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At Freshome, we believe strongly in encouraging creativity. Each project we post in our furniture section is meant to trigger your surprise and help you envision a home with a high level of dynamics and originality. Multi-purpose tables that can be packed up and stored in small drawers, shelves delivering inspirational messages, futuristic desks, industrial elements converted into practical household objects, chairs inspired by famous classic designs and items you did not even imagine existed- all awaiting for your honest and constructive critique.

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Unconventional Nook Table Challenging Predetermined Ideas

  • Nook-by-FRNKWZ-2
  • Nook-by-FRNKWZ-3
  • Nook-by-FRNKWZ-4
  • Nook-by-FRNKWZ-5

The Nook Table by German product-based designer and researcher FRNKWZ is an unconventional table that finds its place in any corner of a room, but not as you might expect. The designer explains how the idea of a corner table spruced in his mind: “Nook is a side table that challenges our spatial conventions. We […]

Clever Storage Space Shaped Like A Pile of Wood

What at first appears to be just a pile of wood is, at a closer inspection, a creative cabinet cleverly hidden under a wooden shell. The Facecord Cabinet is part of Cleveland-based designer Mark Moskovitz‘s portfolio and can be used to store or even hide things in plain sight. The name refers to the measurements […]

Thinking of Summer: Husk Outdoor by Patricia Urquiola

If you are already thinking about the summer to come, we can help you decide what outdoor furniture you can use to decorate your deck, patio or terrace. Husk Outdoor was designed by Patricia Urquiola for B & B Italia. This outdoor version of the Husk Chair presented at the last Milan Design Week bares […]

Will We Be “Growing” Organic Furniture In The Future?

  • Mutation-Series-by-Maarten-De-Ceulaer2
  • Mutation-Series-by-Maarten-De-Ceulaer3
  • Mutation-Series-by-Maarten-De-Ceulaer4
  • Mutation-Series-by-Maarten-De-Ceulaer5

Some organically-shaped furniture pieces manage to capture the inspiration seen all around us in a modern design – this helps compose interiors with a fascinating arrangement. For example, the Mutation Series by Belgian designer Maarten De Ceulaer express the need for nature-inspired design in modern homes. Wanting to show a possible future for furniture items, […]

Lightweight Missix Armchair Inspired By Ancient Spirals

  • Missix-Armchair-by-Di-Marzio-Design (2)
  • Missix-Armchair-by-Di-Marzio-Design (3)
  • Missix-Armchair-by-Di-Marzio-Design (4)
  • Missix-Armchair-by-Di-Marzio-Design (5)

Taking armchair design a step further, the Missix Armchair is inspired by the mysterious Minoan spirals from Santorini. Made out of rotational molded polythene, the modern shape of the Missix Armchair swirls around itself, composing a clean and elegant contemporary design. Resembling the shape of the number six, the armchair was given a name that […]

Alliance Between Two Materials Captured In A Modern Sideboard

Resting its weight on two translucent acrylic feet, the Alliance Sideboard displays a wonderfully unusual shape perfect for those who consider contemporary furniture for their home. Designed by Erwan Pťron for a new French company envisioning a brighter future – TurriniBY – this angular sideboard can easily turn a room from boring into interesting. Becoming […]

Splitting Furniture Revealing Double Use – Within Seating/Side Table

There is no reason to fill up our homes with useless furniture and items that will soon fill up out storage spaces. Instead, we should keep an eye out for versatile furniture that uplifts our spirit with a carefully designed and studied body. Part of this type of furniture, the Within seating and side-table looks […]

Customizable Cubit Shelving System Transforms Interiors

Modular shelving units make our lives easier and help customize even the most challenging spaces. Cubit could be part of your next space transformation, as it can be personalized to suit your own needs. Designed to help you organize your stuff, Cubit consists of 21 formats in 8 depths, each piece having an intelligently designed […]

The Defying Armchair: Paszcza by WAMHOUSE

WAMHOUSE designed an originally looking armchair for modern rooms with an eccentric decor. Here is the press release we were sent from the project developers: “Apart from designing interiors, houses and furniture, the WAMHOUSE company is also a manufacturer of original furniture for private and commercial interiors. Paszcza armchair is an example. It has been […]

Minimalist And Versatile Furniture Design From Yukati Hotta

Tokyo-born Copenhagen-based designer Yukati Hotta has proved once again that simple, functional furniture can look amazing by adding a touch of color and creativity. The Hako Stool – translates from Japanese as “box” – is a simple and effective way of storing things or resting in a small space or a minimalist large space. Easily […]

Sara Ferrari’s Modular Sofa With Interchangeable Back

We love to see ideas that change the way we interact with furniture around us. Sara Ferrari‘s modular Baco Sofa adapts to your needs with an interchangeable back¬† prepared to offer your choice of color and finish while comfortably inviting you to rest. Created for contemporary Italian design company D3CO, the sofa’s fun movable blocks […]

Ballerina-Inspired Giselle Lounge Table From Russia

What happens when creativity meets passion? Here is a good example – the Giselle Lounge Table was born out of Russian interior and product designer Anna Neklesa’s passion for beauty and ballet. Its round tabletop¬† – made of steel or powder-coated aluminum – were bent to form pouches underneath that resemble a ballerina’s tutu. Elegant […]

Accordion-Inspired Office Furniture: The Homework Table

Musical instruments are a noble and original source of inspiration for modern design. This accordion-inspired Homework Table, designed by Nika Zupanc is a relevant example. Seemingly a common, minimalist table at a first glance, this furniture item has a special feature hidden within. By turning a side handle, accordion folders come out of the table […]

Contemporary Approach to a Music Room by CASAdesign Interiores

If you were to create the perfect ambiance for listening to quality music, where would you begin? Music Room was designed by Salvio Moraes Jr. and Moacir Schmitt Jr. of CASAdesign Interiores. This room was born during Casa Nova 2011, an event held in Brazil, focusing on themed interiors. According to Design Milk, this is […]

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