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At Freshome, we believe strongly in encouraging creativity. Each project we post in our furniture section is meant to trigger your surprise and help you envision a home with a high level of dynamics and originality. Multi-purpose tables that can be packed up and stored in small drawers, shelves delivering inspirational messages, futuristic desks, industrial elements converted into practical household objects, chairs inspired by famous classic designs and items you did not even imagine existed- all awaiting for your honest and constructive critique.

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Minimalism Meets Rustic Industrial: Stack Buffet Integrating Wooden Planks

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Stacked planks have never looked more appealing, you’ve got to agree with me on this one! The Mexican designer, Hector Esrawe, presented recently his latest work, a  black-lacquered sideboard that integrates with ease …raw wooden planks. The “eccentric” piece of furniture is ideal to decorate any minimalist space. Artful and neat, Stack Buffet (funny name, I have to […]

Comfortable Way to Work in the Digital Age: Locus Seat & Standing Desk

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  The Locus Seat and Standing Desk is designer Martin Keen’s first venture into furniture design. Keen, the founder of the $350 million global brand Keen Footwear, found working while seated in an office chair was uncomfortable and interfering with his work. Standing to work helped, but it wasn’t ideal. The solution, he discovered, was […]

Aggressive Yet Sophisticated Lines Defining Alterego Chair by Albert Puig

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In a world where mass production and global anonymity of products manufactured on large-scale production lines have become obsolete, Barcelona based designer Albert Puig wants to create objects that offer the consumer fun and enjoyable experiences, so that a strong bond can be created between the piece and the user. Alterego is one of his […]

Exploring the Artistic Side of Practical Design: Winter Passing Chair

Long and fluffy as a winter day, this highly creative chair designed by Alexandra Kehayoglu and Maxi Ciovich is special furniture piece with the odd ability to trigger memories. Its wooden arms are covered in woven wool which seems to spill over the surface of the chair, forming a soft carpet. Despite the resemblance with […]

Pushing the Boundaries Between Structure and Form : BIOPHILIA Furniture Collection

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BIOPHILIA Collection created by Ross Lovegrove for company Vondom explores a new design language in its pursuit for innovative furniture. According to the the project developer, the pieces in the series were built on “a dialogue between time, form and space, by combining the pioneering organic design of Sagrada Famila by Antonio Gaudi with VONDOM […]

Unexpected Furniture Lightness: Transparent Slot Table by Eric Pfeiffer

The introduction of the Slot Table marks AMAC’s first venture into furniture. Inspired by the clean, square design of classic M Series boxes, this versatile acrylic side table is as functional as it is beautiful. Its transparency gives the Slot Table an unexpected lightness, while the reflective nature of the acrylic brightens a room without […]

Haptic Sensitivities and the Art of Craftsmanship: The Haptic Chair

Inspired by the man’s interaction with the tactile surfaces found in nature, the Haptic Chair is the pure expression of detailed handicraft work. With a unique, elegant shape and  textures that activate your sense of touch, the chair created by Trine Kjaer Design Studio is an item that will impress you with its simple grace. “The chair […]

Playful Pentagons and Hexagons: The Modular Quartz Armchair

Quartz is modular piece of furniture, a collaboration project between CTROL ZAK and Davide Barzaghi. With an interesting geometrical shape, this armchair was designed to pamper and offer you the most amazing relaxing experience. Quite edgy and unique, the furniture item looks a little bit surprising and rigid. It combines playful pieces of natural foam, that can be removed […]

Nature-Inspired Furniture With Cleverly Integrated Storage Space: Pebble Table

Mikhail Belyaev‘s Pebble Table comes with an original semi-oval shape and a glossy white finish, making it a good match for contemporary interior design schemes, as well as for outdoor leisure spaces. The nature-inspired furniture piece consists of a glass surface continued below with a sleek storage section. Combining practicability with modern elegance seems to […]

Minimalist Shelving Unit Creatively Putting Your Bicycle on Display

Every bicycle owner secretly wants to frame his or her two-wheeler, which is why we believe this project will hit a soft spot. Developed by Postfossil, “Shoes, Books and a Bike” is a clever shelving unit answering a variety of storing needs. It features four compartments, which can be filled up with almost anything, as […]

“Level” Shelving Unit Inspired by The Principle of Communicating Vessels

We love the concept behind this minimalist shelving unit envisioned by Barcelona based designer Roger Moliné. Discovered on Likecool, Level was born from “a clear reference in the world of hydraulic engineering; communicating vessels. These are a series of vessels containing a homogeneous liquid. Thanks to the communication between vessels, the fluid moves until reaching […]

Contemporary Design of Retro Inspiration: Joseph Family Table Set

Joseph Family is a set of three coffee tables, in solid French oak, envisioned by the creative team at WEWOOD Design Center. Using a contemporary design, of retro inspiration, Joseph has a simple geometry, mixing function, timeless aesthetics, sophistication and pure forms to highlight the matter. The tables can be used in a modern or […]

Inspired by the Movement of the Waves: Split Leather Sofa&Chairs

Alex Hull envisioned a leather and suede sofa for Gallery Fumi as part of its exhibit at art and design fair PAD London 2012. Earlier this 2013, the designer also created the Split Chair, which perfectly adds up to the furniture series. The pieces are dynamic, interesting to observe from every standpoint and particularly elegant. The […]

Relaxation Sold With Noble Purposes: Creatively-Designed Triple Hammocks

When it comes to relaxing in a dream-like setting with more than just your significant other, a hammock for three seems like a good choice. Initially spotted on Design Milk, these lovely designs combine hedonism with civic behavior in an inspiring way, as they were actually conceived to help the Malbrii tribe of North-Thailand in […]

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