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We like to think that every article on Freshome has a little “best of” integrated within. But we know how much you enjoy design lists, so we created a category especially for them. There is a little bit of each section on our site represented in the fascinating lists below. It is here that you will find a large dose of inspiration, condensed in the most popular posts on our website based on your Facebook shares (published on a monthly basis), or in the “30 ways-on-how-to” articles which we guarantee you will love.

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10 Most Popular Projects Presented in May 2012

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  • Bulgari-Resort-in-Bali-1
  • Express-Rail-Link-West-Kowloon-Terminus1
  • resort-maldives-6

Freshome readers, as usual, according to your Facebook shares, we put together a list with the most popular projects presented on Freshome the previous month. We believe you will have fun going through the photos and remembering the best works that delivered some sighs this May. By clicking on each photo, you can see more […]

35 Lovely Pathways for a Well-Organized Home and Garden

  • alley_garden
  • garden_alley
  • garden_ideas_walkways
  • garden_landscape

Garden pathways and alleys are usually envisioned for organizational purposes, for getting from one point to another in the easiest possible way. In this post we will show you how pathways can be more than just practical; with a little planning and effort, they can completely turn around the aesthetic value of a garden or […]

30 Poolside Terrace Ideas to Get Your Home Ready for the Summer

  • Poolside terraces Freshome (1)
  • Poolside terraces Freshome (2)
  • Poolside terraces Freshome (3)
  • Poolside terraces Freshome (4)

source Vertice Arquitectos Pool terraces are one of the most spectacular ways to expand your home and give it that fresh, holiday feel. And since summer is just around the corner, what better way to welcome it, than preparing our crib for the great moments that come with the season. For today, we decided to […]

30 Creative Ways of Bringing Letters and Words Into Your Home

  • Children-love-photo-10
  • letters indoors (1)
  • letters indoors (2)
  • letters indoors (3)

Since the cold season is acting up, we thought we would find some decorating ideas that will keep you indoors, enjoying every minute. Bringing letters and words into your home is a great way to add freshness and creativity. This is why, for today, we gathered quite a few colorful and creative interiors, all of […]

38 Garden Design Ideas Turning Your Home Into a Peaceful Refuge

  • backyard_garden_design
  • backyard_garden_designs
  • cool_garden_design
  • elegant_garden_design

If you are looking for inspiration in garden designs, you have come to the right place. This post gathers quite a few landscaping ideas that can get you started in planning the garden you’ve always dreamed about. You will find a variety of garden styles in the photos below, all you have to do is […]

10 Most Popular Projects Presented in April 2012

On Freshome, we publish hundreds of projects each month, making it interesting to see which ones you liked the best. Based on your Facebook shares, we put together a list with the most popular posts and we share it furtherĀ  By clicking on the pictures, you can see more photos and details about each project. […]

20 Green Walled Buildings Inspiring Your Own Plant Cladded Home

Green walls, green roofs and vertical gardens are literally bringing life to modern architecture. Partially or entirely covered with vegetation, the facade of any modern residence can completely change the overall feel of a house for the better, both aesthetically and functionally. For today we decided to present a selection of the most impressive green […]

30 Under Stair Shelves and Storage Space Ideas

Stair shelves and unconventional storage spaces around your stairs are clever ways to declutter you home. In this post we will present 30 solutions that could serve as inspiration when it comes to making your crib a bit more… functional. Whether you live in a traditional or modern house, there are plenty of elegant ways […]

30 Original Alternatives to a Common Bedside Table

When it comes to our comfort zone, bedside tables are a must. Books, glasses, eye-drops, various types of body cream, objects we forget we ever had- it always surprises us how many things can fit into the drawers of a nightstand or on a small bedside table. Since Freshome is all about creative ideas, we […]

10 Most Popular Projects Presented in March 2012

Ready for the most appreciated projects presented on Freshome this March? Ranging from outrageously-fashionable residences to incredible island resorts, the ideas we are about to showcase in this “best of’ post will amaze and inspire. As usual, the projects are listed according to our readers’ Facebook shares. Remember that by clicking on the pictures, you […]

How To Design Simple, Versatile And Functional Furniture With Gerard de Hoop

Gerard de Hoop is an independent designer and interior architect living and working in Groningen, the Netherlands. His passion gives life to versatile pieces of furniture created to suit a modern lifestyle. The first thing I noticed about Gerard was his unobstructed attention to details. The interview is punctuated with examples and images that illustrate […]

30 Stone Fireplace Ideas for a Cozy, Nature-Inspired Home

Are you having problems coming up with design ideas for your fireplace? If you are looking to allure nature indoors, installing a stone fireplace could be a step in the right direction. For today we gathered 30 ideas that can help you bring warmth into your crib, the elegant way. Quality stone veneer can easily […]

10 Most Popular Projects Presented in February 2012

We had a visual feast in February, with various projects that have that unique “wow effect” Freshome is always on the lookout for. Here is a list with the ones that ranked the highest, according to your Facebook shares. Remember that by clicking on the pictures, you can see more photos and details about each […]

10 Innovative Materials To Look Out For In 2012

The development of new materials that have increased performance and functionality has become a major driver of innovation in recent years. According to the Industrial Technologies arm of the Research and Innovation department of the European Commission, it is estimated that 70% of all new product innovation is based on materials with new or improved […]

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