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At Freshome, we believe strongly in encouraging creativity. Each project we post in our furniture section is meant to trigger your surprise and help you envision a home with a high level of dynamics and originality. Multi-purpose tables that can be packed up and stored in small drawers, shelves delivering inspirational messages, futuristic desks, industrial elements converted into practical household objects, chairs inspired by famous classic designs and items you did not even imagine existed- all awaiting for your honest and constructive critique.

Series X Multifunctional Furniture

Series X, an innovative and exciting range of contemporary multifunctional furniture comprising seat, table and footstool. Each product has a continuous loop form in a unique profile, which enables it to be rotated into different positions offering maximum versatility – upright, recliner and perching stool, coffee table, side table and foot stool, all matching each other’s heights and uses. Brilliantly…

Solitaire Workstation

Solitaire Workstation… is a project by Alexander Lotersztain, and as you can see is a a table and a chair that look like the “G” letter. A beautiful piece of furniture that is excelent for small places, and if you want to use the whole power of the Solitaire Workstation you can use the space under the seat to store

Table Bench

Table Bench …is a little table with two seats incorporated designed by Hans de Pelsmacker. This table is ideal for a small place. From the picture the table seems to small, and can be used for a chees match, a romantic date, or something that don’t requires to much space, and if you are tall or big, I don’t know

Jacquard Chair

This beautiful hand-carved chair combines the elements of an antique chair with some modern materials and elements. Perhaps most telling of the quality craftsmanship is the way the flourishes blend effortlessly with the jacquard upholstery, like two ballerinas from different worlds locked in a tightly choreographed dance. The price for this chair is not ultra expensive how you might expect,…

Modern Rocking Chair by Eero Aarnio

This chair ( Keinu rocking chair ) is the new definition of rocking chairs, a modern rocking chair. His designer Eero Aarnio has once again designed a chair that both attracts the eye and also conforms perfectly to the body’s shape. The molded plastic seat upholstered with black leather facilitate a relaxed sitting posture and provide comfortable ride. Eero Aarnio…

Slant Table by Rhubarb Decor

Slant Table is made by Rhubarb Decor and is a beautiful piece of multi functional furniture. You can use it as a table and in the same time as a bookshelf. Constructed of eco-friendly bamboo ply, the Full Slant is part of the innovative furniture line offered by Rhubarb Decor. The price for this table is : $950.

Animi Causa ChouChou & Inflow

I love how our friends from PadStyle describe the products, that’s why for this product that I’ve found on their website I want to post their description, because I love it.
MODERN YET MESSY TYPES will love Animi Causa’s Chouchou and Inflow… tables which literally absorb loose artifacts with little more than a half-hearted shove. Hundreds of meters of elastic

Neptune Chair with Extra Wide Seat

I don’t know why this chair is called Neptune, but is clearly inspired by the planet Neptune. This chair has an extra-wide seat that clearly can offer a lot of comfort.Its clean lines and contemporary shape are seriously swank. Invitingly wide so you can curl up or invite a close friend. Sublime vinyl with chromed steel legs. Fabric swatches are…

Omni Chair

This chair ( Omni )comes with a simple and elegant design. The Omni chair was designed by two Swedish architects – Marten Claesson & Eero Koivisto. Omni comes standard with black polyamide as pictured. A timeless clean Scandinavian design. – Price: $1,950.00 at Nova68 – Via – Betterlivingthroughdesign

Pick Chair

Like an answer to the problems of space in the home, the Italian seal BBBemmebonacina… produces these showiest chairs to pick-chair. The name is a game of words between pick (to take) and picture (picture). When it is necessary, takings one of the wall and you turn it a showy accessory chair. It’s a perfect expression of functional art, not

Foureight Table a Multi-functional Design

I’m a big fan of multi-functional designs, that’s why today I’ve decided to post this piece of furniture that allows you change his form in many shapes. The Foureight Table by Alex Suvajac… was designed in response to the need for functional furniture in small urban dwelling. The table functions as a coffee table that can be easily folded up

Alcove Sofa

This sofa looks like it was designed to give you a quited place to rest, isolated from the outside world. With high backrest and high arm rests this sofa can make you feel in a little quiet room. The sofa is wide enough to allow two people to stretch out and face each other- but also allows seating for three,…

Balou Modern Chair

This chair is designed by and it looks like someone who is already sitting down. Is like is designed to invite you to sit down and relax, in a comfortable hug. This chair is made with a tubular metal frame with hardened steel springs in the back and headrest covered in molded foam. The legs are a lacquered finish. You…

Ghostly Feet Tables

After I’ve presented you some time ago the amazing Illustion Table by John Brauer, today I’ve found something that looks like Illusion Table. Ghostly Feet Tables have a design that is similar to John Brauer tables, and the big difference between Illusion Table and Ghostly Feet is the price. The Ghostly Feet can be purchased from UltraModern… and the prices

Wall Mounted Desk Office

I love this wall mounted office desk, because you can save space, and also create a zen-like environment for those seeking simple, clean lines and unique storage options. As you can see from this picture I’m also sure that the price for this office desk can be lower than an usual office desk, because the producer can save money on…

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