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At Freshome, we believe strongly in encouraging creativity. Each project we post in our furniture section is meant to trigger your surprise and help you envision a home with a high level of dynamics and originality. Multi-purpose tables that can be packed up and stored in small drawers, shelves delivering inspirational messages, futuristic desks, industrial elements converted into practical household objects, chairs inspired by famous classic designs and items you did not even imagine existed- all awaiting for your honest and constructive critique.

Sleek Dressers Featuring Colorful Silk-Screened Designs

The modern baroque-inspired dressers from Italian company Seletti encompass sleek and curvy features into a modern packaging. The reinterpretation of classic design seems to suit the artist’s intentions of creating a cheerful but stylish furniture collection. With Selad as designers and Seletti… as manufacturers, these cool and fresh dressers are a result of skillful manufacturing: silk – screened wood turned

Old Plane Engine Used as Coffee Table Base

We recently ran across this odd, yet very cool design. What you see is what you get: the base of this coffee table is a genuine plane engine. According to Design Milk…, the Cylinder Radial Engine Table was created by using a base that comes from a US Army Boeing-Stearman PT-13 and was acquired from the Canadian Museum of

Fun and Versatile: Shape-shifting Sofa by Alexander Rehn [Video]

Swiss designer Alexander Rehn designed the intriguing Cay Sofa concept, a furniture item that is said to anticipate the user’s movements. According to Gizmodo…, the shape-shifting sofa is made up by using ingeniously placed hinges that make it adapt to the various positions of the person sitting on it. This means each time the user moves, the sofa changes

Michael Samoriz’s Outline Chair Displaying an Elegant Silhouette

Designer Michael Samoriz of Ukraine-based Umbra Design Studio …came up with this chair that constructs a new idea when it comes to seating unit design. Created as an elegant silhouette of the well-known seating unit, the Outline Chair displays a fantastic shape that compliments a modern home. In his search for this particular design, Michael Samoriz used simple, clean lines

Iconic Music Chair Reinvented by Young Talented Designers

The Music Chair was initially created by Italian furniture manufacturer Natuzzi… and was revolutionary due to its integrated sound system and delightful upholstered design. In order to celebrate the success of this creation, Natuzzi decided to challenge young designers to a competition which aimed at reinventing the iconic item. Among the participating projects, these two showcased in the photos below

When Steel and Oak Meet in Design: Noon Studio Steel Stool

Functional and versatile, the Noon Studio’s Steel Stool …represents a continuous search for better and more space-effective furniture. The stool concept comes from the joining of two simple materials that give it modern features and a forceful, contemporary design. Constructed by combining a metal sheet with a wooden Y-frame, the Steel Stool displays the idea of a strong character in

Versatile Furniture: Dual Cut by Kitmen Keung

What can you get by slicing a cube into two separate asymmetrical parts? Designer Kitmen Keung… did this simple experiment and the result couldn’t be more practical. Dual Cut is an interesting furniture piece consisting of a lounge chair and ottoman which can be merged together to form a third furniture piece (a desk or a table). Here is more

Stool Inspired by a Bird’s Nest: “Boet” by Note Design Studio

The Boet stool was created by Note Design Studio… and has a charming, minimalist appearance, making it perfect to integrate in various modern arrangements. According to the project developers, “boet’, which means ‘nest’ in Swedish, is a stool that takes its form from that of a bird’s home that sits high amongst the trees – elevated, protected, supported by strong

Fun and Creative: Face Shelving by Alexi Mccarthy

Here is an original shelving unit that falls under the category “do it yourself”. The Face Shelving comes from Alexi Mccarthy… and is a cheerful storage unit for books and various small objects. The designer tells its story as follows: “It started from a chat my girlfriend and I were having. A year and a father-son project later, the very

Fabulous Collection Piece: Walrus Chair by Maximo Riera

Spanish designer Maximo Riera creates furniture pieces inspired by the fascinating animal world. Not too long ago, we featured two impressive furniture items on Freshome belonging to the same designer: the Octopus Chair and the Rhino Chair…. Walrus is another seating unit with an aesthetic effect that is both strong and fascinating. Based on the alluring features of the

Stylish Elliptical Mirror with a Strong Feminine Appeal

Pinch design… is a studio from London which recently came up with a stylish mirror design called Iona Cheval. Here is a short description from the designers: “The Iona Cheval mirror is a full-length elliptical mirror framed in solid oak with a shaker-style joint and brass rivet detail at one side. The solid oak A-frame is finished in a matt

Sustainable and Unconventional Furniture Items by Jory Brigham Design

Jory Brigham Design… is a furniture fabrication business located in San Luis Obispo, California. For today, we decided to showcase some of the beautiful works of the person behind the company, which consists of sustainable and unconventional furniture items. The producer of these delightful projects told us that for each handcrafted piece, he strives to incorporate many styles, eras, colors,

Using Wood the Creative Way: Alma Table by Roberta Rampazzo

Alma (“Soul”) table was created by Brazilian designer Roberta Rampazzo and has a simple, yet original appearance. Seen on Design Milk…, we find this furniture piece to be an example of how wood scraps can be employed in creating a functional design. The acrylic frame holds the scraps together while giving an overall elegant touch to the product. The

Elegant Bike Storage Solutions by Design Studio Quarterre

Design Studio Quarterre have launched their first range of Furniture For Bikes, which can still be seen at the cult East London cyclists’ hub, at the London Design Festival 2011…. Here is some information from the press release we were sent: “Designed to support everyday life on two wheels, these premium pieces unite cycling culture with interior design.The four

Furniture Piece with An Attitude: Rhino Chair

The Rhino Chair was designed by Spanish designer Maximo Riera… and it is what we like to call a seating unit with a strong attitude. After all, it is not everyday designers choose to mix furniture with the mightiness of a rhino, while conserving its natural proportions. It is not the first time that Maximo Riera dazzles the mind with

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