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At Freshome, we believe strongly in encouraging creativity. Each project we post in our furniture section is meant to trigger your surprise and help you envision a home with a high level of dynamics and originality. Multi-purpose tables that can be packed up and stored in small drawers, shelves delivering inspirational messages, futuristic desks, industrial elements converted into practical household objects, chairs inspired by famous classic designs and items you did not even imagine existed- all awaiting for your honest and constructive critique.

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Mixing Scandinavian and Japanese Inspiration: Henri Stool

  • PRESS_henri

We received a creative stool design from Alexandre Reignier that we would like to showcase today. Henri Stool is an intriguing looking furniture piece created in Aix-en-Provence, in the south of France. Mixing Scandinavian and Japanese inspiration, the chair is an original blend of materials and design details. The delicacy of its lines and its […]

Sasan Magic Carpet Displays Versatility and Comfort

  • Magic Carpet
  • Magic Carpet (2)
  • Magic Carpet (4)
  • SASAN Magic Carpet

The Sasan Magic Carpet looks comfortable and modern, but it hides more than a visual appeal. Created by Alexander Munk Design Bureau, the intriguing carpet-like piece of furniture shows its versatility in various configurations. Describing the designer’s idea about furniture, the Sasan Magic Carpet implements a versatile furniture concept that leaves room for many uses. […]

Original Furniture Set: 3D Coffee Table and Stools

  • 3D - Coffee table and stools open postion
  • 3D - Detail
  • Coffee table with integrated stools 1
  • Coffee table with integrated stools 2

Martin Gallagher designed a coffee table set that we find clever and practical. Here is the press release we received from the project developers: “3D is a neat contemporary coffee table and stools based on solids and voids, cylindrical forms and modern architecture using high quality modern materials and vivid upholstery.  Designed for modern living […]

Playing with Heights and Colours: Do-Lo-Rez Sofa by Ron Arad

  • Do-Lo-Rez  by Ron Arad
  • Do-Lo-Rez  by Ron Arad (2)
  • Do-Lo-Rez  by Ron Arad (4)
  • Do-Lo-Rez  by Ron Arad (5)

The Do-Lo-Rez is one of Ron Arad‘s most beautiful pieces of furniture. Combining modern technology and contemporary design, he managed to create exceptional pieces like this colourful sofa. The London-based designer and architect created the Do-Lo-Rez piece as a versatile sofa made from polyurethane foam that varies in density to ensure both a sturdy base […]

Light, Sober and Comfortable: Volo Chair by Andreas Störiko

Volo Chair was designed by German designer Andreas Störiko for the Swedish manufacturer Lammhults. With a sober, yet spectacular design, the project is suited for offices, home desks or minimalist living-rooms (may we suggest a black & white interior?). Its clean, modern shape inspires a large degree of comfort, especially when used together with the footrest. According to the […]

Decorative Sofas by Teo Jasmin Displaying Selected Photographic Works

Some people choose to display their love for a city or an idea in a corner of their home, where they can see it every day. But how about keeping a photo of your favourite city on the backseat of your sofa? These creative Decorative Sofas designed by Teo Jasmin feature all sorts of photographic […]

How to Use Dark Furniture to Add Drama to your Decor

If you’ve ever walked into a room and felt instant drama and mystique, it could be the appeal of dark furniture. Similar to the magnetic pull of dark walls, and decor, furniture can add drama to a room and make the inhabitants feel mysterious, sexy, and sleek. Many love dark furniture because it commands attention […]

Indulging in Relaxation and Modern Design: Emma Sitting Object

A surprising effect can be acquired by combining a bench and a chair. In this case, the Emma Chair claims its place in the spotlight with a simple and contemporary design that unites two kinds of seating units – a chair placed on top of a bench frame. The non-intrusive design of the Emma Sitting […]

Vivid and Eye-catching: Anemone Chair by Giancarlo Zema

Looking for a colorful king-size chair to spice up your living room or large bedroom? “Anemone” was created by Italian designer Giancarlo Zema and was recently exhibited in Rome, during Ara Pacis Museum’s exhibition. According to the producers, the unusual shape of the chair was inspired by the aquatic anemone: “Swimming as funny fishes in […]

Interactive and Playful: Fruit Bowl Furniture Collection by Hiroomi Tahara

The Fruit Bowl collection was designed by Hiroomi Tahara (currently living in Milan)  for Japanese manufacturing company Yamakawa Rattan. The playful set reminded the creator of random fruits “Please enjoy placing various combinations and arrangements of cushions on this sofa as you do with a fruit bowl“-asserted Tahara. The items were all handmade using rattan […]

Contemporary Sofas from Bora Kim: The Jamirang Sofas

The Jamirang Sofas encompass the concept of comfort and relaxation in its cradle-like design. Ja-mi-rang means falling asleep in Korean, so the sofas we came across on Mocoloco are exceptional combinations of soft yet strong cushions and a modern wood base. Made from wool and wood, the Jamirang Sofas invite you to relax and enjoy […]

Intriguing Mold Chairs by Anders Johnsson and Petter Thörne

We love to see fresh ideas coming from young artists and designers being transformed into reality. Anders Johnsson and Petter Thörne recently graduated from Sweden’s Konstfack University in Stockholm. The Mold Chairs are actually part of their final graduation project and are made of waste materials that are commonly thrown away by various producers. The […]

Interview: Adding Color to Ikea Furniture with Mykea

Mykea is a company which redesigns Ikea furniture by adding fun and vivid decals. We challenged the team to a short interview about their line of work and we were surprised to see how promptly they responded. Enjoy these fun Ikea furniture conversions as well as the answers from Mykea below: Freshome: How did you […]

Repurposed Furniture Collection: “Not So Fragile” by UXUS

“Not So Fragile” is a unique furniture collection designed by UXUS featuring recycled furniture wrapped in neon orange packing tape. Here is a statement from the designers: “By subverting the use of ordinary objects and assumed perceptions of beauty, our orientation of what is expected for those things begins to acquire a poetic quality. The […]

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