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We like to think that every article on Freshome has a little “best of” integrated within. But we know how much you enjoy design lists, so we created a category especially for them. There is a little bit of each section on our site represented in the fascinating lists below. It is here that you will find a large dose of inspiration, condensed in the most popular posts on our website based on your Facebook shares (published on a monthly basis), or in the “30 ways-on-how-to” articles which we guarantee you will love.

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20 Most Popular Projects Presented on Freshome in 2012

  • Chalet-Brickell-1
  • Spiral-slide-New-York-penthouse-by-LEVEL-Architects-1
  • Velassaru-Maldives-1
  • Bulgari-Resort-in-Bali-1

Dear Freshome readers, it is time to draw the line and remember some of the fascinating projects presented on Freshome in 2012. We gathered a list with 20 of the most popular posts in the last 12 months, according to traffic and shares. Enjoy and remember that you can click on each photo for more […]

Design Bloggers Reveal Their Top Picks from Imm Cologne 2013

  • Miele Generation 6000 series PureLine Appliances in white
  • Liebherr SBSes 7165
  • Lechner glass work surfaces
  • BLANCOATTIKA Retractable Faucet

Just over a week ago, part of the Freshome Team decamped to Cologne in Germany to visit the International Furnishing Fair known as imm cologne. Our CEO Mihai was speaking as a guest panelist at the We Are Social Bloggers Summit organised by Holly Becker of decor8 and  I was there too, as part of BlogTour Cologne. Several times a year, a […]

Top 10 Most Talked About Interior Design Trends for 2013

  • men-housework
  • men-housework
  • Interior-Design-trend-2013
  • DiY

We are looking forward to fascinating interior design projects in 2013 and by the looks of things, our expectations will be met. Even though we can not anticipate how most of the projects will look, we ran across some interesting trends for this year, which we would like to share further. Here are the top […]

10 Ways to Utilize Your Smartphone to Control Your Home

  • home cameras
  • HomeSecurity
  • Pet Feeder
  • Bedroom lighting

Your smartphone is only as good as the apps you have, right? Of course I know there are other components to a quality smartphone than just applications. Things like cameras, Internet connectivity,file storage, or whatever you want to use it for, but when you get ahold of the right applications you can do more then […]

Top 10 Benefits of Automating Your Home

  • automated-door-locks
  • iphone-home-security-camera
  • digital-wireless-home-monitoring
  • home-temperature-control-automation

We live in a time unlike any other. With so many technological advancements at our fingertips, our lives are made easier, which is fortunate considering the fast-paced lives most of us lead. In recent years, great strides have been made in making homes a bit more “tech savvy.” This technology, in short, allows the homeowner […]

10 Bewitching Hobbit Houses Seemengly Inspired by Tolkien’s Fantasy Novels

With so many of you in love with The Hobbit Movie and with the characters depicted by J.R.R. Tolkien, we decided to put together a special post. And because design and architecture is our thing, we made a list with some of the most striking architecture projects that resemble or are derived from the famous […]

30 Christmas Decorating Ideas To Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays

As winter holidays unfold, we invite you to have a look at some inspiring Christmas decorations and decide on how to convert your home in the following weeks. Freshome also covered other similar posts, including 33 Christmas ideas for the living room and Christmas tree decorating ideas, in case you would like to get lost […]

Top 10 Tips for Creating a Scandinavian Interior

Here at Freshome we know that our readers love Scandinavian design. Renowned for their simplicity, utility, and beauty, Scandinavian homes have a pure, pared backed style that is centred around warm functionality, clean lines, flawless craftsmanship and understated elegance. The use of light is considered to be extremely important, and many Scandinavian homes  are characterized by the […]

30 Successful Examples Of How To Add Subway Tiles In Your Kitchen

Using subway tiles in your kitchen may add a traditional feel to a place, but their look certainly never gets old. First off, let’s start with some quality kitchen design inspiration that you might want to read before starting a decorating project. A while back, we featured these striking modern kitchen designs, a gallery of […]

10 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Non-Working Fireplace

There’s something warm and welcoming about a fireplace. There’s something completely romantic about fireplaces. We tend to think of these spaces most often as the temperatures start to dip, as we get ready to fill their empty voids with stacks of wood, then set them ablaze as we bask in their warmth and glow. Many […]

10 Simple Secrets To Successful Holiday Decorating

Can you believe the holidays are just around the corner?  It’s time to think about how you will decorate your home for the season.  Don’t be overwhelmed with the thought of decking out your whole home, plan it out, start early and follow these tips to a stress free holiday season.   Your home will be […]

10 Budget Friendly Tricks Interior Designers Use to Create Luxurious Looking Spaces

Dotted throughout the United States are master planned communities made up of homes that are identical to each other.  As each home resembles the one next to it, it becomes more desirable to have an interior that is unique and offers a perception of affluence.  We all want to have our homes look like that […]

How 3D Printing is Disrupting Mainstream Manufacturing Processes

Hailed by some observers as “an industrial revolution for the digital age”, rapid manufacturing has been changing the face of the manufacturing industry for some time now. Many believe that 3D printing technology is democratising design and manufacturing, making it more accessible and less dependant on economies of scale.  Traditional manufacturing methods often come with […]

10 Wise Ways To Save On Winter Home Heating

Winter is dark, cold, long and, well, expensive at least where heating a home is concerned. The cost of heating oil climbs each winter and electricity is not cheap. Each year people everywhere begin to contemplate the best ways to save money and still keep the house at a comfortable temperature. Thankfully, there are a number […]

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