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At Freshome, we believe strongly in encouraging creativity. Each project we post in our furniture section is meant to trigger your surprise and help you envision a home with a high level of dynamics and originality. Multi-purpose tables that can be packed up and stored in small drawers, shelves delivering inspirational messages, futuristic desks, industrial elements converted into practical household objects, chairs inspired by famous classic designs and items you did not even imagine existed- all awaiting for your honest and constructive critique.

Leather Furniture from Timeless Design

Zisa Chaise Lounge a simple, but modern chair, covered with white leather, that is supported on a stainless steel frame. Excellent for a good relaxation in the evening. – Product info

Wing Triple Seater – Steel frame covered with polyurethane foam. Base in steel tube powder coated. A sofa that can give you the feel of power, at least that

FK Lounge Chair

FK Lounge Chair is a simple modern chair, with a timeless design.I’m sure that this chair can offer a very good comfort, but I would like a version with wheels. This chair was designed by Preben Fabricius and Jørgen Kastholm of Düsseldorf and is manufactured by Walter Knoll…
At the end of the Sixties, the FK bucket seat became a

Batti’s Placentero Chair

Batti’s Placentero Chair… is designed by an Argentinean designer named Batti. The outside sphere plastic surface is fiberglass and is finished with coat-gel which helps to erase scratches using polish paste. The seat’s leather comes in multiple colors. The bad part of this chair is his weight [ 70 Pounds (32 Kg) ], just imagine moving this chair. The name

Delta Table by Iliuta Brothers

Delta Table was designed by Iliuta Brothers. The upper part of the Delta Table can slide, allowing the user to adust the height, and who knows maybe transforming this table into an office table. – Via – Coolboom…

Furniture by Pieter Maes

Today I’ve discovered on notcot the portfolio of Pieter Maes, and from his portfolio I’ve selected this two cabinets that I like very much. The pieces of furniture are from Marquetry collection 2007. Marquetry project focuses on using wood in a contemporary and graphical way.


Ellis chair has a modern an clean look. The chair seems very comfortable – foam seat and back provides comfort and durability, and the most interesting part are arm cushions that increase the comfort level. – Price : $499 at Eq3…

Furniture for Flat TV’s

Plasma and LCD flat panel TV’s are more and more popular. They are stylish, don’t require a lot of space and are percieved as high status object. Now here is a beautiful piece of furniture specially designed for a flat TV, Futura Entertainment Center.
The unit offers two inset tempered clear glass shelves for storing several media players. An added

SKiN Sofa

SKiN Sofa is designed by Jean Nouve… a French architect. As you can see from this picture this sofa has a very simple but innovating design. SKiN adopts innovative technical ideas such as the supporting structure in tubular pretensioned steel which holds another structural element, the cover in double-sided leather with its self-modelling geometric incisions. I like this sofa because

Beehive Inspired Table by Hoon Roh

Beehive Inspired Table was designed by Hoon Roh…. Designer Hoon Roh uses that research nature has so carefully accumulated thru millions of years of design to create objects that look hypnotically organic. I realy like this table because she is shiny, sleek and has a futuristic touch. Also the colors are relaxing and make me want this table. This

Tsubomi Chair

Tsubomi …is a really interesting chair, and I’m sure that you don’t see a design like this everyday. Tsubomi chair was inspired by a flower bud growing in the forest of KuKunochi. As you can see the inspiration can come from everywhere. In the near future who knows what shapes I might find. Now by looking at this chair I

Piola Modern Bookcase

PIOLA is a new modern wall bookcase, with a totally new shelf system. This new bookcase system from my perspective is designed just to make things beautiful for the eye. If you have a lot of books this bookcase is not something for you. It comes in two sizes with choice of peg colors and board style – glossy white…

Apple Chair

You might remember the Zanotta 884 Evolution Chair By Ora Ito…. This chair seemed to be inspired by apple products. Today we have another chair from this range, but he also have the name : Apple Chair. I’m wonderig if Apple brand will have something to say about this. From this picture the chair looks to geeky for me,

Volant Sofa

Volant Sofa is designed by Patricia Urquiola, and the Volant range includes the sofa, armchair, chair, and a stool, if you want the whole collection. The structure is basic and self-sufficient. The frame of the base appears orthogonal but in actual fact is a trapezium for adapting to the line of the back and seat. This leads to a shape…

Teddy Bear Chair

Remember these chairs made from a lot of plushy toys ? From my perspective those chairs wasn’t a bright idea, but for all teddy bear loves here’s something that maybe you’ll like more. Swedish designer, Matti Klenell… created this huge chair from a huge teddy bear. To bad that the teddy bear is so sad, or tired …anyway .. would

A Corner to Hide – Sofa Concept

This sofa project is one of the most interesting pieces of furniture I’ve ever saw. Unfortunately, Edouard Simoens designers sofa is only a concept. From these pictures this sofa looks like a comfy hidden corner. What do you think about this sofa ?

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