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Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this particular category is our most diverse. From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements,unusually-shaped furniture objects, revolutionary building materials, green indoor walls,  multi-functional appliances, elegant lighting systems and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

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Illusion of More Space Curtain by Bauke Knottnerus

Designed by Bauke Knottnerus this curtain is a great piece of conversation, that can also create the illusion of more space in any room. I’m pretty sure that your new guests will be pretty impressed by a curtain like this …and who knows maybe some people will be inspired by design and maybe they will […]

Modern media center that integrates a LCD or plasma TV

Designed by Oscar Buratti, Gabriele Buratti for the Italian company, Acerbis, the Tuttuno its a multi-function living-room cabinet with very high capacity in a compact size. This chameleon-like media center has two sliding doors, one of which has a glass front designed to integrate a LCD or plasma TV. Wires to and from all the […]

A Radical Coat Hanger Design by Nicola from Bern

When you think about it, the humble coat hanger’s design hasn’t changed for a long time. One designer, Swiss born Nicola Enrico Stäubli who bills himself as Nicola from Bern, has come up with a radical new approach to hanging up your clothes, hats and scarves. His powder-coated steel Coat Hanger & Coat Hook allows you […]

Designing harmony: Simple Feng Shui tips for beginners

In what is becoming a trend that is gaining great following, Feng Shui has become a sought after craft that even designers are forced to study because more and more customers are asking for it. But you do not have to be a deep student of the subject to follow some of its simplest techniques. […]

Felt Rugs by Michelle Mason

The craft of making felt dates back thousands of years – it is the oldest known type of fabric. Despite its ancient origins, felt can be used in today’s contemporary home decor.  Indeed felted wool has never looked so good when designed by Michelle Mason (UK). Her beautiful felt rugs are strikingly bold for they sport a fresh take on […]

The modern mariner: Crafting a dazzling home from old shipping containers

There is no doubt that the modern architect and designer is trying to make the most out of resources available. And that cannot be truer in the case of Adam Kalkin. The man is famous for transforming shipping containers into beautiful and luxurious modern homes that are in no way inferior to the traditional structures […]

The People Behind

Since I’ve started this website I’ve never said a word about who is behind this website, but today I’ve decided to reveal a few details and pictures with the people behind this website. So let’s begin … Michael or Micle Mihai-Cristian is a 22 years guy that is also the founder and owner of Freshome. […]

Designer Quest: How to find an interior designer to suit your need

Starting off with a new home or office space. But deciding on what you’re buying requires more opinion. Most of the time you go about asking your friends what they think or how would they do it. But have you considered a professional interior designer? If so where do you find one? Here’s our take […]

OTTO, First Wood-Formed Fan for Style and Function

Created by Swiss designer Carlo Borer, OTTO is more than a fan – it’s a piece of furniture with a purpose. As the weather gets warmer, replacing your air conditioner with a more cost-effective and energy-saving solution like a fan may be a reasonable choice. Unfortunately, fans in the past have typically been bulky, unsightly […]

Recession blues: How to save money on home decorating

It seems that the much feared recession woes are hitting every industry and the best advice that most finance experts are giving today is to save what you have. But if you have just started thinking about decorating your home or office, does it mean that you put the plans away for several months now? […]

Carpet Clues: How to bring home the right carpet

Your home is much more than the four walls that surround you and most often people tend to ignore the fact that the ceiling above them and the floor under their feet need to compliment for the perfect look. But getting that flawless carpet for your home is not just about the looks but also […]

Temperature Sensitive Glass Tiles

Moving Color is an innovative technology which takes glass tiles to new heights in terms of interior design. These are temperature sensitive textured glass tiles  which change color with the ambient, body or water temperature. So when someone touches them or if warm water from a shower hits them, the tiles then literally “bloom with color”! How neat is […]

Dazzling delights: How to light up a room beautifully

No matter which part of the room you are decorating and how you wish to improve the beauty of your home, you will always find decorators telling you that lighting makes or breaks the entire effort. Creating the perfect lighting conditions is the difference between an attractive home and dull interiors that are pale and […]

Jesus Floor Lamp

Feeling a little holier than thou lately? Then you should get the Jesus floor lamp by Mexican designer, Ricardo Garza Marcos.  You can place the halo style lamp behind where you sit either at home or at the office. Not only will it illuminate your work or reading area but it will make you look positively […]

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