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At Freshome, we believe strongly in encouraging creativity. Each project we post in our furniture section is meant to trigger your surprise and help you envision a home with a high level of dynamics and originality. Multi-purpose tables that can be packed up and stored in small drawers, shelves delivering inspirational messages, futuristic desks, industrial elements converted into practical household objects, chairs inspired by famous classic designs and items you did not even imagine existed- all awaiting for your honest and constructive critique.

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Versatile Smallroom Seating Configuration Designed By Ineke Hans

  • Smallroom by Ineke Hans (2)
  • Smallroom by Ineke Hans (3)
  • Smallroom by Ineke Hans (4)
  • Smallroom by Ineke Hans (5)

Functional furniture- we all love it, especially those living in small spaces. Eco-friendly features – we all search for them and hope they become more and more familiar. The Smallroom collection of seating elements combines function and modern design and hides the story of wanting to create a greener office space. These elements were gathered […]

Tribute to the Olympic Games: Vintage Sofa and Trunk Duo

With a vintage inspired Olympian moleskin fabric, this chesterfield style sofa, perfectly complemented by an original looking trunk can add loads of personality. According to Decoist, the Sir Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pinsent inspired sofa and trunk were especially developed as a tribute to this year’s coming Olympic games in London. Both the vintage Olympic poster […]

Childhood-Reminiscent Armchair Inspired by Nautical Features

  • PortiqueArmchair-by-Florent-Coirier-(2)
  • PortiqueArmchair-by-Florent-Coirier-(3)
  • PortiqueArmchair-by-Florent-Coirier-(4)
  • PortiqueArmchair-by-Florent-Coirier-(5)

Remember the joy you felt when going to the park meant playing on the swings? Or the days spend playing in the backyard on an old, beloved swing? This type of experience inspired Paris-based designer Florent Coirier to create the PortiqueArmchair and working with craftsmen of the Autonomous Port of GPM Nantes/Saint-Nazaire constructed another type […]

Premium Collection of Kitchens and Wardrobes by Henrique Steyer

  • matelasse_1
  • matelasse_2
  • provenceI_1
  • provenceI_2

Designed by architect Henrique Steyer, from Albus Design for Brazilian furniture manufacturer Florense, the Charm Collection is a new premium line of kitchens and wardrobes. The collection is said to take inspiration from the past, highlighting the attention to detail and fine woodwork, a blend of modern products based on old traditions. Several product lines […]

Sculptural Reception Desk For Cypriot Furniture Brand

  • The-Reception-Desk-(2)
  • The-Reception-Desk-(3)
  • The-Reception-Desk-(4)
  • The-Reception-Desk-(5)

We recently received photos and sketches of the Reception Desk – a piece of furniture both innovative and functional, that looks more like a sculpture than a desk. Designed as part of the showroom renovation for the Prestige Group furniture brand in Nicosia, North Cyprus, this desk was created to be the focal point of the […]

Practical Oz Sofa Transforms into a Spacious Family Bed [Video]

We received a project of an elegant sofa design that we would like to share forwards. Here is the press release we were sent: Designed by Nicola Gallizia, for Moldeni&C, Oz is one of those ‘magical’ products that has been so cleverly engineered that it just works. The transformation from sofa to bed is delivered […]

Tribute to Dematerialization: Legnoquadro Table by Hangar Design Group

We received an original table project designed by Hangar Design Group for company Horm, entitled “Legnoquadro “. Here is the press release we were sent: “The clean forms and basic features of wood converge were taken advantage of to create an item that merges aesthetics and functionality. The initial idea centered on a furnishing accessory […]

Vivid Funky Blast Chair Standing On A Collection Of Legs

The vivid Funky Blast Chair mixes geometric and organic shapes in a unique, eye-catching design. Standing on 31 American Ash legs finished with hardwax oil, the modern chair borrows its inspiration from the raw, organic nature, but displays a contemporary mixture of wood and fabric that compose a stunning design. With a high-density polyethylene foam-filled […]

Inspired by Nature: LEAVES Sideboard Collection

We recently received information about an elegant furniture project, for the ones looking to add a white touch to their home. According to the press release we were sent, “LEAVES is a collection of storage units that takes inspiration from nature, designed by Italian architect Angelo Tomaiuolo and produced by Tonin CASA. The delicacy of […]

Grab It by the Handle and Move It Anywhere You Want: Carry-On Stool

Imagine having your house filled with furniture elements that you can simply grab individually by a handle and carry them from place to place. Scandinavian designer and architect Mattias Sternberg from Studio Vision A&D came up with this original design idea and applied it in creating the Carry-On Stool. You may argument that by nature, […]

Cheerful Egg-Inspired Table With an Extravagant Look

Created by Polish design studio WamHouse, this modern design might strike some as unusual. The Egg Table is not your average wooden furniture unit with cozy chairs around it, but a colorful product with an original shape, inspired by nature.If you will check out the last picture of this post, you will see how the […]

Fresh Cube-Inspired Alma Armchair by Lavernia & Cienfuegos

Trying to find a special correlation between different elements that make up a chair, Valencia-based design studio Lavernia & Cienfuegos studied shape, form and function and came up with a sleek, cube-resembling design for their new Alma Armchair. Part of the new Signature Collection Koo International, this supportive contemporary armchair encompasses two volumes that can […]

Ultimate REK Coffee Table : Modern and Versatile

We recently received photos of a fantastic coffee table that can be modified to suit your needs. The REK Coffee Table, created by architect and designer Reinier de Jong, transforms from a wooden block into a multitude of designs with a few simple moves. After deigning furniture items like the REK bookcase, KEER chair and […]

Ingenious Shelving Units: Hole in the Floor Series by Raw Edges

The collaboration between Yael Mer & Shay Alkalay led to the founding of Raw Edges, a design studio with a clever and original portfolio. For today we chose to present their project called Hole in the Floor and consisting of a series of ingenious shelving units. Based on the idea of things unexpectedly ending (in […]

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