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We like to think that every article on Freshome has a little “best of” integrated within. But we know how much you enjoy design lists, so we created a category especially for them. There is a little bit of each section on our site represented in the fascinating lists below. It is here that you will find a large dose of inspiration, condensed in the most popular posts on our website based on your Facebook shares (published on a monthly basis), or in the “30 ways-on-how-to” articles which we guarantee you will love.

40 Architects’ Business Cards for Delivering Your Message the Creative Way

Dear architects, if you ever felt like you needed a head start with a client or are simply on the lookout for a creative way to get to get your message across, today’s post is for you. After some serious research, we gathered a series of architects’ business cards that defy patterns and stand out in any wallet. As you…

40 Scandinavian Wallpaper Ideas Making Decorating a Breeze

What’s all this talk about autumn and the melancholy it brings? For today we thought we would fight nostalgias with a great display of Scandinavian wallpapers that will not just boost your spirits, but also increase your home’s energy level. Because these wallpapers are as fresh as they get. Who’s to say that your apartment has to be decorated in…

30 Spectacular Infinity Pools That Will Rock Your Senses [Part Two]

Not too long ago, we featured a post ( 30 Spectacular Infinity Pools That Will Rock Your Senses [Part One]… ) with some of the most incredible infinity pools out there. We were amazed by the positive responses we got from you, so we figured we would reiterate the “success” with part two. We can not help but notice how

30 Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas That Will Make Dining a Delight

For all of you out there who are love having a stylish cooking environment, as for all of you who love to dine surrounded by a warm atmosphere, here are 30 Scandinavian kitchen ideas that will get you loads of inspiration. When you decorate a room with white walls, then feel free to add as much color as you want,

How to Become a Luxury Real Estate Specialist with Jack Cotton

One of the reasons Freshome reader’s enjoy visiting us daily is a glimpse into luxury living. From posh interiors and designer furnishings to gorgeous architecture.
Luxury real estate is one of those subjects that we often wonder about, but don’t know the right person to ask. Fortunately, I was able to find an expert, Jack Cotton… from Sotheby’s International Realty.

33 Exceptional Walk In Closets To Accentuate Your Fashion Collections

Walk-in-closets respond to many needs and wishes, from the need for a customized space for all your clothes and accessories to the wish of owning the most fabulous, exquisite and roomy walk-in-wardrobe there is. We would like to present you a list of beautiful closets that range from dark and mysterious to bright and luxurious. Some closets have a skylight…

10 Most Popular Projects Presented in September 2011

Dear Freshome readers, it is time for us to draw a line and see who created what in the month of September. We are happy to see that each posts gets your appreciation expressed through voting, sharing, comments and relevant advice. We are certain you guys want to see the best of the best, so here are the 10 most…

30 Exquisite Black Wall Interiors for a Modern Home

Are you courageous enough to try the deep impact of black walls in your home? The dramatic effect that black walls can create is unequaled and it takes courage and commitment to create a stunning interior design adorned with black walls.  Black painted walls, chalkboard walls, elegant black wallpaper or even some black accents can change the appearance of your…

30 Spectacular Infinity Pools That Will Rock Your Senses [Part One]

Infinity pools are also known as vanishing edge or negative edge pools. This gives the illusion that the pool has no borders, that the pool merges with the horizon or flows out to sea. When it comes to contemporary pools, some home owners prefer to let go of all physical limits. This is probably how infinity pools were born: by…

10 Most Popular Projects Presented in August 2011

August was a full month for Freshome. From incredible design and architecture projects, to mind-blowing artwork, they were all here for your contemplation.  As usual, at the end of the month, we invite you to go through the most voted Freshome posts and in the end, give us your feedback. The list below was achieved according to your Facebook shares…

Black & White Inspiration: 35 Contemporary Decors Opening Up A World of Ideas

Ready for some fabulous black and white contemporary interiors? Throughout the time we had quite a few stunning projects showcased on Freshome that were based on black and white themes. We noticed they were very popular, which is why we decided to gather them up, add a few extra and put a post together that would pay tribute to this…

38 Of The Most Spectacular Contemporary Pools Presented on Freshome [Part Two]

Not too long ago, we featured part one… of the most spectacular contemporary pools presented on Freshome. Due to the article’s impressive popularity, here is round two of the most visually stunning modern pools out there. We decided to go with a variety of shapes, in order to make things as inspiring as possible. Most of the designs in the

35 Of The Most Spectacular Contemporary Pools Presented on Freshome [Part One]

We know you guys are fond of contemporary pools. So we figured we would take advantage of our visual experience with all those amazing homes we showcase on Freshome daily and choose the most spectacular pools we could find in our published posts so far. As you can probably imagine, the selection was not easy. There were many amazing projects…

30 Outdoor Canopy Beds Ideas for a Romantic Summer

Summer is about taking time off, enjoying good weather and healthy relaxation time. Well at least it should be. This is why for today we decided to put together 30 of the most inspiring outdoor canopy beds ideas out there that we believe could make your summer a dream one. These baldaquins inspire peace, shade and nature time. As you…

30 Scandinavian Home Desks That Encourage Work Creativity

Have a look at these lovely home desks designed in a faultless Scandinavian style! For today we thought of gathering a collection of 30 less conventional home offices that could make work less rigid and more inviting. With a splash of color here and there, colorful wallpapers and chairs, appealing picture frames or intriguing looking lamps, each and anyone of…

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