer Rob Krause says with…

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