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At Freshome, we believe strongly in encouraging creativity. Each project we post in our furniture section is meant to trigger your surprise and help you envision a home with a high level of dynamics and originality. Multi-purpose tables that can be packed up and stored in small drawers, shelves delivering inspirational messages, futuristic desks, industrial elements converted into practical household objects, chairs inspired by famous classic designs and items you did not even imagine existed- all awaiting for your honest and constructive critique.

Funky Wall Hook Made from Recycled Skateboards by Deckstool

For years, the guys at Deckstool… have been salvaging broken skateboards and crafting them into their funky, yet clean-lined benches, stools, and tables. Over that time they have recycled tons of skateboards, but have also collected many smaller pieces that could not be used for furniture. This surplus of colorful, recycled skateboard scrap and the need to do something

A New Approach to Luxury : Bentley Furniture Collection By Carlo Columbo

Inspired by the superior finish and design of Bentley’s car interiors, the new Bentley Home furniture collection by Carlo Colombo… is an example of British elegance, with a touch of the British driver’s spirit. The UK-based luxury car company is renowned for its sophistication and engineering expertise, now reflecting these features towards a furniture collection, which is turned into a

Classic Furniture Meets Bright Neon Colours: Eclectic Squid Cabinet

Eclectic Squid Cabinet,  a matter of contrasts, is a daring piece of furniture that complements modern and playful interiors. It’s not something your grandmother would choose to decorate the interior of her living room. With classic legs but a modern central body, Moloform’s… eclectic creation, boasts asymmetric drawers. To blend into any environment, Squid comes also in white. You can

Casting Doubt on Its Size and Volume: Blur Sofa by Marc Thorpe

Marc Thorpe‘s Blurred Collection for Moroso… at the Soho showroom in NYC this October revealed an interesting furniture piece. Blur Sofa is covered in a knitted material displaying a gradient pattern. The designer described it as “a sofa with a deliberately indefinite, disappearing shape that casts doubt on the rational concept of scale as it cancels the relationship between

Single Continuous Shape Defining Original Desk Design by Nuvist

After publishing the Evfyra Table by Nuvist…, we were intrigued to receive another desk design exhibiting the studio’s smooth curvilinear lines. “We focus on improving, developing and redefining the notion of fluid powerful formal language“, explained the designers. Nebbessa Table has also been inspired by wave formations. Fluidity can be either represented through strong lines or solid shapes with

Versatile and Lightweight REK bookcase jr. by Reinier de Jong

Reinier de Jong is a Dutch designer who likes to keep things simple and elegant. He believes his projects should be strong enough to go without explanation and this small bookcase design definitely speaks for itself. Nevertheless, the story behind REK bookcase jr.… goes like this: “Despite the iPad and its countless toddler apps, my two-year-old son is very fond

Continuous Lines Delivering an Elegant Seating Unit: Lyubkka by Nuvist

Lyubkka seating from Nuvist (you may also remember the studio’s recent designs Nasvtia Bar Lounge and Evfyra Table, which we presented on Freshome a while back) represents a dialogue between the traditional usage and the fluid contemporary language with simple continuous lines and touches. Ergonomic and endless loop lines are blended in a continuous organic three dimensional surface.

Gorgeous and Comfortable VIK Lounge Chair Designed by Arian Brekveld

VIK Lounge Chair is a gorgeous project designed by Arian Brekveld for the Dutch design company Spectrum…. A light metallic pipe frame supports its comfortable seat made of leather or fabric. The backrest and the headrest are both adjustable keeping your body into a permanent reclined position – reminding us of a car seat and it characteristic comfort. It’s

Refined and Contemporary Composite Stool by Artisan Andrew Cassels

The Composite Stool by Andrew Cassels of Cassels Design… has its roots in the warmth of wood, but it is complemented by the addition of powder coated stainless steel, resulting in a refined and contemporary piece. Each Composite Stool is hand-made in the converted garage behind the designer’s house in Wellington, New Zealand. Local businesses are included in the process

Original Surf-Inspired Table and Bench by Duffy London

In the memorable words of Jon Kabat-Zinn, “You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf!“ Inspired by this fascinating sport, Christopher Duffy of Duffy London …envisioned the Surf-ace Table and Bench, a lovely item exhibiting a high level of originality. The Surf-ace table is made using traditional surfboard manufacturing techniques giving the design the same strong visual

Mixing Baroque Elements and Car Art: Distinctive Glamour Beetle Armchair

The design collaboration between Andrea Colombo (interested in iconic cars) and Linda Assandri (passionate about Swarovski and glam details) led to the development of the Glamour Beetle Armchair. The duo from ZAC Glamour Design… launched a unique approach to furniture, combining Baroque elements and Car Art. In the case of the armchair presented in the photos below, the designers used

A Playful Design Reinterpretation: Chess Stools by Giorgio Bonaguro

This family of stools, designed by Giorgio Bonaguro for Icons Furniture…, aim at giving a playful interpretation to this particular type of indoor furniture. The collection starts with Alfiere ( the “Bishop” in Italian) which is a stool in solid wood: it features a geometric form, interrupted by a large diagonal cut which acts as a magazine rack; next

Creatively Juxtaposing Light Leather with Rough Marble: Lounge Chair Opper

We truly appreciate the originality of the “Lounge Chair Opper”, especially created by Grégoire de Lafforest for Galerie Gosserez… in Paris. The unconventional seating unit is composed of two contrasting elements. Inspired by motorcycle saddles from the 70′s, the quilted curving leather seat above offers a feeling of comfort and a refined aesthetic. Its curving lines act as an open

Philipp von Hase’s Latest Handcrafted Work: the Spire Table and the Trialog Chair

Presented at London Design Festival, this year, the Spire Table and the Trialog Chair are two new pieces designed by the very talented Philipp Von Hase. We’ve spotted these two projects on design-milk… and we decided to share them with you, for they really managed to attract our attention and conquer us with their expressive simplicity. His work

Paying Tribute to a Famous Religious Symbol: LOAVES&FISHES Mosaic Chair

A miracle has a logic of its own. Elusive and mysterious, it is hard to pin down in words, let alone to capture in one or more images. But to express it as an object, in the physicality of daily life is, perhaps, a near-impossibility. That is what Alessandro Zambelli… attempts. He focuses on one of the best-known miracles of

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