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At Freshome, we believe strongly in encouraging creativity. Each project we post in our furniture section is meant to trigger your surprise and help you envision a home with a high level of dynamics and originality. Multi-purpose tables that can be packed up and stored in small drawers, shelves delivering inspirational messages, futuristic desks, industrial elements converted into practical household objects, chairs inspired by famous classic designs and items you did not even imagine existed- all awaiting for your honest and constructive critique.

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Original Shelf Padded with Soft Cushions: SNUG by Giorgio Bombace

  • design snug padded shelf
  • snug padded shelf (3)
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  • snug padded shelf (5)

SNUG, the padded shelf is one of those design that surprises due to its simplicity and wittiness. No longer do walls have to carry shelves divided of personality; this practical addition ranking high in aesthetics can subtly add that touch of warmth some interiors need badly. Designed by Giorgio Bombace for Formabilio, Snug is an […]

Store Away Unwanted iPhone and iPad Cables: Stage Charging Shelf

  • creative Stage iPhone shelf
  • Stage iPhone shelf  (1)
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  • Stage iPhone shelf  (3)

Dutch based furniture brand Spell launched their latest creation, the Stage charging shelf, an interactive unit acting as a meeting place for all your re-chargeable handheld devices. A very simple idea and yet so appropriate to optimize what is now a daily action, storing away those unwanted cables which proliferate inside our homes. The wall-mounted […]

Armchair Tied to Its Pouf by a Rope: Decube Furniture Project

  • Project decube armchair (4)
  • Project decube armchair (5)

Decube Furniture Project consists of an armchair connected with its footrest by a rope. An object that is simple and linear, where the link between two elements leads to interaction. Designer Luca Binaglia envisions projects that share emotions “arising from a word heard many years before, from a song, a film or a glance captured […]

Versatile and Alluring: Odu Rocker and Daybed by Confused Direction

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A functional mix between a bed and a rocking chair, the Odu Rocker envisioned by Flo Florian and Sascha Akkermann from Confused-Direction is eye-catching and original. Initially spotted by Freshome on Trendir, the swaying daybed features a a curvacious shell like base, complete with a comfy-textured finishing material, that makes the overall design quite inviting. […]

Hand Polished Boeing 777 Wheel Converted into Original Coffee Table

  • coffee table
  • project boeing coffee table (3)
  • project boeing coffee table (4)
  • project boeing coffee table (5)

Proving there are no limits to design creativity, this original coffee table was built using a Boeing 777 wheel. You have to admit that the result is purely captivating, which is what determined us to share the product further. Discovered by Freshome on Fallen Furniture, the unconventional table is entirely hand polished and comes in […]

Retro Inspiration: Hand Crafted Chairs Reviving Lambretta Scooter Elements

Lambretta, a famous line of motor scooters originally manufactured in Milan, inspired designer Jim Plester to create an intriguing collection of hand crafted chairs. Manufactured by Iconic Design, each Lambretta chair is made from traditional scooter spares; this includes the leg shields, horn casting, badges and trim. The color of the bodywork can be based […]

Elegant Spherical Shelter Providing Ultimate Relaxation: Cocoon Beach

Have a look at this elegant spherical shelter with the power to evoke the splendor of endless sea waters! Cocoon Beach was developed by the team at Coccon Tree and consists of a charming retreat made up of an aluminum structure and covered with straw-colored synthetic wire. Discovered by Freshome on Trendir, the project also […]

Stylish Chair Design Inspired by the Concave Lines of Sea Shells

We ran across this elegant and highly original looking furniture piece currently known on the design market as The Cowrie Chair. Inspired by the concave lines of sea shells, the creative team behind Made in Ratio envisioned a home product that stands out due to its modern flowing lines. Highly adaptable to a variety of […]

Jaw-Dropping Design Effects of Charred Wood Unveiled by Yaroslav Galant

Who would have ever guessed that partially burned wood pieces could deliver furniture that is beyond stylish? Ukrainian designer Yaroslav Galant discovered that charred wood can be employed in various interior schemes with striking aesthetic effects. His “Born 2B Burn” collection (initially spotted by Freshome on Captivatist) can be organically adapted to different design concepts […]

Unconventional Furniture Showroom with a Powerful Brazilian Personality

Henrique Steyer, the architect from Albus Design in Porto Alegre recently completed a new furniture showroom for FLORENSE, in the city of Teresina. The 8600 sq.ft (800 m²) store was given an Brazilian personality. “The time has come to seize what’s ours and paint our houses with our paints. If we sing our song, everyone […]

Eco-Friendly Design with a Dutch Personality: The Bamboo Chair

In recent times, Dutch design furniture has been heavily focused on creating eco-friendly designs while using sustainable materials. The Bamboo Chair follows this trend. Using long-established Asian plaiting methods in combination with modern Dutch design techniques, designers Tejo Remy and René Veenhuizen were able to create a chair that is made 100% from bamboo, displaying a refined look. Utilizing strips of bamboo […]

An Instant Attention Grabber: Lyubkka Chair by Nuvist

Each new design from Nuvist comes with an intriguing extension of the main characteristic now defining the brand: modern fluid shapes. Not too long ago we published a project entitled Lyubkka seating on Freshome. The photos below depict the chair version, having smaller dimensions and a slightly different, but just as eye-catching design. Lyubkka seating represents […]

Funky Wall Hook Made from Recycled Skateboards by Deckstool

  For years, the guys at Deckstool have been salvaging broken skateboards and crafting them into their funky, yet clean-lined benches, stools, and tables. Over that time they have recycled tons of skateboards, but have also collected many smaller pieces that could not be used for furniture. This surplus of colorful, recycled skateboard scrap and […]

A New Approach to Luxury : Bentley Furniture Collection By Carlo Columbo

Inspired by the superior finish and design of Bentley’s car interiors, the new Bentley Home furniture collection by Carlo Colombo is an example of British elegance, with a touch of the British driver’s spirit. The UK-based luxury car company is renowned for its sophistication and engineering expertise, now reflecting these features towards a furniture collection, […]

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