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At Freshome, we believe strongly in encouraging creativity. Each project we post in our furniture section is meant to trigger your surprise and help you envision a home with a high level of dynamics and originality. Multi-purpose tables that can be packed up and stored in small drawers, shelves delivering inspirational messages, futuristic desks, industrial elements converted into practical household objects, chairs inspired by famous classic designs and items you did not even imagine existed- all awaiting for your honest and constructive critique.

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Elegant Furniture Piece with Two Functions: The Stepladder Chair [Video]

  • ladder chair (2)
  • ladder chair (3)
  • ladder chair (6)
  • ladder chair (7)

Usit- or the Stepladder Chair- is an elegant furniture piece with two functions: an extremely comfortable chair, and an incredibly safe stepladder. Envisioned by Dutch designer Maarten Olden, the project features a clean minimalist design, easy to integrate in a variety of contemporary interiors. Available in two versions and three color combinations, it is safe […]

Minimalist Sofa with Industrial Twists: Sofist by Sule Koc Design

Sule Koc, an Istanbul-based industrial designer created Sofist, an intriguing and thought provoking furniture item. The distinguished piece is made of a simple metallic framework, decorated with pillows. With unique features, such as special “pockets” for storing books and a small adjacent wooden board, Sofist is the type of item that adds a sense of […]

Bed of the Future: Sleeping Tomorrow by Designer Axel Enthoven

  • Deslee Clama_Bed
  • Deslee Clama_Detail
  • Deslee Clama_Detail2
  • Deslee Clama-Verlichting

Mattress ticking manufacturer DesleeClama developed Sleeping Tomorrow, a revolutionary sleeping concept designed by renown designer Axel Enthoven that was presented as “the bed of the future” at Interzum 2013 in Cologne. This prestigious designation was given to the Sleeping Tomorrow bed not only for the organic design, but also for the state-of-the-art technical features that are […]

Elegant Shelving Unit With Surprising Functionality by TRIpike [Video]

  • ideas REML shelf
  • REML shelf (1)
  • REML shelf (2)
  • REML shelf (3)

Slovenia-based architecture students Tadej Podakar and Luka Fabjan of TRIpike studio envisioned an elegant shelving unit combining simplicity, usability and quality. REMLshelf is flexible wall hanger with plenty of storage space for various small objects. The production process is described as follows: wooden beam, from Slovenian larch trees, is cut into 80cm long basic forms. […]

Broken Furniture: Functionality Kills the Fun by Lennart Van Uffelen

  • Stoel.01 - LVU1
  • Stoel.01 - LVU2
  • Kast.01 - LVU
  • Spiegel.01 - LVU1

Functionality Kills the Fun by Lennart Van Uffelen is a series of broken furniture that go by one principle: Functionality is overrated! Products become more interesting when they perform their task partly or even poorly. Most of the time the image or the emotional value that the object generates is what makes it so fascinating. […]

Playful Cabinets: NODO Furniture Family by Andrea Brugnera

Andrea Brugnera sent us photos and information about a a series of playful cabinets entitled NODO:  When I designed this family of cabinets, I wanted a set of container furniture for all the room of house, with three fundamental design features: the first is the customization, not only aesthetic but also functional; the second is […]

Stylish Panorama Sofa with Calming Effect Compliments Any Space

The living room, one of the most habitable spots in your home can be refreshed at the blink of an eye. All you need is a sofa and… and some great ideas to put together a nice décor. A sofa is a great investment. You can’t just buy any furniture piece. It has to be […]

Unconventional Pixel Furniture Adding Intrigue to Modern Rooms

If you are one to embrace modern technology, then you will surely be intrigued by this new Pixel Furniture range. Designed by Studio Badini Createam for Italian Design House Seletti, the Trip Pixel Collection combines the classic shapes of the existing Trip Furniture with the addition of a pixelated portrait. The juxtaposition of classic French […]

Insightful Tipi Modular Shelving System Evoking the Spirit of Traveling

Designer Assaf Israel envisioned a lovely modular shelving system for studio Joynout. Tipi was born following a year-long round the world trip. It deals with elements of nomadism: the ease with which one can transfer, assemble, change, disassemble and rebuild. This product is suitable for private homes and for public places. It can accompany its users […]

Simple Yet Clever Coffee Table Design with Integrated Chairs

If you are looking for a smart coffee table design to integrate in your modern-minimalist interior scheme, here’s an idea. Spotted on The Fashion FAD, this project is composed of a rectangular table made ​​in lacquered wood, beneath which there are four hidden ottomans. If necessary, each of them can become a comfortable seating unit. […]

Sleek Furniture Pieces by Paco Camús: SHARON & DENISE

Designer Paco Camús completed the design of two sleek furniture pieces developed for Italian brand ALTERNATIVE (by Mobil Fresno Group). The first product is entitled SHARON and represents a unique chair design, “halfway between the retro-futurism of the 60s and the Forefront of the XXI century“. Despite its bold curves, the object has a friendly and […]

Highly Inviting Upholstered Daybed: Kulle by Stefanie Schissler

German designer Stefanie Schissler came up with the concept for an original looking upholstered daybed. As the designer herself stated, the overall goal of the project was to create the ultimate relaxation place. A chill-out zone that calls out to the user with its genuine appearance; one should feel the comfort just by looking at […]

Playing with Perception: Prism Table by Maurie Novak

Prism Table by Australian-based designer Maurie Novak (of MN Design) is one of those creative furniture objects that triggers your attention instantly. Associated by Dornob with a trippy Pink Floyd laser show, the thought provoking object looks different from every standpoint. The magic was obtained by attaching colored elastic lines to a single stainless steel bar, […]

Minimalist Chair Design Ingeniously Crafted in Northern Italy

This minimalist chair design crafted in Northern Italy has neither screws nor metal elements whatsoever. With a structure that is both sturdy and simple, the assembly is elaborated by strategically interlocking each part and adding a bit of glue. In aspiration for a light weight design ideal for daily use, the chair weighs only 2.6 […]

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