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At Freshome, we believe strongly in encouraging creativity. Each project we post in our furniture section is meant to trigger your surprise and help you envision a home with a high level of dynamics and originality. Multi-purpose tables that can be packed up and stored in small drawers, shelves delivering inspirational messages, futuristic desks, industrial elements converted into practical household objects, chairs inspired by famous classic designs and items you did not even imagine existed- all awaiting for your honest and constructive critique.

Space Saving Solution : New Concept Table for Kitchen and Studio

The New Concept Table… is a piece of contemporary furniture of Italian design, the innovation dreamed from everyone looking for space-saving solution. The table folded is a very compact decorative panel: the folding leg let the table close completely to a three centimeters board; it pops-up easily for additional working or dining surface. The table is wall mounted, always available

Luna’s C30 Volvo Chair

The first place winner for the “Volvo For Life Design Awards,” designer Luis Luna’s C30 Volvo Chair is actually inspired by the back tail light on the Volvo C30…  in fact, from the side you can even see where the light would be in the circular ottoman!  Interesting and adaptable, the C30 Chair is built so that the ottoman and…

A different way to store your books : Book Porcupine by Holly Palmer

Designed by British designer Holly Palmer… to sit beside your chair, this shelving unit has three different sizes of compartment to accommodate books of varying sizes. With 18 compartments in various sizes for storing your favourite books, the Book Porcupine is a product that is based on the idea of negative spaces. The compartments are the books negative representations made

Mikhailov’s Edge Desk

Ontario, Canada-based designer Alexi Mikhailov developed the sleek and hyper-streamlined Edge Desk: a table design straight out of our ultramodern cyberprep fantasies.  Especially geometric with powerful, curvilinear angles as its foremost features, the Edge Desk is clearly intended to tug at the heartstrings of progressive contemporary designers among us.  The Edge Desk would be a fantastic, non-burdensome addition to a…

Velichko Velikov’s Elaxa Chair

Arguably one of the cooler chairs I’ve seen recently, Velichko Velikov’s Elaxa Chair is a fluid furniture piece that’s an amazing contemporary take on the classic Thonet bentwood chair designs.  Developed simply from bentwood and metallic joints, seat and base, the Elaxa Chair took the rules developed by classic Prague and Tivoli chairs and really mixed things up with layers…

Metaconcrete’s Universe Light

True to its name, Korean design studio Metaconcrete’s… Universe Light is a stellar (no pun intended) display that literally splashes light against interiors in exciting and unbound ways.  What I find most interesting about the Universe Light is how simply its designed, yet how effectively it does its job as a remarkable accent display.  Though a simple idea and structure,

Skid Row by Philippe Malouin

Designed by Philippe Malouin the “Skid Row” will be part of his exhibition ‘unusual context’ for nextlevel gallery in paris. The chair is made from bent steel tubing, perforated birch balls, and elastic shock cord. When the user sits down, the wooden balls rearrange and contour the shape of his or her body. Philippe malouin…‘s work combines a certain

The Hex Sofa by Nonsinger

Designed by “Nosinger…” the Hex Sofa is a sofa which has a sharp shape like a mineral ore being inspired by hexagonal crystal. By being wrapped by plywood, it has a side table on the edge of the sofa and the sloped shoulders of the sofa work as armrests. When you have a sofa like this you can

Minus Tio’s My Crew Table

A resourceful furniture piece by Swedish designers Ingrid Svensson and Olle Wingard of the design company Minus Tio…, My Crew is a table that is meant to be pieced together like panels for every usage imaginable.  The stark contrast is color and noticeably diagonal design is clearly meant to the more thoughtful, creative urban designers who are looking to

Original Coffee Table : Kersplat Coffee Table by James Ian Killinger

Designed by James Ian Killinger…, a 2008 graduate of Iowa State University’s College of Design the Kersplat Coffee Table is a pure example of creativity. A piece of furniture so simple, but so original, guaranteed to get attention. Now here are a few words about this coffee table from James : “A liquid’s life is an ephemeral one. Its

Ken Tomita’s Visually Appealing Bamboo Tables

In open concept living space, it’s important to consider not just how individual furniture looks but whether they are still visually appealing from different angles. One designer who does consider this detail is  Ken Tomita…. There are two outstanding table designs from his Bamboo Collection which look good from all view points. For the Sensu table, the designer chose

Shelving Only When You Want

Large blank wall?  No problem. Fill them with shelves so you can artfully display and store your things. But if you could also rearrange shelves without having to remove and reinstall the units all the better. Sebastian Errazuriz…‘s clever Repisa N5 allows you to do just that because you can  bring down selected parts of the shelving unit. Change

Fitzpatrick’s Four-to-One Table

Taking influences from both Nordic and Asian design, Leon Fitzpatrick’s… Four-to-One Table is a strong interior or exterior accent for those who enjoy sculptural centerpieces.  The white and woodgrain furniture piece can actually break down into easy-to-reassemble elements for quick transportation or just so that you can use the table just about anywhere in your home.  Aside from serving as

Echo Modern Night Stand by Michael Rall

Designed by Michael Rall the Echo Night Stand is a modern piece of furniture that gives you the illusion of floating furniture or appears to stand only on one leg. Echo’s form created the opportunity for a balance between both private and public storage. The open area is meant to store your latest magazine or that book you cannot put…

Fly Me to the Moon Chair

The “Fly Me to the Moon” Chair, designed by Norwegians Sigurd Strom and Torstein Nilsen, won the Norwegian Design Council’s “Design Excellence Award” in 2008. The Design Council described the chair as “a rigid design providing a beautiful frame around anyone who sits in it. The chair is stylish and minimalist, with exquisite details and proportions, and is equally elegant…

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