Bedroom Design Ideas, Pictures and Decor

Combining coziness with visual appeal, the bedrooms presented on Freshome abound in creativity and personality. It is here that you will also find inspiration for bachelors and bachelorettes, generous family bedrooms, as well as cool bunk beds and playful rooms for children. Intricate, yet aesthetic storing systems, fluffy carpets and creative wallpapers, alluring king-size beds and generous windows with exquisite views, fascinating reading nooks- all add up in this category, making your decorating task a breeze.

Seemingly Floating Bed with Book Storage Space by Lago

We really like this ethereal bed, a stylish furniture piece that was designed in a typical Lago manner, found on HomeTone…. Letto New Air was initially introduced at Milan Design week and was created by Daniele Lago. Perfectly fit for elegant bedrooms, Letto New Air features transparent support slabs (which contribute to the floating feeling) and comes equipped with

Creating an Eye Catching Focal Point Over your Master Bed

The master bedroom always has been associated with being the one place in your home that is uniquely yours. Whether you enjoy a dramatic, romantic, or modern aesthetic, how you address your master bed wall with becomes the focal point of your room. The master bed is always going to be the star of the bedroom and enhancing the wall…

Mood Rocking Bed for Welcoming Summer Indoors

Here is a design that inspires tranquility and comfort. The mood rocking bed was designed by Joe Manus from Shiner International… and is suited for both indoors and outdoors. Don’t let its design fool you. This rocking bed can be used for sweet rocking meditation time or as a steady unit with the help of  rubber stoppers, at an inclination

30 Contemporary Bedrooms That Will Rock Your World

When it comes to modern & contemporary bedrooms, the design alternatives are endless. This is why taking a decision in this area could prove to be somewhat tough. We decided to make this process easier for you and present 30 fresh contemporary bedrooms that could be the starting point when decorating. Because floor to ceiling windows are a trend these

Organic Bed with a High Level of Comfort: SLEEPY

It has been a while since we posted a comfortable sleeping unit on Freshome. SLEEPY, designed by the Italian architect Angelo Tomaiuolo and produced by Tonin CASA…, is an aesthetically pleasing bed, ideal for contemporary houses. According to the producers, the wide base is upholstered with fabric or eco-leather in different finishes. The wrapping sculptural headboard contribute to its

How to Create a Multifunctional Master Bedroom Closet

Remember when master bedroom closets use to be one door that you would open and you would choose your clothes and close the door? Closets were just that, a closet, with no other purpose than holding clothes. Wow, how times have changed. Today, master bedroom closets have enough space to hold seating; furniture, storage, and even a dressing area are…

30 Beautiful & Modern Swedish Bedroom Designs

When it comes to Scandinavian apartments, the living room always draws attention due to spectacular details. For today we decided to prove that Northern cribs have a lot more to offer than amazing socializing areas. This is why we gathered 30 incredible looking bedrooms that are welcoming and not to mention inspiring. Even though they are all unique, we noticed

Unique Bedroom Design by Steve Kuhl Featuring a Pirate Ship

Designed by Steve Kuhl…, this amazing pirate inspired bedroom accomplishes a dream for pirate enthusiasts of all ages. Ingeniously constructed, the unique bedroom can be accessed by letting go of all fears and becoming a child again: at a superior floor, a hole in the wall takes you sliding down a slide to a comfortable pillow located in the

Inspiring Home Design from Our Readers [As Seen On Our Facebook Page]

We love it when we receive inspiring decorations from our readers. This way we are able to demonstrate that some projects are realistic and even easy to put to practice. We received this particular home located in Pretoria, South Africa from Sacha, one of our readers , after she had uploaded the photo of the bedroom on our Facebook page, …

How to Create a Master Bedroom in your Attic

If you are fortunate to have an attic in your home, if you haven’t converted it already, you may be missing out on prime real estate for a master bedroom. An attic master bedroom enables you to have privacy, optimum views to the outside, and you can claim this extra square footage if you decide to sell your home. If…

Where Would You Like to Sleep Tonight? Map Cushions by My Bearded Pigeon

My Bearded Pigeon …is an Australian brand which stands for “love of vintage images and modern organic textiles”. In this particular post we would like to showcase a collection of vintage map pillows which are both creative and fun. The themed cushions feature maps of regions, countries and famous cities across the globe and could make for some original decorative

How to Choose a Headboard to Complement your Bed

Have you ever noticed that you can have any type of bed, but the presence of a fantastic headboard can give dimension to the entire bedroom? A headboard creates a visual anchor for the bed, and makes you feel fantastic when you’re inside the bed. From romantic wrought iron headboards, to commanding a presence and ceiling climbing headboards, the options…

How to Choose Relaxing Seating for your Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom should be a relaxing retreat area that you can leisurely enjoy at anytime of the day. Seating in this room should be considered carefully, or the bed becomes the place for seating and sleeping, which isn’t always relaxing. The size of your master bedroom, seating preference, and decorative style will be amongst a few factors when choosing…

Fun and Original Bed Clothing Inspired by Notebook Paper Sheets

Here’s an idea for all of you out there who have nostalgia for old and classic school lessons. These crazy bed sheets are truly original and could really appeal to the ones who have not lost the passion for writing by hand. The set features a blue&red line pattern on a dark beige background, perfectly reproducing a notebook sheet. “Too…

How to Make your Bedroom Side Table Beautiful

Your current bedroom side table probably houses a lamp, an alarm clock and your night time glass of water. Have you ever thought of how to beautify your side table to compliment the bedroom décor? Your side tables can be matching or not, minimal or robust. Some prefer side tables that hold their collectibles, while some see it as a…

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