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Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this particular category is our most diverse. From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements,unusually-shaped furniture objects, revolutionary building materials, green indoor walls,  multi-functional appliances, elegant lighting systems and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

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Bar (Furniture) Design Ideas

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  • Bar Design Ideas

Be it a bar or a restaurant, sometimes these are the places where we try to put the stress off of our shoulders. It’s easy to get your work buddies and go out for a drink. It’s how we, the young people understand to socialize these days, therefore the interior of such a place has […]

Foil Balloon Inspired Fruit Bowl : Hollowware

At first glance, you may be forgiven if you mistook the picture below for a somewhat dented child’s foil balloon. But it is actually an inflatable metallic plastic foil fruit bowl called Hollowware designed by Kim Buck of Denmark.  He is actually a goldsmith and he took the term “hollowware” from the term used for metal tableware […]

Dual Purpose Bedside Lamp

At the end of a hard day, many of us like to empty our pockets full of change, keys and so on and put them on our bedside table. Getting ready for bed also means taking off glasses and watches. All that detritus usually forms an unsightly heap and the chances of one of them […]

Five Steps to Making Your Home More Beautiful

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image sources 1, 2, 3, 4 Most of us have watched those cruel home make-over shows at one time or another. You know the type, where a hyperactive bunch of designers and tradesman bombard their way into an ‘unsuspecting’ civilian’s home, with only an hour to complete a WOW transformation. The magic designer snatches up […]

Round Pool Tables

We have featured different kinds of pool tables before – design variations on the classic rectangular pool table.  But never before a round pool table!  The lack of angles means no nasty corners to bump into. One immediately obvious advantage is the space saving feature for those who love to have company over to shoot […]

Vinyl Wall Decals Art : Beautiful Vinyl Wall Stickers

In these days one of the most interesting ways to dress your walls and to give it individuality is to add wall decals to it. A vinyl wall decal can give your wall a unique look just in few minutes, without going through the long, messy and expensive process of paint or wall paper. Vinyl […]

How to Make the Stairs the Most Interesting Element of Your Home

A few months ago we presented an interesting project called the Rainbow Bookshelf, a beautiful example of organizing books by color. Today here is another interesting way to play with colors created by Jim Lambie. Jim Lambie, a Scottish artist, is best known for his striped vinyl floor pieces, which have covered the floors and […]

Wall Units and Wall Mounted Shelves Inspirational Pictures

Wall units and wall mounted shelves have come into general use relatively recently in the end of 20th century, as bulky televisions transform into home entertainment systems with sleek plasma TVs and surround-sound speaker systems. These furnishings usually consist of several detached pieces that are attached to a wall. Today for those of you who […]

Coffe Table with Four Integrated Ottomans : Ideal for Small Space Living

The Modern Wengate coffee/cocktail table – Kyoto is a great solution for small space living. If you’d like more seating or more storage space in your living room, but the area already seems a bit cramped, then you may want to take a look at this interesting idea. This coffee table comes with four ottomans […]

Growing A Natural Crystal Chair

You might remember growing crystals as a science project back in school. Well, Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka didn’t forget so he grew natural crystals to form a chair! It is called the Venus Chair. He created it for his exhibition, Second Nature in Tokyo later this month. He wanted each of the artists participating in […]

Indoor Bonfires : urBonfire

We’ve seen many styles of bio ethanol fireplaces for indoor and outdoor use but the urBonfire is different. It actually resembles the kind of log fire you build when you go camping. As the fuel is both odorless and smoke-free you can use it either on your patio, garden or even in your living room! […]

Field of Lights : Bruce Munro

After you see this incredible outdoor lighting installation, you will yearn to change the cheap solar lights in your garden. Bruce Munro, a British lighting designer will  installing his iconic Field of Light again this winter at the Eden Project in the English county of Cornwall. This immense installation will use 6,000 acrylic tube lights containing optical fibers. The effect […]

Apartment Interior Design : Before and After Pictures by Uberdesignhouse

What I’m going to present today is a project by one of our readers ( Max Tay : Uberdesignhouse , an interior designer based in Singapore ). I’ve found his website in the comments section in this post where I was overhelmed by the number of comments ( 218 until now – WOW ) …Thank […]

Christopher Dezille’s Honky, Builds Great Furniture

For a guy looking to buy furniture for his renovated apartment, seeing what Honky comes up with is really helpful, but the fact that they’re from London is not. The guy behind the funny name interior design company is Christopher Dezille. His work tries to please everyone, hence the stylish, modern, contemporary or mid-century furniture. […]

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