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If you thought bathrooms are dull interiors with no major aesthetic potential, get ready to be respectfully contradicted. Stay tune for organic shapes, vivid colors, original storage solutions, lovely decorating items, state-of-the-art appliances, ripple faucets, miniature water fountains, rain showers and bubble baths. Our bathroom section below is packed full with incredible photos of interiors (sometimes having dazzling themes) that will play with your senses and challenge your idea of ultimate relaxation.

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Eco-Friendly, Space-Saving Toilet & Washbasin Combo from Roca

  • Washbasin+Watercloset by Roca (6)
  • Washbasin+Watercloset by Roca (5)
  • Washbasin+Watercloset by Roca (4)
  • Washbasin+Watercloset by Roca (2)

There are many great designs around for bathrooms and toilets where space in not an issue. But not all of us have the luxury of an enormous space in which to accommodate these fantastic products. Those of us who live in small apartments or houses often have to deal with a lack of floorspace, which […]

Multifunctional, Versatile Furniture for the Bathroom from Ex.t

  • E.xt Collage Cabinet and Vanity
  • E.xt Collage cabinet and Still-Life storage
  • E.xt Collage Cabinet
  • E.xt Still Life storage

Not so long ago we posted an interview with Meneghello Paolelli Associati, an Italian design agency that creates some pretty unique and creative sanitaryware. One of the bits of advice they gave us for bringing more creativity into the bathroom was to stop seeing the bathroom like a toilet and try to incorporate elements from […]

Bringing Creativity into the Bathroom with Meneghello Paolelli Associati

  • Back collection by Meneghello Paolelli Associati for Art Ceram
  • Back_6274
  • Back Washbasin by Meneghello Paolelli Associati for Art Ceram
  • Back decorated washbasin by Meneghello Paolelli Associati for Art Ceram

Long gone are the days when bathrooms were seen simply as a functional room where daily cleansing would take place on the grounds of hygiene. Today, bathrooms have become more of a sanctuary where relaxation reigns supreme. They are a place that we can retreat to when we feel in need of revitalisation, a retreat […]

Ultimate Relaxation: Beautiful Corner Whirlpools by Teuco

  • corner bathtub (1)
  • corner bathtub (2)
  • corner bathtub (3)
  • corner bathtub (4)

We ran across these mesmerizing corner bathtubs designed by Teuco, which inspire ultimate comfort. Found in Trendir, the first two models we would like to present are particularly interesting, as they feature an interesting tub-shower combination. According to the designers, “one of the major advantages is the possibility of having the convenience of a shower […]

Colourful Children’s Bathroom by Laufen

  • getTransformation_(600x800)
  • getTransformation2_(600x800)
  • getTransformation3_(600x800)
  • getTransformation4_(600x800)

Ideal for use in nurseries, kindergartens and schools, these small-scale kid’s bathrooms are designed especially with little ones in mind. Imaginative, colourful and playful, what child wouldn’t want to use the florakids range from Laufen? The rounded shapes, bold colours and influences from the animal and plant kingdoms give the florakids bathroom a feeling of […]

Bisazza Bagno Collection by Marcel Wanders

Bisazza has recently expanded its core business of mosaic tiles by launching a new bathroom division of the brand. Bisazza Bagno will focus on quality and variety as the main commercial strategy for the new brand and has already enlisted the help of some of the design scene’s most celebrated designers to create its first […]

Studio Thol’s Armchair-Inspired Bathtub

Modern-day bathrooms are meant to be a sanctuary, a place we can go to relax and unwind after a busy day, a room that is calm and peaceful. However, bathtubs are not always as comfortable as we’d like them to be. Dutch designer Thomas Linssen of Studio Thol decided to take a slightly different approach […]

Bathtub Collection Gathering Ocean-Inspired Models from Bagno Sasso

This trendy and original looking bathtub collection comes from Bagno Sasso AG, a Swiss company headquartered in Landquart. For today we would like to present the models in their ocean-inspired collection, entitled as follows: Shell, Sailor, Circle, Wave and Wing. Each of the products is genuine and has a contemporary, appealing look. Moreover, the bathtubs […]

Natural Stone Sinks Complementing Fresh Bathroom Interiors

Don’t you just love a bathroom that manages to elegantly integrate natural elements such as sand, stone and glass? For today, we would like to show you these original natural stone bathroom sinks that look appealing and genuine. Even though their color differs from one model to another, their essence is the same: raw natural […]

Inspired by an Egg’s Perfect Shape : VOV Bathtub by Mastella Design

Inspired by an egg’s perfect shape Mastella Design created VOV, a collection of large and comfortable bathtubs with an unique shape. The VOV Bathtub is made from a single block of white K-plan: a compact, smooth, resistant material that is pleasant to the touch and quick and easy to clean. Mastella Design is the new […]

Stylish and Versatile Wooden Bathtub from Alegna

In case you were looking for a way to add a warm, yet modern touch to your bathroom ? The elegant Laguna Basic tub comes with a customizable design and and with a spectacular appearance, no matter what the requests. Produced by Switzerland based Alegna, a company with a rich experience in yacht building and […]

Carbon Fiber Bathtub For The Strong-Hearted by Corcel

Have you ever seen a bathtub that makes such a strong visual impression? This incredible carbon fiber bathtub by Corcel seems to play with senses and to completely reevaluate one’s idea of taking a bath the calm way. Because what it inspires is speed in a straightforward way. Its appearance is unique, with black stripes […]

Royal-Sized Hydromassage Bathtubs From Teuco

Are you on the lookout for a bathtub that is both fashionable and user-friendly? Perhaps these designs from Italian bathroom manufacturer Teuco will touch a soft spot and fit the profile. After checking out the company’s portfolio, we narrowed it down to three incredible looking designs from the Seaside collection that resemble small pools, rather […]

Utility Shower Curtains with Built-in Storage Components

WINTERCHECK FACTORY sent us a design that is sure to make your showers a bit more enjoyable. Here is the description we received from the producers: “Frustrated with ineffective suction cup baskets and bulky tension rod shelves in our showers, we thought of an alternative: The Utility Shower Curtain. Instead of taking up precious space […]

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